Monday, December 04, 2006


Meaning: What the guy sitting next to you, does to you, when he farts. Usually not fatal, although it is known to knock a few unconscious.
Pronunciation: Gassa-see-nay-shun
Usage: With the recent spotlight on the use of various torture techniques by interrogators at Guantanamo Bay, authorities are seriously looking at gassasination techniques. Interrogators are being encouraged to eat exotic food.
Root: Gas +assassination

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Meaning: The process of crunching numbers.
Pronunciation: Num-ching
Usage: Excel is an excellent tool for numching. I must add that it is about the only tool that makes MS Office worth buying.
Root: Number+Crunching


Meaning: Crunched numbers, numbers that are created by being processed in spreadsheets.
Pronunciation: Crum-bers
Uasge: The crumbers indicate a bearish real estate market for the foreseeable future.
Root: Crunched + Numbers

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Meaning: That which adds spunk, spirit & life to anything.
Pronunciation: Zing-greed-dee-yunt.
Usage: Without a zingredient we will all be zombies.
Root: Zing + Ingredient.


Meaning: The king of breweries.
Pronunciation: Zy-mo-gul.
Usage: Vijay Mallya wishes to emerge as the undisputed zymogul of the world.
Root: Zymo (Greek word that means to brew) + Mogul.


Meaning: The last building in a street, road, town or village.
Pronunciation: Zed-if-is.
Usage: The coordinates for my house is - it's about 3 buildings before the zedifice on the Elm Street in Transylvania.
Root: Zed (the last alphabet) + Edifice.


Meaning: Being slightly evil.
Pronunciation: Za-ra-dhoosh-ta.
Usage: Even a saint has been a zaradushta sometime in his life.
Root: Zara (Urdu word for little) + Dushta (Sanskrit word for evil).


Meaning: The charged state of a person playing a video or a computer game.
Pronunciation: X-box-C-dation.
Usage: Some experts are of the view that XBoxidation generates more excitement than sex.
Root: XBox + Oxidation (a chemical reaction to injection of oxygen).
Related Coinage: XBoxidated (being in a state of XBoxidation).


Meaning: Knowledge on aliens and their behaviour.
Pronunciation: Xee-know-how.
Usage: Life would have been far more interesting if I had acquired xenohow instead of a degree in mining engineering.
Root: Xeno (alien) + Knowhow (knowledge).


Meaning: A musician who's turned popular by lifting songs from here & there.
Pronunciation: Xerox-sta.
Usage: Deva's trackrecord will earn him a well-deserved berth in the Xerockstar Hall of Fame.
Root: Xerox (the rolemodel for copycats) + Rockstar.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Meaning: Looking eye-catchingly lustrous in a luxurious saree.
Pronunciation: Pal-luminous.
Usage: Marriages are the only occasions when one gets to see palluminous women these days.
Root: Pallu (the free hanging end of the saree that's usually laden with zari) + Luminous.


Meaning: Expressing yourself freely or insistently by shouting.
Pronounciation: Obvious
Usage: In the pretext of espousing a cause, most activists seem to turn shoutspoken over a period of time.
Root: Shout+Outspoken


Meaning: Money culture.
Pronounciation: Obvious
Usage: I'd have been far more successful at business if I had had even half the dhanskriti of a Gujarati.
Root: Dhan ('Money' in Hindi)+Sanskriti ('Culture' in Hindi)


Meaning: To speak pompously, all-knowingly and disrespectfully.
Pronounciation: Scawn-ti-fi-kate
Usage: My partner's constant need to scorntificate about my flawed lifestyle drives me up the wall.
Root: Scorn+Pontificate


Meaning: The singing style of a particular group.
Pronounciation: Patu-waa
Usage: Bathroom singers have their unique patuois.
Root: Patu ('Song' in Tamil)+Patois

Monday, July 31, 2006

Vegatable Pushao

Meaning: Vegatable Pulao that tastes awful.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: After my unforgettable vegetable pushao, I don't think anyone will ever ask me to play cook.
Root: The opposite of pull is push. A pulao usually tastes good. So a pushao should by definition taste bad. The only way a Vegetable Pushao will be consumed is by pushing it down your throats.


Meaning: To drink and think deeply about something
Pronounciation: Broom-innate
Usage: Brewminating about the absurdities of life seems to be my favourite pastime these days.
Root: Brew+Ruminate

Saturday, July 29, 2006


Meaning: A collabarative poem.
Pronunciation: Ka-we-yal.
Usage: The kaviyal format offers exciting possibilities. Imagine an epic on the Kauravas created jointly by a hundred poets.
Root: Kavi (Poet in Hindi) + Aviyal (Mish Mash in Tamil).

Friday, July 28, 2006


Meaning: An arse licking flunkey.
Pronunciation: Slam-saab.
Usage: I don't wanna work in a company that expects me to be a slamsaab.
Root: The anglicised version of 'Salaam Saab' (a hindi expression that translates to 'I salute you sir').

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Meaning: Offend someone so much that they decide to retaliate in kind.
Pronunciation: Dis-rail.
Usage: The Hizbollah's dissreal strategy has boomeranged.
Root: Diss (to slight, insult or disrespect) + Israel (a country with a reputation of hitting back).

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Meaning: Time pass.
Pronunciation: Clock-you-pay-shun.
Usage: When I am jobless at office, I hone my gaming skills for clockupation.
Root: Clock (time) + Occupation

Monday, July 24, 2006


Meaning: Abbreviation for Negotiable Retail Price.
Pronunciation: En-ar-pee.
Usage: The Burma Bazaar chap quoted an NRP of Rs. 120 for the DVD.
Root: Haggling is so common in bazaars across India. While the branded goods are sold at MRP (Maximum Retail Price), there is no fixed rate for commodities. Whatever the final price, the seller always judges the customer and makes a first quote, this is what I've called the NRP (Negotiable Retail Price).

Friday, July 21, 2006

Mull Qaeida

Meaning: Thought terrorists.
Pronunciation: Mull-ky-da.
Usage: The creative community is often the target of the mull qaeida.
Root: Mull (Think) + Al Qaeida (a terrorist organisation).

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Meaning: Completely cold, machine like behaviour.
Pronunciation: Bot-tempered.
Usage: Who'd like to work in an office where everyone is botempered?
Root: Bot (short form for robot) + Tempered.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Chucking Footh

Meaning: A euphemism for fucking chooth.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: Don't marry him. He's a chucking footh.
Root: Spoonerism of fucking chooth (a hinglish expletive that rougly translates to 'a guy who cannot think beyond the pussy').


Meaning: Uncontrollably violent.
Pronunciation: Fist-terry-cull.
Usage: The English hooligans turned fisterical when England where denied the penalty.
Root: So hysterical that one gets into fistcuffs.

Bastard Piece

Meaning: A planted article in a newspaper of unknown origin.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: You can tell a bastard piece by just looking at the missing byline.
Root: Self explanatory.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Meaning: Using telephonic interviews to filter out unwanted candidates.
Pronunciation: Telly-me-nation.
Usage: I have shortlisted people based on a process of telemination.
Root: Telephone + Elimination.
Related Coinages: Teleminator - one who uses this technique. Teleminated - a victim of this technique.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Favour Curry

Meaning: A mix of inducements to get a job done.
Pronunciation: Self explanatory.
Usage: The bureaucrat didn't pass the project even after feasting on our favour curry. We need to find another way of tackling him.
Root: From the existing phrase 'curry favour'.


Meaning: Annoying physical exercise
Pronounciation: Obvious
Usage: I'm afraid every weight loss technique that works involves vexercise.
Root: Vex+Exercise


Meaning: The extraordinary ability to attract because of flaws
Pronounciation: Rhymes with 'Charismatic'.
Usage: Zizou's my latest scharismatic crush.
Root: Scarred+Charismatic

Sunday, July 16, 2006


Meaning: A craving for applause.
Pronunciation: Clap-pit-tight.
Usage: Anybody who's anybody has a large clappetite.
Root: Clap + Appetite.

Saturday, July 15, 2006


Meaning: Where blemishes, mistakes & obvious weaknesses are ironed out.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: Manmohan Singh's blundering government needs to visit a flawndry for a makeover.
Root: Flaw + Laundry.

Friday, July 14, 2006


Meaning: An anecdote that's been spiced-up to inject some mirth in conversations.
Pronunciation: Fun-neck-dote.
Usage: The degree of masala added in a funecdote is a function of the audience profile.
Root: Fun + Anecdote.


Meaning: Loss of memory as far as scams are concerned.
Pronounciation: Obvious
Usage: The way we continue to root for our cricketers when they play matches is a good indication that as a nation we suffer from scamnesia.
Root: Scam+Amnesia


Meaning: A rude dude
Pronounciation: Rhymes with 'brood'
Usage: One visit abroad and you realize that most Indian men are drudes!
Root: Dude+Rude


Meaning: Someone who abstains from men.
Pronounciation: He+tow+tull+er
Usage: Been in a relationship? Then you'll know the advantages of being a heetotaller!
Root: He+Teetotaller
Related word: Shetotaller

Thursday, July 13, 2006


Meaning: Head butting.
Pronunciation: Zee-dance.
Usage: Instead of staging a walkout, it will be more entertaining if our parliamentarians do the zidance.
Root: Zidane's (pronounced zidance) now famous headbutt in the 2006 World Cup Soccer Finals.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Meaning: The stubborn belief that sheer hard work can earn you success.
Pronunciation: Slog-mat-ism.
Related Coinage: Slogmatic - one who has such a belief.
Usage: Slogmatics have reduced our beautiful world into a mindless factory.
Root: Slog + Dogmatism.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Meaning: Fussy about sharing the phone number.
Pronunciation: Ff-finicky.
Usage: I wonder why nobody is phinicky in this country.
Root: Ph (Short form for phone) + Finicky.

Deja Deja Vu

Meaning: The feeling of having already experienced the feeling of having already experienced the present situation.
Pronunciation: Day-zha-day-zha-woo.
Usage: Ground Hog Day is full of deja deja vus.
Root: Deja (already) + Vu (seen).


Meaning: A person who loves to recount tales of his or her sexual conquests.
Pronunciation: Fuck-con-tear.
Usage: After a few shots, Jeffrey the fuckonteur, subjected us to yet another wham-bam episode from his colourful life.
Root: Fuck + Raconteur.


Meaning: A bus traveller.
Pronounciation: Bus+ah+phir
Usage: The best way to see the US on a shoestring budget is to be a busafir.
Root: Bus+Musafir ('Traveller' in Hindi)

Pet Noire

Meaning: Someone who is disliked but not avoided.
Pronounciation: Rhymes with 'bete noire'
Usage: The infamous Dopppsy, it seems, is the pet noire of many bloggers.
Root: Pet+Bete Noire
Related word: Net Noire

Monday, July 10, 2006


Meaning: A football refree who doles out red cards by the dozen.
Pronunciation: Rough-ree.
Usage: Roughrees inject drama into otherwise dull matches.
Root: Rough + Refree.

Brecurring Deposit

Meaning: A bank deposit that is broken.
Pronounciation: Obvious
Usage: Thanks to my extravagant ways, my bank deposits invariably end up as brecurring deposits.
Root: Break + Recurring Deposit


Meaning: A feeling of dislike or hostility towards fat people.
Pronounciation: Fat + Red
Usage: Fatred is the new apartheid.
Root: Fat + Hatred

Sunday, July 09, 2006


Meaning: A curious onlooker in a shopping mall.
Pronunciation: Same as bystander.
Usage: At any point of time, Spencer's Mall has a thousand buystanders.
Root: Buy + Bystander.

Saturday, July 08, 2006


Meaning: A loudmouthed Indian woman.
Pronunciation: They-see-bell.
Usage: A desibelle is the English equivalent of a bajaari.
Root: Sounds like Decibel (the measure of sound intensity). Desi (Hindi for Indian) + Belle.

Friday, July 07, 2006


Meaning: All your distant friends and acquaintances.
Pronunciation: Kith-ya-dhee.
Usage: Ever since I've joined an NGO, I've been shamelessly approaching my kith, kin and even kithyadi for donations.
Root: Kith (friends & acquaintances) + Ithyadi (Sanskrit word for et cetera).

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Meaning: A state of laziness caused by over-reliance upon a maid.
Pronounciation: Lack-a-maid-i-cal
Usage: My spoilt cousin is becoming a little too lackamaidical - after finishing a meal, he just leaves the table, expecting the maid to clear away his cutlery.
Root: Lackadaisical + Maid


Meaning: The state of mind of a multi-level marketer after seeing little or no profit from the venture.
Pronunciation: Tupper-wear-ree.
Usage: My cousin was so enthusiastic about network marketing, initially. Now she's tupperweary.
Root: Tupperware (a famed network marketer) + Weary (fatigued).

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Meaning: That stage of life, when money doesn't affect you anymore.
Pronunciation: Rup-peace.
Usage: The quest for rupeace can be one helluva journey.
Root: Rupees (Indian currency) + Peace (state of equilibrium).

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Meaning: A colorful crib session.
Pronunciation: Crib-gee-or.
Usage: No raise? No promotions? Time you organised a cribgyor.
Root: Crib + Vibgyor (The seven colours of the rainbow).

Monday, July 03, 2006


Meaning: Without resorting to silly puns.
Pronunciation: Pun-adult-ta-rated.
Usage: British humour is punadulterated fun.
Root: Pun + Unadulterated.

Sunday, July 02, 2006


Meaning: A messy affair with a man.
Pronunciation: Him-brog-leo.
Usage: I wonder how Jo will get out of the Surya himbroglio.
Root: Him + Imbroglio.


Meaning: An institution that lets you pick a skill very quickly by offering crash courses. The courses may be of dubious nature, though.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: I am an amateur astronaut. I studied rocket science at a sooniversity named NASA (Nair's Academy for Science & Astronomy).
Root: Soon + University.

Friday, June 30, 2006

70mm Goof

Meaning: A really big mistake that one can't hide even if one tries.
Pronunciation: Self explanatory.
Usage: George Bush's every tiny blooper is accorded the status of a 70mm goof.
Root: 70mm (Cinematic metaphor for larger than life) + Goof (blunder).

Thursday, June 29, 2006


Meaning: The colourful expletives used when one throws a tantrum.
Pronunciation: Tan-tro-nyms.
Usage: Captain Haddock has a lovely repertoire of tantronyms.
Root: Tantrum (fit of anger) + Nyms (names)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Aladdin Offer

Meaning: An unbelievably enticing sales scheme.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: The colour TV sop in the Tamil Nadu elections was an Aladdin Offer that zapped many.
Root: In the Aladdin fairy tale, the evil wizard offers a brand new lamp for the old one. The exchange offer seems so good, that Aladdin's princess takes it up without any thought.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Buffet Cheque

Meaning: A huge sum of money donated to a charitable organisation for an assortment of social causes.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: NGOs in India are still waiting for that buffet cheque from the Ambanis.
Root: Warren Buffet's plans to donate almost $35 billion to the Bill Gates foundation.


Meaning: A series of particularly lewd text messages (a single one is referred to as a Warnograph)
Pronounciation; Warn-awe-graph-ee
Usage: At the end of the last Ashes series, a number of young English women had their cell phones filled with copious amounts of Warnography
Root: Shane Warne + pornography

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Pastel Journalism

Meaning: Reporting on softer fields like art, music, movies & literature.
Pronunciation: Self explanatory.
Usage: The New Yorker is a great advertisement for pastel journalism.
Root: Yellow Journalism is hard hitting & unscrupulous. Pastel journalism is at the opposite end of the spectrum. It's based on facts. Focuses on un-sensational topics. And doesn't try to run down anyone, without basis.

Saturday, June 24, 2006


Meaning: A person who shamelessly latches on to a group or a friend for the sake of free beer.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: My booze bill ballooned the moment 3 clingfishers from my office gatecrashed into our private party.
Root: Cling (trait of a parasite) + Kingfisher (India's largest selling beer brand).

Friday, June 23, 2006


Meaning: A person obsessed with collecting Cannes Lions.
Pronunciation: Lee-yo-fill-list.
Usage: Brand building is a secondary pursuit for the leophilists.
Root: Leo (Latin for Lion ) + Philist (One who collects). The Cannes Lion is an award that every creative person craves for. This word aspires to describe such people.


Meaning: An unremarkable man whose presence you won't even notice.
Pronunciation: Gent-um-me-ba.
Plural: Gentamoebae.
Usage: Let's face it. 98% of men folk are gentamoebae.
Root: Gent + Entamoeba (formless, shapeless, almost invisible organism).

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Meaning: 1. Unrestrained in kissing. 2. Profuse kisser.
Pronunciation: Peck-soo-ber-runt.
Usage: Never show your cheek to a pecksuberant man.
Root: Peck + Exuberant.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Meaning: The low levels of motivation when you know you have a very slim chance of achieving your goal.
Pronunciation: Puth-lee-way-shun.
Usage: "The boys need to shed their patlivation if we have to win the world cup," said the captain of Zimbabwe cricket team.
Root: Moti in hindi is fat. Thin in Hindi is patli. Replace the 'moti' in motivation with 'patli' you get patlivation.

Monday, June 19, 2006


Meaning: To think, plan or design on a very large scale.
Pronunciation: Max-see-a-ch-er-rise
Usage: You need to maxiaturize to make a film like Antz, rivetting.
Root: The opposite of miniaturize.

Sunday, June 18, 2006


Meaning: A new word that is suddenly in vogue.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with adverb.
Usage: Podcast is the fadverb of the year.
Root: Fad + Verb (Latin for word).


Meaning: A person with a mental disorder.
Pronunciation: No-ya-lee.
Usage: If you really analyse, every man is a knowyali.
Root: Know (a measure of the mental faculty) + Noyali (tamil word for one who needs treatment).


Meaning: to lose direction in life and get indulged in proscribed pleasures.
Pronounciation: æsh-tray
Usage: Baby Mahajan went aishtray after his father's death.
Root: aish(Hindi for "to indulge oneself in forbidden activities") + astray

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Snort Circuit

Meaning: Shut down of the body when one snorts more than what one can take.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: What happened in Vivek Moitra's case was a snort circuit of sorts.
Root: Snort + Short Circuit.

Friday, June 16, 2006


Meaning: One who freelances as a thug at night.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: I have a very Fight-Clubbish idea. What if we create an enterprise of goonlighters?
Root: Goon + Moonlighter.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Meaning: A series of unending petty quarrels.
Pronunciation: Spat-a-tat-a-tat.
Usage: Hubbies and wives who go spatatatatat invariably end up in family courts.
Root: Spat + Ratatatatat


Meaning: One who travels with the sole purpose of shopping
Pronounciation: Store-ist
Usage: The Great Singapore Annual Sale has seen thousands of storists coming in from abroad in the last few weeks to fill up malls.
Root: Store + tourist


Meaning: A popular Mafioso method of disposing of the unwanted, using a pier and a strong pair of hands.
Pronounciation: Peer-is-tall-sis
Usage: The Godfather wondered to himself whether a garrote or pieristalsis might be the best method of getting rid of a traitor in the Family.
Root: Pier + peristalsis

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Meaning: One who shoots films using cell phone cameras.
Pronunciation: Sinny-moto-grafer.
Usage: There's a scope for a television channel that just screens films made by cinemotographers.
Root: Cinematographer + Moto (short form for motorola, a name synonymous with cell phones).


Meaning: Study of the origin of planet names.
Pronunciation: Plan-netty-maul-la-jee.
Usage: Two millennia from now, trivia lovers in many galaxies will sign up for crash courses in planetymology.
Root: Planet + Etymology.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Cheesy Living

Meaning: Surviving on a junk diet of cheese filled pizzas, pastas and sandwiches.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: Cheesy living can make the skinny Somalians look pleasantly plump.
Root: A play on easy living.


Meaning: The embarrassing rumbles of the stomach.
Pronunciation: Bell-lis-sigh.
Usage: After lunch, my classmates were treated to a bout of Bellysai by me.
Root: Belly + Isai (music in tamil). Mellisai is supposed to mean light melodious music in Tamil. Bellysai is exactly the opposite. It's cacophonic. And is a result of a heavy stomach.
Known synonym: Borborygmi

Slurrogate Dad

Meaning: A man who is unfairly assumed to be the father of a new born child.
Pronunciation: Slur-row-gate-dad.
Usage: Tabloids have a field day creating slurrogate dads out of 'innocent' celebrities.
Root: Slur (to cast an aspersion) + Surrogate dad.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Bread Letter Day

Meaning: The all important day when salaries get disbursed.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: The charm of being a daily wager is every day is a bread letter day.
Root: The red letter day on which you earn your bread.

Wishoom Dishoom

Meaning: Itching to pick a fight.
Pronunciation: Wish-shoom Dish-shoom
Usage: I was all wishoom dishoom when I heard I had been demoted.
Root: Wish + Dishoom Dishoom (Sound Fx for a fight sequence in Indian films)


Meaning: Using humour to enhance sex appeal.
Pronunciation: Wit-tea-lay-shun.
Usage: Wittylation works. It can win you a date. But after that looks take over.
Root: Wit + Titillation.

Saturday, June 10, 2006


Meaning: A Gentle Genius
Pronunciation: a la congenial, ending with 'us'
Usage: Our President is truly a congenius.
Root: Congenial + Genius

Friday, June 09, 2006


Meaning: licence to lie
Usage: Seems our politicians were born with a liecence
Pronunciation: lye-sense
Root: lie + licence


Meaning: A divorce that doesn't leave you enough money to live with
Usage: Harry went hand-to-mouth after his dievorce
Pronunciation: die-vorce
Root: die (in a figurative sense) + divorce
Note: divorce is pronounced di'e'vorce (with a squeaky 'e') by a good proportion of Indians


Meaning:To create/ arrive at a new solution through discussions
Pronunciation: Obvious
Usage: Its time the Indian govt negocreated a win-win solution with the Kashmiris.
Root: Negotiate + Create


Meaning: A date with a witch or a spirit
Pronunciation: Obvious
Usage: Hamlet was quite unaware of his upcoming rendezvoodoo with the three witches!
Root: Rendezvous + Voodoo


Meaning: Someone very attractive specially due to beautiful hair
Pronunciation: obvious
Usage: As she stepped out of the salon she looked completely tressmerising!
Root: Tresses (hair) + messmerising

Thursday, June 08, 2006


Meaning: A chewable intoxicant.
Pronunciation: Cha-back-cuss.
Usage: Salvia Divinorum is a mild type of chabacchus.
Root: Chaba (To chew in Hindi) + Bacchus (Roman god of intoxication).


Meaning: A remand house or jail for teenagers
Pronunciation: Just like Quarantine
Usage: R Mahajan would have done well to spend few years in a Quaranteen.
Root: Obvious; from Quarantine + Teens

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Petroller Coaster

Meaning: An economy characterised by extreme changes in petrol prices.
Pronunciation: Pet-rolla-coasta.
Usage: Any state with no oil resources or Arab allies is bound to be a petroller coaster.
Root: Petrol + Roller Coaster.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Meaning: Chronic leave taker.
Pronunciation: Hab-senti.
Usage: The Soccer World Cup will spawn a thousand habsentees.
Root: Habitual absentee.


Meaning: An intellectually challenged person.
Pronounciation: inta-lack-chual
Usage: "They misunderestimated me", said the intellacktual.
Root: obvious


Meaning: Something which is supposed or presumed to be ethical.
Pronunciation: Hypo-ethical
Usage: "You can't conclude about my client's character based on a hypoethical statement," said the lawyer!
Root: Obvious.


Meaning: Period of time when there is water scarcity in urban areas, generally, Metropolises. (Note: I do not wish to extend this to droughts in villages as I feel it is too flippant for such use.)
Pronunciation: Refer to the Root
Usage: Water from Veeranam may alleviate the pyasages of the past in Chennai.
Root: Pyas (thirst in Hindi) + Age (period of time)

Monday, June 05, 2006


Meaning: One who can decode the original from a translation.
Pronunciation: Tranz-early-ate-er.
Usage: By some stroke of misfortune if all our sanskrit epics get destroyed, we may need the services of a transearlyator to salvage the classics using his craft.
Root: Transearlyator is a play on trans-late-or. The idea being a translator decodes A to create B. A transearlyator can decipher A from B. That is he can recreate the earlier form from a later form.

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Meaning: One who can make you believe that he or she is proficient in whatever he or she does.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: I wear the skillusionist's hat during job interviews.
Root: Skill + Illusionist.


Meaning: A girl boys/men yearn for
Pronounciation: vish-kanya
Usage: Despite her age, Aishwarya still is a wishkanya.
Root: Wish (as in 'Desire') + Kanya(Hindi for 'girl')

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Meaning: The legal guardian of a parentless child.
Pronunciation: Kid-do-sheary.
Usage: The villain of many Hindi films of yore was the unscrupulous kiduciary.
Root: Kid + Fiduciary.


Meaning: A dubious award, prize or trophy.
Pronunciation: Shuck-co-laid.
Usage: Management Guru Arindam Chaudhari has quite a few shakolades to his credit.
Root: Shak (Hindi for suspicion) + Accolades.


Meaning: Drunken celebration.
Pronunciation: Jaam-bo-ree.
Usage: Let's plan for a jaamboree after the conference.
Root: Jaam (Wine in urdu) + Jamboree (noisy revelry).

Friday, June 02, 2006


Meaning: The born rich.
Pronunciation: Blew-shoe-wah.
Usage: The blueshua is not as lazy as you think.
Root: Blue blooded bourgeoisie.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Meaning: A sculpted body that arouses admiration or envy.
Pronunciation: Jim-pressive.
Usage: Is there a way to look gympressive without stepping into a gym?
Root: Gym + Impressive.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Meaning: The set of jokes known to a person.
Pronunciation: Jo-cab-yoo-lary.
Usage: I have an ant-sized jokecabulary.
Root: Joke + Vocabulary.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Meaning: A childhood friend.
Pronunciation: Ka-buddy
Usage: Vinod Kambli was Sachin Tendulkar's kabuddy.
Root: Kabaddi (an Indian game everyone plays during childhood) + buddy.


Meaning: descriptive of something that lies between micro- and macro-
Pronunciation: my-crow
Usage: Maicro-economic effects are rarely taken into account.
Root: obvious


Meaning: destruction of social and economic fabric of a society due to caste-based politics.
Pronunciation: ho-lo-kaast
Usage: India is at the brink of a holocaste.
Root: from the Holocaust

Monday, May 29, 2006


Meaning: A fetish for white skin
Pronunciation: white +skin+ philia
Usage: Whiteskinophilia is a common disorder among Indians.
Root: obvious


Meaning: The ability to blend well in a given circumstance
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: Blendability is one of the major soft skills or so my HR guy keeps saying.
Root: Blend + ability

Sunday, May 28, 2006


Meaning: Fraudulent usage of banked stem cells.
Related Coinage: Stembezzlement.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: Stembezzlement will be a common crime in the next century.
Root: Embezzling stem cells stored with a stem cell bank.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Showcus Pocus

Meaning: A highly publicised illusion.
Pronunciation: Show-cus-poke-cus.
Usage: David Blaine is very much a showcus pocus man.
Root: Show + Hocus Pocus.


Meaning: The place where good kisses are cooked up
Pronunciation: Kis-shen
Usage: Jay must have worked at a kisshen earlier.
Root: Kitchen giving way to Kissen


Meaning: What dead coffee addicts are carried away in
Pronunciation: Pretty simple, ain't it?
Usage: Chandru deserves his coffeen, truly.
Root: Coffee + Coffin

Thursday, May 25, 2006


Meaning: One who religiously keeps writing letters to the editor.
Pronunciation: Chit-tee-zen
Usage: Senior chittizens are typically the grouchy retired types.
Root: Chitti (Hindi word for letter) + Citizen.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Meaning: Mocking historical events or personalities.
Pronunciation: Ithy-ha-sya.
Usage: Mel Brooks was a great practitioner of itihaasya.
Root: Itihaas (Hindi for history) + Haasya (Hindi for humour).

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Meaning: A bluetooth device that fails to network.
Pronunciation: Flew-tooth.
Usage: I am still looking for some takers for my flutooth handset on ebay.
Root: Blue Tooth (generic term for wireless networking device) down with Flu.


Meaning: Anything that makes your BP (Blood Pressure) soar.
Pronunciation: Fret-ri-mental.
Usage: Watching India lose to West Indies at 4 am in the morning can be truly fretrimental.
Root: Fret (irritation/anger) + Detrimental (harmful).


Meaning: Boosting self-importance by acting busy.
Pronunciation: Bizzy-yo-therapy.
Usage: Busyotherapy can do wonders for your ego.
Root: Busy + Physiotherapy.

Monday, May 22, 2006


Meaning: New year anxieties.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: New year bashes are a nice way of drowning your janworries.
Root: January + Worries.

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Meaning: A marriage that is pre-occupied with fending off blows from the spouse
Pronunciation: As in marriage
Usage: I wish you a happy parriage
Root: Parried + Marriage

Saturday, May 20, 2006


Meaning: Divine demon.
Pronunciation: Ru-dh-raak-shasaa.
Usage: Sometimes to alter the course of mankind, the forces above send a rudrakshasa.
Root: Rudra (Form of Shiva) + Rakshasa (Demon).


Meaning: The art of tempting with words.
Pronunciation: Same as seduction.
Usage: Copywriting is all about sayduction.
Root: Say + Seduction.


Meaning: Childish quirks.
Pronunciation: Kid-deo-sink-rasi.
Usage: Snatch the remote from a man to discover his kidiosyncrasies.
Root: Kid + Ideosyncrasy.


Meaning: Constipated.
Pronunciation: Stuck-ass-stick.
Usage: Boss sported a stuckasstic look as he read out the no-raises-for-this-year communique.
Root: From stuck ass.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Meaning: A statement of relief or joy made by detractors of the dead.
Pronunciation: Yippie-taf.
Usage: George Dubya Bush is ready with his yippietaph for Osama but the trouble is Bin Laden ain't dead yet.
Root: Yippie (An expression of joy) + Epitaph.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Meaning: Blundering, clumsy paratroopers
Pronunciation: Para-Blue-purse
Usage: That bunch of idiots are parabloopers!
Root: Paratroopers + Blooper


Meaning: Very weak, toned down questions
Pronunciation: Wot-ery
Usage: That journo's questions were very whatery
Root: What + Watery


Meaning: A day in which everything that can go wrong, does.
Pronunciation: As is
Usage: Monday was a total folliday
Root: Folly + Day


Meaning: Mangling an existing digital image with photoshop filters and creating an altogether new abstract image.
Pronunciation: Dis-tart.
Usage: Even a person with no art sense can become a distartist.
Root: Distortion + Art.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Meaning: Distorting and twisting ragas beyond recognition.
Pronunciation: Ra-ga-ble.
Usage: You don't have to ragarble medlodies to produce remixes.
Root: Raga + Garble.

Sunday, May 14, 2006


Meaning: A wireless device.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with apparatus.
Usage: In the future, it may be compulsory for you to carry your wapparatus wherever you go.
Root: WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) + Apparatus.

Saturday, May 13, 2006


Meaning : Someone who doesn't believe that man evolved from apes
Usage : Most apeists, by intelligent design, are not atheists.
Pronunication : Ape + ist
Root : Ape + Atheist
Note : word already exists in urban dictionary but has a different meaning than the one i propose here

Friday, May 12, 2006


Meaning: A girl who flips for shy guys.
Pronunciation: Shy-white.
Usage: 60% of the chicks in my campus were shyvites.
Root: The phonetic equivalent of the Hindu word Shaivite (one who worships Shiva).


Meaning: One who loves to have the last word.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: Two exwhyzeds can never end a conversation, even if they wish to.
Root: Exwhyzed is a word coined with the last three letters of the english alphabet. In a way, it's symbolic of the last word. Also X,Y & Z are often used to denote people.


Meaning: Wealth deficency. Key symptom is an alarmingly low bank balance.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with anaemia.
Usage: No woman will touch a dhanemic man.
Root: Dhan (Hindi for wealth) + Anaemia.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Meaning: Bullet-proof vest. Also a metaphor for an impenetrable shield.
Pronunciation: Kev-lar-mur.
Usage: We need to a develop a kevlarmour to protect ourselves from bio-terrorism.
Root: Kevlar is a synthetic material that's 5 times stronger than steel. They say it's bullet resistant. So Kevlar + Armour is an impenetrable shield.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Meaning: A prison for slaves or bonded labourers.
Pronunciation: Slay-we-ya-ree.
Usage: Most BPOs are run like slaviaries.
Root: An aviary (bird cage) for slaves.

Monday, May 08, 2006


Meaning: One who falls asleep while reading books.
Pronunciation: Bib-lee-yo-so-mmm-niac.
Usage: The splendidly written NCERT text books made me a bibliosomniac.
Root: Biblio (greek for book) + Somniac (sleepy type).
Related Coinage: Bibliosomnia - The phenomenon of falling asleep while reading books.

Sunday, May 07, 2006


Meaning: Pompously promiscuous.
Pronunciation: Vam-boy-unt.
Usage: You're whamboyant if you brag about your sexcapades.
Root: Wham (bang) + Flamboyant.

Saturday, May 06, 2006


Meaning: Surf a city using google earth.
Pronunciation: Map-po-google.
Usage: Tourists of the future will mapogoogle a place before they visit it.
Root: Map (study topography) + Google (scan)

Friday, May 05, 2006


Meaning: Solver of family disputes.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with ombudsman.
Usage: The senior most member of joint families often get to play homebudsman.
Root: Home + Ombudsman.


Meaning: A proposal that's gathering dust.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Meaning: The desalination idea has been planguishing for some time now.
Root: Plan + Languish.


Meaning: A high flier who keeps to himself.
Pronunciation: al-lufthansa.
Usage: Akshaye Khanna has this reputation of being an aloofthansa.
Root: Aloof + Lufthansa (synonymous with high fliers).

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Meaning: An undependable person with a mercurial temperament.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: Alcoholics & dopppsies are very grresponsible.
Root: Grr + Irresponsible.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Meaning : Arguments about decisions regarding places
Usage : My roommate and I have whereguments about where to eat dinner
Pronunciation : where + gyoo+ ment
Root : where + argument

Monday, May 01, 2006


Meaning: Names coined to label couples using the port manteau funda. As in Brangelina for Brad Pitt and Angelina.
Pronunciation: Port-maan-toos.
Usage: Beniffer is the most popular portmantwo, till date.
Root: Port Manteau (Words formed by fusing two words) + Two (Couple).


Meaning: Slowing things down.
Pronunciation: Lax-sil-la-ray-shun.
Usage: Jacques Kallis is a great exponent of laxeleration. He always manages to bring down the run rate of South Africa.
Root: Lax (to delay) + Acceleration.

Sunday, April 30, 2006


Meaning: A campaign that's propped on glamour
Pronunciation: Glam-pain
Usage: Glampaigns are naturally relying on actors to pull in mass votes.
Root: Glamour + Campaign

Saturday, April 29, 2006


Meaning: Food imports / exports that don't adhere to regulations.
Pronunciation: Spoil-port
Usage: India is usually a victim of spoilports from developed countries.
Root: Spoil + import / export


Meaning: The disease spread by the call center bug.
Pronunciation: Cholera
Usage: Callera is going to land the country in deep trouble some years from now.
Root: Cholera


Meaning:A shot in the arm for candidates in an election
Pronunciation: Elek-shot
usage: Maran's supposed involvement in the DTH issue is an elecshot for JJ
Root: Election + shot that gives a high


Meaning: A grim bimbo
Pronunciation: Grim-bow
Usage: He prefers a happy nebbish to a grimbo.
Roots: Grim + bimbo


Meaning: A book that's got a stupid blunder
Pronunciation: Blue + ker
Usage: Kaavya's blooker is a perfect showcase for her plagiarising skills.
Root: Book+ Bloomer

Friday, April 28, 2006

Bald Letter

Meaning: An undated letter from an anonymous person.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: Bald letters are often used by ethical terrorists to warn people about an impending attack.
Root: Literal translation of the tamil expression 'Mottai Kadidasu'. Logic being a letter with no 'from address and date' looks bald.
Related coinage: Anonymissive (anonymous + missive).


Meaning: A clumsy printer.
Pronunciation: Sh-lep-sun.
Usage: I wrote a nice short story. My schlepson made it look like software code.
Root: Schlep (slang for clumsy person) + Epson (a brand name synonymous with printers)


Meaning: Hiring crowds for cheering.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: Every leader in Tamil Nadu is attracting huge crowds. One wonders if it's shoutsourcing at work.
Root: Obvious.


Meaning: Repeated errors
Pronunciation: Error-ber-a-shun
Usage:His errorberation costed him his job
Root: Error + Reverberation

Thursday, April 27, 2006


Meaning: A mix-breed dog from Central Asia
Pronunciation: Mon-gro-leah
Usage: I just gifted her a pet. A mongrolia
Root: Mongrel + Mongolia

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Meaning: Shatteringly frustrating.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: Kaif has been remarkably vexplosive in the last 12 months.
Root: Vex + Explosive.
Related expression: KLPD.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Meaning: An election that is not well attended by the voters
Pronunciation: Same as election
Usage: The poor voter turnout is the first sign of an elecshun.
Root: Election + shun

Lingua franka

Meaning: A particularly frank way of speaking.
Pronunciation: as is what is.
Usage: Her brand of lingua franka always sets me thinking.
Root: lingua = language + franka, for frankness


Meaning: One who lets hair grow.
Pronunciation: Try-co-culture-wrist.
Usage: On a lazy Sunday, every male is a trichoculturist.
Root: Trikh (Greek for hair) + Culturist (One who farms).

Monday, April 24, 2006


Meaning: Plagiarised printed work(s).
Pronunciation: Lift-ra-cha
Usage: I am not sure if one can classify Da Vinci Code as lifterature.
Root: Lift (as in steal) + Literature.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


Meaning: A patronising term for the internet generation renowned for little or no patience for reading, listening and thinking.
Pronunciation: Hurry-gen.
Usage: The hurrygen prefer blogs over books.
Root: HURRY + GENeration.
Inspiration: Harijan, the patronising Indian label for the underprivileged.

Saturday, April 22, 2006


Meaning: An experimental musician who believes in scoring music the good old way - spontaneously.
Pronunciation: Me-under-taal.
Usage: Meandertaals try not to stick to a set rhythm, lyric or melody.
Root: Neanderthal (synonymous with primal) + Meander (one who wanders aimlessly) + Taal (Hindi for beat).


Meaning: A long distance husband. As in, a hubby who rarely gets to be with his wife at home.
Pronunciation: Same as telepathy.
Usage: Having a telepati may not be such a bad idea. The wifey gets money to splurge and a lot of space for herself.
Root: Tele (Greek for long distance) + Pati (Hindi for husband).
Related Coinage: Telepati may also be used to connote a couch potato. Logic - one who's married to the television.

Metal Magnet

Meaning: Prolific award winner.
Pronunciation: Duh.
Usage: The metal magnet David Droga will chair the jury at the Cannes Lions festival.
Root: One who attracts golds, silvers and bronzes by the dozens.


Meaning: A fear of billowing drapes
Usage: Every horror movie heroine has experienced drapidation
Pronunciation : drap+id+ay+shun
Root: Drape+ trepidation
Related coinage : indrapid

Layman brooder

Meaning: A layman who spends time brooding.
Pronunciation: obvious.
Usage: LehmanBrothers is no place for layman brooders.
Root: obvious.


Meaning: An organ stanley who deals in eyes.
Pronunciation: I-ban-kar
Usage: Everyone wants to be an eye-banker these days.
Root: Investment banking

Friday, April 21, 2006


Meaning: Unshakeable faith in communism.
Pronunciation: Commune-nishta
Usage: EMS Namboodripad was renowned for his communishta.
Root: Communism + Nishta (Sanskrit for absolute faith).
Related coinage: Saffronishta - Unshakeable faith in Hindutva.
Note: The difference between Saffronista and Saffronishta is the former describes an idealogue while the latter is about the extent of faith in the ideology.


Meaning: A comically goofy character.
Pronunciation: Fluff-foon.
Usage: Jim Carey's made millions playing fluffoon.
Root: Fluff (To botch up) + Buffoon


Meaning: One who learns from mistakes.
Pronunciation: Same as erudite.
Usage: There is hope for Sehwag if he's the errudite types.
Root: Err + Erudite.


Meaning: Tired of meaningless running around
Pronunciation: Dash-board
Usage: I was dashbored by the time I got my visa.
Root: Obvious


Meaning: A steady flow of water or any other liquid
Usage: The initial dribble in the metro water tanker slowly grew into a dibble.
Root: Dribble - an unsteady, though continuous, flow


Meaning: Mail that takes ages to go out.
Pronunciation: Cons...te...mail
Usage: Constimails are a pain in the butt as they slow down busy work hours.
Root: Constipate


Meaning: Experts in patterns of eating especially overeating
Pronunciation: Hog-no-shen-tea (Burp. That's a mouthful)
Usage: Are all hognoscenti fat?
Root:Cognoscenti / hog


Meaning: Hair that's all dressed up
Pronunciation:Hir - soot
Usage: That hirsuit becomes her.
Root: Hirsute / suit


Meaning:An employee who's an irritant and a drag.
Pronunciation: Flem-ployee
Usage: One phlegmployee is enough to make me love other employees.
Root: phlegm + employee


Meaning: Having an irrestibly stunning rear.
Pronunciation: But-rack-tive.
Usage: Roger Binny was quite popular with women because of his buttractive looks.
Root: Butt + Attractive.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Rubber Mails

Meaning: Emails that bounce back.
Pronunciation: You know it. Don't ya?
Usage: Thankfully, all my hate mails to Arjun Singh turned out to be rubber mails.
Root: Obvious.


Meaning: A dead bengali
Pronunciation: As in Ghost
Usage: Calcutta is a Ghoset town
Root: Ghose (Bengali Surname) + Ghost


Meaning: One who always wishes to be in the news.
Pronunciation: New-zee-vore.
Usage: 6 out of 5 politicians are newsyvores.
Root: Newsy + Vore (suffix that means one who feeds on).


Meaning: The hostel bully
Pronunciation: Easy, isn't it?
Usage: Akshay is the Dorminator for Bishop Heber hall
Root: Dorm + Dominator

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Meaning: Same film made in two languages. With two different casts. Piloted by the same director. And released on the same date.
Pronunciation: Twin-nay-ma.
Usage: Yuva is a twinema of Ayutha Ezhutha.
Root: Twin + Cinema.
Related Coinage: Thinema - A film of very slim duration. That is, a short film.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Meaning: Influence in advance by promising to dole out freebies.
Pronunciation: Free-dis-pose.
Usage: Jayalalitha, Karunanidhi & Vijay Kanth are trying very hard to freedispose the electorate.
Root: Predispose + Freebies.
Related Coinage: Free-empt.

Monday, April 17, 2006


Meaning: A fancily designed, manually operated cycle rickshaw.
Pronunciation: Thin-thinny.
Usage: India can rake in the tourist moolah if we offer thinthinee rides in temple towns, at a fat premium.
Root: Thinthinee is the antonym of the engine operated South East Asian Vehicle called Fatfatee.


Meaning: The blissful glow that lights up your face after a satisfactory crap.
Pronunciation: looo-min-us.
Usage: His loominous expression left me verbally constipated.
Root: Obvious.


Meaning: Sticking with the same formula that got you success in the first place. And repeatedly failing.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with success.
Usage: A stuckcessful person is a one trick pony.
Root: Stuck (Unable to move beyond) + Success.


Meaning: A leader who obtains power by plotting and scheming.
Pronunciation: The-maa-gog.
Usage: Jayalalitha is a bigger dimaagogue than Karunanidhi.
Root: Dimaag (Hindi word for brain. Also synonymous with cunning) + Demagogue.


Meaning: Somebody who lives partly in France
Pronunciation: Franz-ves-tight
Usage: PG Wodehouse was a Francevestite
Root: France + Transvestite


Meaning: A young girl who laughs a lot
Pronunciation: As is
Usage: My girlfriend is a LOLita
Root: LOL (Chat-ese for Laugh out Loud) + Lolita

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Meaning: Purring too much
Pronunciation: obvious.
Usage: Hypurractive women are so entertaining, don't you think?
Root: Purr (feline sexuality oozed by some women) + Hyperactive


Meaning: A Merry making American
Pronunciation: obvious
Usage: Micheal is an Amerrican in the true sense of the word.
Root: Merry + American.


Meaning: A chic, modern woman
Pronunciation: Maa-derm
Usage: She? Oh, she is Sandra maderm
Root: Madam + Modern


Meaning: A learned devotee of the god Shiva
Pronunciation: obvious
Usage: My son is a Sivant
Root: Sivan (Indian god) + Savant


Meaning: Travelling that is so good, it's like sex
Pronunciation: Rhymes with Triplicate
Usage: I tripnicated on my bikeride to Kumbakkonam
Root: Trip + Fornicate

Saturday, April 15, 2006


Meaning: Decimate life forms on Earth.
Pronunciation: Terra-de-cate.
Usage: Earthlings, you have two choices. Either you worship Anantha. Or get terradicated.
Root: Terra (Earth in latin) + Eradicate.


Meaning: Chinese tea.
Pronunciation: Homonym of China.
Usage: Says George Bush, "China is where they make chaina."
Root: Chai (Hindi word for Tea) + China.


Meaning: A news, an event, an accident or an incident that launches you into post mode on the blogosphere.
Pronunciation: Kwerty-lie-zer.
Usage: The mandal issue was a huge qwertylizer for Indian bloggers.
Root: Qwerty (Synonymous with keying in) + Fertilizer.


Meaning: A dirty trick that boomerangs.
Pronunciation: Trick-co-chay.
Usage: An Iranian invasion by America will be a costly trickochet.
Root: Trick + Ricochet.


Meaning: A person who joins a terrible place ignoring dire warnings from the inmates.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with refugee.
Usage: I know people who turn deafugees when they get a good pay packet.
Root: Obvious.


Meaning: A revolutionary automobile that can fly.
Pronunciation: Cranty-car.
Usage: We need to create skyways and air traffic signals before we allow mass production of kranticars.
Root: Krantikari (Hindi for revolutionary) + Car.


Meaning: Messages posted on the loo wall using graffiti or any other means.
Pronunciation: Toy-letters.
Usage: Toiletters can be a wacky advertising medium.
Root: Toilet + Letters.

Friday, April 14, 2006


Meaning: Curing depression using peptalk over the phone.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with Allopathy.
Usage: Suicide helplines demonstrate the power of hellopathy.
Root: Obvious.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Meaning: Aversion to a hue.
Pronunciation: Cull-ur-gee.
Usage: I am colourgic to mithai pink.
Root: Colour + Allergy.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Meaning: A speedy writer.
Pronunciation: Cell-lee-row-grafer.
Usage: Words just gush out of the pen of celerographers.
Root: Celero (fast in greek) + Grapher (writer in greek).


Meaning: Baby killing.
Pronunciation: Cub-or-shun.
Usage: The word infanticide works only for humans, cubortion can be used for all species.
Root: Cub + Abortion.

Stag Gag

Meaning: A downright vulgar joke that leaves men in splits.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: What's a bachelor party without stag gags?
Root: Gags exchanged in Stag parties.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Meaning: A person who loves to question everything.
Pronunciation: Sa-wall-nut.
Usage: Sawalnut is the baap of the jigyasu baalak.
Root: Sawal (Hindi for Question) + Nut (One who's crazy about something).


Meaning: Long suffering voters to whom elections have made no difference.
Pronunciation: Homonym of voters.
Usage: The woeters of Tamil Nadu have zero expectations from all the kazhagams.
Root: Woe + Voters.


Meaning: A dislike for elections.
Pronunciation: Chu-now-version.
Usage: Armchair politicians have a chunaversion.
Root: Chunav (Hindi for election) + Aversion.

Monday, April 10, 2006


Meaning: Pretending to oppose to make an impression.
Pronunciation: Oppo-zeo.
Usage: I'd rather be a follower than be an opposeur.
Root: Oppose + Poseur.


Meaning: The Sunny season
Pronounciation: same as season
Usage: The seasun in India is pretty much the same all year through
Root: season + sun


Meaning: Pretty and buxom
Pronounciation: sandwich a tit between beauty and ful
Usage: Pamela is a beautitful person
Root: obvious


Meaning: State of confusion in which thoughts splinter away.
Pronunciation: con+ fission
Usage: Meeting her always causes confission in my mind.
Root: con + antonym of fusion.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


Meaning: A habitual opposer with no beliefs or ideology.
Pronunciation: Anti-pro.
Usage: An antipro takes a predictably opposite stance because he wants to stand out from the crowd.
Root: One who turns anti because the world is pro something.


Meaning: A beer drinking blogger.
Pronunciation: blah-ger
Usage: Quick-gun Murugan is a blager.
Root: Blog + Lager


Meaning: A philosophical knowledge of urine.
Pronunciation: a-pee-stemo-legy
Usage: Clinical labs have a well formed epeestemology.
Root: Pee + epistemology

Saturday, April 08, 2006


Meaning: Sterilizing a virile organisation, institution or society by forcing caste based reservation down its throat.
Pronunciation: Caste-ration.
Usage: Mandal will only result in the casteration of the IITs.
Root: Obvious.

Friday, April 07, 2006


Meaning: Partiality shown to pretty young things.
Pronunciation: Miss-crim-me-nate.
Usage: There is a strong feeling that women get better grades, better jobs, better raises due to misscrimination.
Root: Obvious.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Meaning: Caste calculations.
Pronunciation: Mun-dull-gee-bra.
Usage: Arjun Singh thinks he can help the Congress win the next elections with his mandalgebra.
Root: The Mandal Commission is synonymous with caste-based reservation quotas. Mandalgebra is a derivation from Mandal + algebra.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Meaning: Being paranoid about smoking.
Pronunciation: Puff-raid.
Usage: Don't be puffraid. At the max, you'll get lung cancer, turn impotent, lose some appetite and will end up hurting a thousand people around you.
Root: Afraid of taking a puff.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Meaning: A drug with adverse side effects. Or one that aggravates the illness.
Pronunciation: Same as paracetamol.
Usage: The blooming paracetamaul induced a rash of skin rashes. So I couldn't show my face to the world for nearly a week.
Root: Paracetamol + maul.


Meaning: Last job.
Pronunciation: Then-kree.
Usage: I was the master of mediocrity in my thenkri.
Root: Naukri means job in Hindi. Phonetically that's Now-kree. Replace now with then, you get thenkri.


Meaning: The act of making up something just for kicks.
Pronunciation: Fun-cock-shun.
Usage: Wordmint is a nice outlet for funcoctions.
Root: Fun + Concoction.

Monday, April 03, 2006


Meaning: A high pressure situation.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with titanic.
Usage: Raina seems capable of handling tightenic moments.
Root: Obvious.


Meaning: A honeymoon gone awry.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with honeymoon.
Usage: Ganguly's shanimoon with the press should hopefully end soon.
Root: Shani (a tamil curse, also a hindu god known for his malefic influence) + Honeymoon.


Meaning: A video produced under the influence of drugs.
Pronunciation: Wee-deo.
Usage: Dr. Prakash was a purveyor of pornographic weedios.
Root: Weed + Video.

Saturday, April 01, 2006


Meaning: A tobacco substitute that feels very much like tobacco but is not at all harmful.
Pronunciation: Toe-front-toe.
Usage: Tobacco kills. Tofronto doesn't.
Root: Phonetically tobacco is toe-back-co. Since tofronto is harmless tobacco, I've replaced back with front to capture this opposite effect.


Meaning: Shorthand for terrible quality.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: I can conjure up ughmark music in no time.
Root: Agmark is a symbol for high quality in India.


Meaning: Distorted reality as perceived by a paranoid person(s).
Pronunciation: Shuck-key-kuth.
Usage: The reality is Greg Chappell has nothing against Saurav Ganguly. The shakeekat is Greg is out to get Saurav.
Root: Shak (Hindi for suspicion)+ Haqeekat (Urdu for reality).


Meaning: Addiction to mobile phones
Pronounciation: Mo-dick-shun
Usage: I suffer from sever moddiction
Root: Mobile + Addiction

Secondary meaning: Addiction to modifications. Typically used in conjunction with computer games which support add on modifications or MODs.
Pronounciation: Mod-dick-shun
Root: MOD + Addiction

(Contributed by Nirenjan)


Meaning: A plan or report that a dietician makes for an overweight client before the service agreement is signed
Pronunciation: pawn-ch-nama
Usage: His paunchnama said that he will lose 20 kgs in 3 months.
Root: Paunch + Panchnama (A report required to be made by the investigating officer)


Meaning: Someone who rubbishes / doesn't believe in feng shui (and the like) beliefs
Pronunciation: feng + shu
Usage: He has an orthodox upbringing yet he is a staunch fengshoo
Root: Feng Shui + Shoo

Kafi Latte

Meaning: A place that serves coffee late into the night.
Pronunciation: kafi-laat-a
Usage: In Delhi, besides 5-star coffee shops, there arn't many kafi latte hangouts.
Root: Cafe Latte + Kafi (quite / enough in Hindi) + Late


Meaning: Undercover intelligence on what the underworld is up up to / would do next
Pronunciation: da-wood
Usage: The police team was on stand by. All the chief needed to order a raid at the mill was an official dawould report.
Root: Dawood (underworld king) + Would


Meaning: A copywriter who writes only short (floppy-sized) ads
Pronunciation: flaw-p-writer
Usage: I would to love to write long copy ads, but clients in India have forced me to become a floppywriter.
Root: Floppy Disc + Copywriter

Friday, March 31, 2006


Meaning: Having two cysts on your body at the same time
Pronunciation: Rhymes with sister
Usage: I was dilly-dallying on getting the cyst on my thigh surgically removed but when a cyster came, I called the doctor for an appointment right away.
Root: Cyst + Sister

Havaldarr, Havaldarpok

Meaning: A scared, timid policeman
Pronunciation: haval-dur / haval-dur-pok
Usage: When it comes to nabbing the likes of Dawood, even the supercops in the country turn into havaldarrs / havaldarpoks.
Root: Havaldar (policeman) + Darr, Darpork (scare, scared)


Meaning: Trying to woo someone again and again
Pronunciation: Rhymes with Deja vu
Usage: The secret of a successful marriage is to dejawoo your partner everyday
Root: Deja vu + Woo


Meaning: Important innovations. Innovations that hold a lot of weight.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with innovate
Usage: Viagra was the innoweight of the century
Root: Innovate + Weight


Meaning: Inventions that come before their time. Inventions that can wait.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with innovate
Usage: Scientists can innowait on cars that can fly and swim.
Root: Innovate + Wait


Meaning: A stupid person speaking to an audience
Pronunciation: Rhymes with loudspeaker
Usage: Most politicians are loutspeakers
Root: Lout + Loudspeaker


Meaning: A bouncer who stands outside a pub
Pronunciation: ba-haar-tender
Usage: Mike Tyson started his career as a bahartender
Root: Bahar (Hindi for outside) + bartender


Meaning: Mobiles phones meant specially for showing off in 'kitty' parties
Pronunciation: mew-bile
Usage: Gladrags Mrs India is the brand-ambassador for Nokia's new range of meowbiles
Root: meow (cats) + mobile


Meaning: Losing one's WAP enabled mobile phone in thin air
Pronunciation: Rhymes with evaporate
Usage: My office is full of kleptomaniacs. Yesterday my new Nokia N ewaporated.
Root: WAP + evaporate


Meaning: A room where bookies hide and do business from
Pronunciation: Rhymes with bedroom
Usage: Most bookies work out of betrooms in downtown
Root: Bet + Bedroom


Meaning: A crappy photographer
Pronunciation: shoot-e-ah
Usage: The guy who shot her portfolio was a shootia
Root: Shoot + Chootia (a common Indian verbal abuse)


Meaning: To think profoundly about India
Pronunciation: indi-lek-chooel
Usage: Politicians in India just act indillectual but no one wants to do anything about it.
Root: India + Intellectual

Thursday, March 30, 2006


Meaning: Selective amnesia for a woman in one's life
Pronunciation: ammani+ shea.
Usage: How I wish I had ammanisia now!
Root: Ammani (Tamil for lady) + amnesia.


Meaning: The typical arrogance that people in love display.
Pronunciation: pyar-o-gens.
Usage: Them lovesick couples and their pyarrogance always gets on my nerves.
Root: Pyar (Hindi for love) + arrogance.


Meaning: An ice maiden who makes bachelors freeze in their tracks.
Pronunciation: as is what is.
Usage: Just met the woman of my life, but my bad luck, she is a professional bachillor.
Root: Obvious.


Meaning: A broken romance
Pronunciation: Tro-mance
Usage: I'm convalescing from a traumance just now.
Root: Trauma + Romance


Meaning: To suffer a nose cut. Or simply put, a loss of face.
Pronunciation: Tie-co-bra-hade.
Usage: BJP was tykobrahade in 1984. It just won 2 seats, then.
Root: Derived from the infamous incident concerning the great astronomer Tycho Brahe. Here's the juice on the incident as recorded by Pierre Gasendi in 1654...
"The 10th of december 1566 there was a dance at Lucas Bacmeisters house in the connection to a wedding. Lucas Bacmeister was a professor of theology at the univeristy of Rostock where Tycho studied. Among the guests were Tycho Brahe and another danish nobleman, Manderup Parsberg. They started an argument and they separated in anger. The 27th of december this argument started again, and in the evening of the 29th of december a duel was held. It was around 7 in the evening and in darkness. Parsberg gives Tycho a cut over his nose that took away almost the front part of his nose. Tycho had an artificial nose made, not from wax, but from an alloy of gold and silver[*] and put it on so skillfully, that it looked like a real nose Wilhelm Janszoon Blaeu, who spent time with Tycho for nearly two years, also said that Tycho used to carry a small box with a paste or glue, with which he often would put on the nose."


Meaning: The state of being bereft of ideas.
Pronunciation: Homonym of vacuum.
Usage: An ad agency cannot afford to exist in a whackyoom.
Root: Obvious.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Meaning: An arabian albino
Pronunciation: Ara-bhi-no
Usage: Sheik Abdullah is an Arabino
Root: Arab + Albino


Meaning: A case of morphing an original picture to perfection. Typically used with celebrity photos of an explicit nature.
Pronunciation: Mor-feck-shun
Usage: Those explicit photos of Aishwarya Rai are examples of morphectionism.
Root: Morph + Perfection

(Contributed by Nirenjan)


Meaning : Any gadget that makes a geek happy ie almost any gadget
Usage : Gladgets unlike girlfriends are a one time investment
Pronunciation : Glad + jet
Root : Glad + Gadget


Meaning: A weeping person who gets in the way of your doing/achieving something.
Pronounciation: Obvious
Usage: I've lost count of the number of movies in which Nirupa Roy was a sobstacle in the path of Amitabh Bachchan's ambitions.
Root: Sob+Obstacle

Maal Chauvinism

Meaning: The belief that wealthy/materialistic people are naturally better and more important than the not-so-wealthy ones.
Pronounciation: Obvious
Usage: Advertising does nothing else but propagate maal chauvinism in society.
Root: Maal (Hindi for 'wealth')+Male Chauvinism

Kamchair Traveller/Critic/Sportsman

Meaning: A person who knows about a particular subject from practical experience rather than from reading, hearing about it.
Pronounciation: Rhymes with 'armchair'
Usage: My boyfriend writes beautifully about sport, but I'm afraid he's no kamchair sportsman!
Root: Kam (Hindi for 'work')+Armchair


Meaning: A desi roadside bed and breakfast place.
Pronounciation: Bis-tur-o
Usage: Want to see India on a shoestring budget? Head for the bistaros!
Root: Bistar (Hindi for 'bed')+Bistro


Meaning: A measure of just how lucky one can get. 0 means jinxed. 10 means you're Midas.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with glucometer.
Usage: Harbhajan Singh's performance today should clock 7 on the flukometer.
Root: Obvious.

Monday, March 27, 2006


Meaning: Desire for continuous complaining
Pronunciation: Rhymes with appetite.
Usage: When talking about his boss, he has a huge cribbetite.
Root: Crib (v. to complain) + Appetite
Note: Not to be confused with crabbetite.

(Contributed by Nirenjan)


Meaning: Impatient and bored with your girl/woman
Pronunciation: Obvious
Usage: Desciribe my relationship? It's broadom
Root: Broad + Boredom


Meaning: The act of surrendering to the need of using capital letters.
Pronounciation: Obvious
Usage: I was using lower case until my capitalation at Wordmint, prompted by Mr. Anantha.
Root: Capitals + Capitulation


Meaning: The destruction or ruin of one's own interests by siding with the obviously wrong party in an argument.
Pronounciation: Obvious
Usage: Supporting George Bush on Iraq was suiside on the part of Tony Blair.
Root: Suicide + Side (v)

Sunday, March 26, 2006


Meaning: One who flaunts one's knowledge.
Pronunciation: Same as Nudist.
Usage: The moment I walked into the conference room I realised I had walked into a knewdist park. Everyone was showing off. No one was listening to each other.
Root: Knew + Nudist.


Meaning: The state of a cup of tea tasting markedly different from another depending on the 'master'; the reason why some people prefer to drink tea from the same vendor/tea-shop always.
Pronunciation: Dis-pa-re-tea
Usage: I have not been able to adjust to the disparitea in pondy bazar!
Root: Disparity + Tea.


Meaning: Sudden or momentous change that results in immediate profits/profitability.
Pronunciation: In-kuh-laabh
Usage: Switching to linux and free software at my company was no less than an inquilabh!
Root: Inquilab (urdu, meaning revolution) + Labh (sanskrit, meaning gain or profit)


Meaning: A person who holds unorthodox opinions that are derived from error
Pronunciation: As is
Usage: Obvious?
Root: Error + Heretic


Meaning: An entrepreneur from Andhra Pradesh
Pronunciation: as is
Usage: Mahendravada venkata ganapathigaru (an old classmate of mine, honest!) is an Andhrapreneur.
Root: Andhra (as in the state of andhra pradesh in india) + Entrepreneur


Meaning: The room where a male does his own cooking
Pronunciation: obvious
Usage: If the kitchen is the domain of the females, then kitchcock is the domain of the males.
Root: Kitchen + cock (male attribute)


Meaning: A state of abnormally high libido
Pronunciation: hi-per-libid-emia
Usage: My shrink says idleness can cause hyperlibidemia.
Root: Hyper + libido mixed with hyperlipidemia (High Fat in blood)


Meaning: A person who is crazy about finding faults with others
Pronunciation: Err-ato-mania
Usage: My boss is such an erratomaniac pain in the wrong place.
Root: errata+ erotomania


Meaning: He who steals mice and other input devices
Pronunciation: Clik-toh-maniac
Usage: Our office IT guy is a clicktomaniac
Root: Click (mouse-click) + Kleptomaniac


Meaning: A scary bill for an exorbitant amount
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: Ordinary bills I can pay, but these terribills terrify me
Root: Terrible + bill


Meaning: A game of cricket that is riddled with tricks.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: Nowadays there is not much cricket being played, most of it is only tricket!
Root: Obvious.


Meaning: A marriage that is marred by acrimony
Pronunciation: mak-re-mony
Usage: I have seen so much of macrimony, that I have decided to remain an eternal bachelor.
Root: Obvious.


Meaning: A shifty and illegal crew
Pronunciation: Obvious
Usage: I have a bad feeling about that platoon - a crewked one
Root: Crew + Crooked


Meaning: State of being suddenly seized by enthusiasm
Pronunciation: As is
Usage: Newbie reincarnut's having an enthusiazure!
Root: Enthusiasm + Seizure


Meaning: Inappropriately silly but free.
Pronunciation: Frivolous with an 'ee'
Usage: I got an absolutely freevolous gift along with my new fridge — cat chow!
Root: Free + Frivolous.

Saturday, March 25, 2006


Meaning: Sleeping your way to the top
Pronunciation: Pro-moe-see-shun
Usage: Some people promosition their career
Root: Promotion + Proposition


Meaning: A professional pretender.
Pronunciation: Obvious
Usage: Chandru is a Protender man. He can walk into the KGB, no questions asked
Root: Pro + Pretender


Meaning: A detective with too much sex on his mind
Pronunciation: Puh-ver-tive.
Usage: Sgt. Jason be wary of him. He's a pervertive
Root: Pervert+Detective

Meaning: The abundance of perverted people in society
Pronunciation: Puh-ver-tive
Usage: Urban India is a dificult to live in. A Pervertive place
Root: Pervert+Pervasive

Thought Gypsy

Meaning: Dreamer.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: I've lived so many lives as a thought gypsy.
Root: Obvious.


Meaning: Couch potato.
Pronunciation: Sofa-loo.
Usage: I unwind by playing sofaloo to HBO.
Root: Sofa + Aloo (Hindi for potato).

Textramarital Affair

Meaning: Flirtatious messages (SMS or chat) sent out by a married person. Not necessarily to the spouse.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with extramarital affair.
Usage: Yahoo chat is the parking lot for textramarital affairs.
Root: Obvious.

Friday, March 24, 2006


Meaning: Drunken singing.
Pronunciation: Pee-yo-dell-ling.
Usage: Some of the more memorable tunes are born during bouts of piyodeling.
Root: Piyo (to drink in Hindi) + Yodeling (Singing with pitch variation).


Meaning: Indicate unsureness of response by scratching one's head.
Pronunciation: Guess-stick-cue-late.
Usage: I was guessticulating non-stop during my viva voce.
Root: Obvious.


Meaning: Digustingly boastful.
Pronunciation: Glow-thsum.
Usage: Graeme Smith can be very gloathsome at times.
Root: Gloat + Loathsome.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


keenness of judgement about breast sizes
Usage : After years of experience, Naidu Hall salesmen must have acquired above average rackumen
Pronunication : rack + yoo + men
Root : Rack (slang for breasts) + acumen

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Meaning: A female who goes all out to woo her man/men.
Prounciation: just stress more on the oo.
Usage: She's a new age wooman who does not hesitate to initiate amorous activity
Root: woo+ woman.


Meaning: The excrutiatingly long period of time taken to pay what's overdue to you.
Prounciation: Det-turn-nit-tea.
Usage: I know many people who take a debternity to return even 10 bucks.
Root: Debt + Eternity.


Meaning: A hot and humid city.
Pronunciation: Sweat-row-polis.
Usage: Madras has been a sweatropolis since time immemorial.
Root: Sweat + Metrolopolis.


Meaning: The correlation between the scores of a cricketer and the endorsement fee he charges for appearing in ads. A negative scorelation means the cricketer is earning a high endorsement fee despite non-performance. A positive scorelation obviously means the high endorsement fee is a result of great performances.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with correlation.
Usage: Tendulkar has had a negative scorelation for the past four years.
Root: Obvious.


Meaning: The act of passing urine
Pronunciation: Piss-e-fication.
Usage: Indian men are adept at pissification, especially on a public wall.
Root: obvious

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Meaning: Verbal onslaught.
Pronunciation: Talk-ra-mon.
Usage: Jaipal Reddy's talkraman took the wind out of BJP's sails.
Root: Talk + Aakraman (Hindi for attack).


Meaning: A pointless study to fill one's time.
Pronunciation: Wet-tea-maul-logy.
Usage: Management Trainees indulge in vettimology to appear busy.
Root: Derived from Vetti (Tamil for jobless) and Etymology.


Meaning: The Indian tradition of the wannabe groom checking out the wannabe bride in full view of both the families.
Pronunciation: Pon-nu-path-thu-phi-ing.
Usage: Ponnupaathufying can be one hell of a stress interview for the guy in question.
Root: Ponnu (Tamil for girl) + Paathu (Tamil for checking out) + fying (Tamil slang suffix for an activity).


Meaning: Great skill at showing off.
Pronounciation: Rhymes with 'prowess'
Usage: I can't understand why men think women need to know of their sexual crowess.
Root: Crow+Prowess


Meaning: The support, especially financial support, given to a woman by her husband.
Pronounciation: Pathi-rone-age
Usage: Methinks my boyfriend is relieved that I'm not marrying for patironage!
Root: Pati (Hindi for 'husband')+Patronage


Meaning: South Indian coffee.
Pronounciation: kaapi+chino
Usage: My good days begin with an aromatic kaapiccino.
Root: Kaapi (Tamil for 'coffee')+Cappuccino

Monday, March 20, 2006


Meaning: Something that people think will make things better and solve all their water problems.
Pronounciation: Paa-ni-si-uh
Usage: Mere rainwater harvesting is not a panicea to Madras' water problems.
Root: Pani (Hindi for 'water')+Panacea


Meaning: Copycat behaviour.
Pronunciation: Homonym of cyclostyle.
Usage: Kids tend to psychlostyle their mom's mannerisms.
Root: Obvious.


Meaning: The cuss words that immediately come to mind when you think of a person.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with antonym.
Usage: Dimwit is the rantonym I'd associate with Dubya.
Root: Obvious.


Meaning: Dealing with high octane speed or excitement.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with rheumatic.
Usage: F1 lovers are very vroomatic in their tastes.
Root: Obvious.

Sunday, March 19, 2006


Meaning: Cheapish looking.
Pronunciation: Shoddy-nary.
Usage: I turned up for the interview in a very shoddynary attire. Thankfully they didn't select me.
Root: Shoddy + Ordinary.


Meaning: A tiny book.
Pronunciation: At-tome.
Usage: In Gold Ink on a Chip is a 5mm atome created by Pawan Sinha and Pamela R. Lipson. Magnify it 600 times, you will be reading the New Testament.
Root: Atom (As a metaphor for size) + Tome.


Meaning: An angry woman.
Pronunciation: Ou-raath.
Usage: Hell hath no fury like an auwrath scorned.
Root: Aurath (Hindi for woman) + Wrath.

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Meaning: A hackneyed plot that unexpectedly becomes a mega grosser.
Pronunciation: Jack-plot.
Usage: Subash Ghai hits upon a jackplot once in 3 years.
Root: Jackpot + Plot.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Bakvasthu Shastra

Meaning: The mindless alterations in interiors, made in the name of Vasthu or Feng Shui.
Pronunciation: Buck-vaas-thu shaas-tra.
Usage: Demolishing rooms and placing fish tanks are some signs of bakvasthu shastra.
Root: Bakwas (hindi for rubbish) + Vasthu Shastra.


Meaning: A sound of despair associated with growth pangs
Pronounciation: Rhymes with groaned
Usage: Bangalore's infrastructure growned
Root: Grow+Groaned

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Meaning: The act of shooting down new proposals, ideas or concepts.
Pronunciation: New-thun-asia.
Usage: Status-quoists practice newthanasia.
Root: New + thanasia (death).


Meaning: A man who makes women laugh for money.
Pronounciation: Giggle+O
Usage: Women love giggolos because they are adept at the art of 'funnilingus'.
Root: Giggle+Gigolo


Meaning: A niggardly lover.
Pronounciation: Rhymes with 'scrooge'
Usage: I could never have a 'wifestyle' if I married a screwge!
Root: Screw+Scrooge


Meaning: to encash a blank cheque.
Pronounciation: kaisha-blanka
Usage: Harry handed over the blank cheque to his son and said: cashablanka.
Root: Obvious


Meaning: to bitch about one's job.
Pronounciation: job-itch
Usage: I haven't met a soul yet who didn't jobitch.
Root: job + bitch (verb)


Meaning: an opportunity one can't let go.
Pronounciation: apaar-chew-nity
Usage: I can't miss the apaartunity of studying at Harvard.
Root: apaar (Hindi for 'unparalleled') + opportunity.

Hindie movie

Meaning: An independent Hindi movie.
Pronounciation: hin-D moo-V
Usage: Konkana Sen is one of the foremost Hindie movie actors.
Root: Hindi + indie movie

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Meaning: One who takes pains to appear abominable.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with meticulous.
Usage: Avi is very yeticulous in his online avatar.
Root: Yeti + Meticulous.


Meaning: One who stays at office all the time.
Pronunciation: Cubic-low-dyte.
Usage: Once you join a BPO, you must get ready to morph into a cubiclodyte.
Root: Cubicle + Dyte (greek for dweller).


Meaning: Financial ideas or proposals that raise a stink.
Pronunciation: Reek-co-norm-mix.
Usage: Chidamabaram's reekomomics might cost Sonia Gandhi dearly.
Root: Reek + Economics.


Meaning: A guy who loves a fight.
Pronunciation: Clash-sha-no-va.
Usage: There are very few clashanovas in the Indian cricket team.
Root: Clash + Casanova.


Meaning: The drive to work for food.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with motivation.
Usage: Man is a slave of the ordinary, thanks to his rotivation.
Root: Roti (Hindi for staple diet) + Motivation.


Meaning: A fool who flatters.
Pronounciation: Obvious
Usage: Wonder why men who fall in love make buffawns of themselves!
Root: Buffoon+Fawn

Monday, March 13, 2006


Meaning: An aspiring Adonis who makes too much noise about his conquests.
Pronunciation: Ado- Noise.
Usage: As it is Adonises are irritating, more so when they are Adonoises!
Root: Adonis, the Greek God of Male Charm, lover of Aphrodite, the Goddess of love.


Meaning: A person who is obsessed with screwing.
Pronunciation: Cum-buck-th.
Usage: Women think all men are cumbhakts.
Root: Cum + Bhakt (Hindi for worshipper).

Sunday, March 12, 2006


Meaning: One who pretends to know many languages.
Pronunciation: Sew-do-poly-glot.
Usage: With a massive vocabulary of 8000 English words, 3 French words, 2 German words and 1 Esperanto word, I passed myself off as a polyglot. But I guess wordminters will call me a pseudopolyglot.
Root: Pseudo (Fake) + Polyglot (One who speaks many languages).

Saturday, March 11, 2006


Meaning: euphemism for DVD containing porno material
Pronunciation: afro-disc-iac
Usage: Nothing like the aphrodisciacs to make a man feel larger than life.
Root: obvious

Friday, March 10, 2006


Meaning: The seafood menu at restaurants
Pronunciation: fish-list (obviously)
Usage: The Canton has a great fishlist
Root: Fish + List (Based on wishlist)


Meaning: The positioning of ordinary people in a photograph.
Pronounciation: Jun-taa-pose
Usage: Family photos are exercises in juntaposing
Root: Junta + pose (Based on Juxtapose)

(With a little help from Chenthil)


Meaning: An over-enthusiastic Preacher, a preacher who poaches
Pronunciation: Pro-cher.
Usage: Father D'Souza is a proacher
Root: Poach + Preacher.


Meaning: To utter rubbish or meaningless argument/ideas/opinions, repeatedly.
Pronunciation: Moron-nika
Usage: He is playing the moronica
Root: moron + harmonica
(This word was coined by Abhishek Toraskar)


Meaning: Strategic positioning as the joker in the pack.
Pronunciation: Clown-neesh.
Usage: Arshad Warsi occupies the clowniche in Bollywood.
Root: Clownish + Niche.


Meaning: A female artist
Pronounciation: Arti-stree
Usage: Divya shows great promise. She would make a great artistree
Root: Artist+Stree


Meaning: Photography that's random, aimless, pure pffaf
Pronounciation: Faff-a-graph-ee
Usage: Chandru's no Atul Kasbekar. His is pure pffafagraphy.
Root: Pffaf+Photography

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Meaning: A feeling of great depression/deflation.
Pronounciation: Blue+Fouria
Usage: I wonder why my boyfriend's thoughtless remarks make me feel a sense of bluphoria.
Root: Blue+Euphoria


Meaning: Form of oral creative art, in which tainting others brings loads of fun.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: Hanging out with gossipmongers always offers wholesome entertaintment.
Root: Obvious.


Meaning: a place where one can rest and bitch.
Pronunciation: rest-aur-rant.
Usage: We went to the restaurrant and drank coffee.
Root: rest + aur(Hindi for 'and') + rant


Meaning: Copyright issues related to music.
Pronunciation: Tra-la-loss.
Usage: Anu Mallik cares two hoots for tralalaws.
Root: Obvious.


Meaning: Rejected by the electronic ballot.
Pronunciation: Elect-raw-nixed.
Usage: Will Jayalalitha be electronixed on May 8th? Only time will tell.
Root: Electronic Voting + Nix (to reject).

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Meaning: Excellent/Dependable qualities that only women have.
Pronounciation: Obvious
Usage: On International Women's Day, let us raise a toast to everywoman's streeling qualities.
Root: Stree (Hindi for 'woman')+Sterling


Meaning: At a loss for words.
Pronounciation: Shabd+Dude
Usage: I may not mint too many words today - I'm feeling shabdued.
Root: Shabd (Hindi for 'word')+Subdued


Meaning: The fate of pornography.
Pronounciation: Kiss+Mutt
Usage: As long as the male of the species exists, pornography has a great kismut!
Root: Kismet+Smut


Meaning: Sense of humour that psyches you out.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: That woman was so witty I found her funnerving.
Root: Obvious.


Meaning: That flabby look.
Pronunciation: Homonym of tiresome.
Usage: Belly dancers are best when they are tyresome.
Root: Tyres around the stomach.


Meaning: When a guy dates his former girl friend.
Pronunciation: Sthree-cycle.
Usage: What do you do when you get no one? Streecycle.
Root: Stree (Hindi word for woman) + Recycle.


Meaning: A finicky girlfriend.
Pronounciation: Drill+Ruba
Usage: Hey guys, does a dilruba turn into a drillruba after marriage?
Root: Drill+Dilruba (Hindi for 'beloved one')


Meaning: Greatly pleasing to the heart.
Pronounciation: Obvious
Usage: Love is a dilicious feeling.
Root: Dil (Hindi for 'heart')+Delicious


Meaning: A nightmare.
Pronounciation: Darr+Ream
Usage: My worst darream is being in a stifling relationship.
Root: Darr (Hindi for 'fear')+Dream


Meaning: A person who is a carstrate is incapable of driving.
Pronounciation: Obvious
Usage: The traffic on Indian roads makes my boyfriend a carstrate.
Root: Car+Castrate


Meaning: Take in and train to become a terrorist.
Pronounciation: Osa+Mill+Ate
Usage: The Al Qaeda osamilates young boys into their organisation.
Root: Osama+Assimilate

Monday, March 06, 2006


Meaning: Publish to excite or sensationalize.
Pronounciation: Obvious
Usage: Newspapers rarely give us the news. All they want to do is to printillate.
Root: Print+Titillate


Meaning: A Superwoman.
Pronounciation: Extra + Ordinaaree
Usage: Women who manage jobs, homes, babies and husbands are extraordinaris.
Root: Extraordinary + Nari (Hindi for Woman)


Meaning: to ogle at married women.
Pronounciation: G-spotting
Usage: One study reveals that young men are more prone to jeespotting that older men.
Root: c.f. Jeespot


Meaning: Acrobatics in bed.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: How long your relationships last purely depends on how good you are at shagrobatics.
Root: Shag + Acrobatics.


Meaning: Drunk on words and grammar.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: I find the company of wordsmiths syntoxicating.
Root: Syntax + Intoxicating.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Curry Cinema

Meaning: Films with an Indian flavour.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: Curry Cinema is a mix of masala, emotions, entertainment, art, reality, romance, action and music.
Root: Curry (cues Indian and mix) + Cinema.
Note: I proprose Curry Cinema as an alternative to Bollywood Films. Because a) It's more Indian sounding. b) It has the potential to be the umbrella phrase for Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Bhojpuri, Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali, Assamese, Kashmiri, Hindi and Indian English films.

Saturday, March 04, 2006


Meaning: A state of woman-hatred
Pronunciation: Nai eve
Usage: Before I met her, I was green and naive. After she met someone else I became blue and nayeve.
Root: obvious


Meaning: Mentally drained, burnt out
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: I wanted to dazzle her with my cogniscent speech. But everytime I meet her, I end up being cognispent and speechless.


Meaning: An awful singer.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: I honestly think I am a great singer. Pity the world thinks I am a sorrygama.
Root: One who cuts a sorry figure with Sa re ga ma (the musical notes).


Meaning: Addictive food.
Pronunciation: Khaa-na-bis.
Usage: Gongura is the Andhra khaanabis.
Root: Khaana (Hindi word for food) + Canabis (an addictive substance).


Meaning: A sub-optimal plan, option or idea knowingly given to buy time.
Pronunciation: Stall-ta-native.
Usage: Making the LOC the official border, is a brilliant stallternative presented by India to Pakistan, to prolong the Kashmir impasse.
Root: Stall + Alternative.


Meaning: Death sentence.
Pronunciation: Sy-nide.
Usage: The judge broke the nib after delivering a signide to the paedophile.
Root: Sign + Cyanide (poison).


Meaning: A sold out madameselle.
Pronunciation: madme + sold
Usage: Madameselle yesterday. madamesold today. madameresale tomorrow. The market for madams is always there i suppose!
Root: French


Meaning: An empty agnostic who makes too much noise
Usage: He is an agnoistic who likes to be the centre of all attention.
Pronunciation: ag + noise + stick


Meaning: A gent with loads of magnetism
Usage: Me and my magentism - all I seem to attract are rusty females!
Pronunciation: ma + gent + ism
Root: Anagram of magnetism

Friday, March 03, 2006


Meaning: Virtual sex.
Pronunciation: Phoney-cay-shun.
Usage: 1 in 10 people who are on Yahoo chat, chat in the hope of phoneycation.
Root: Phoney + Fornication.
Note: An alternate meaning could be telephone sex.


Meaning: One who uses gossip mongering as a tool to rubbish oponents.
Pronunciation: Gause-sip-pa-he.
Usage: Sanjay Joshi of BJP was felled by gossipahis in his own party.
Root: Gossip + Sipahi (means soldier or sepoy in Hindi).

Softworn Engineer

Meaning: A worn out software engineer
Pronunciation: soft + worn + engineer
Usage: I started out as a software engineer. Pretty soon I became quite softworn...gotta do something about it
Root: Obvious

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Meaning: The farcical preventive steps taken to stop bird flu.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with ludicrous.
Usage: Slaughtering half a million chickens to avert a disease that hasn't even killed 10 Indians was simply fludicrous.
Root: Obvious.


Meaning: a job that entails a lot of physical labour.
Pronunciation: shrum-ber-ger ('ber' as in Bernice; 'ger' as in Germany)
Usage: Don't get Shrumbergered; join some IT firm.
Root: Shrum (Hindi for 'physical labour')
Note: Schlumberger is one of the world's top-most oil corporations, along with Halliburton and others.


Meaning: the inner joy.
Pronunciation: maja-hid-in
Usage: Religious teachings are aimed at bringing out majahidin.
Root: maja (Hindi for 'joy') + hid (hidden) + in (inside)


Meaning: summary expulsion from an organization.
Pronunciation: kal-D-saik
Usage: A large number of GE employees were mercilessly cull-de-sacked under Welch's rank-and-yank policy.
Root: cull + sack

Procure & Gamble

Meaning: indulgence in socially unacceptable activities.
Pronunciation: pro-cure and gam-bal
Usage: Every year, a lot of people go to Amsterdam to procure & gamble.
Root: Procure + Gamble

Indian Idle

Meaning: one who suffers from perennial fecklessness.
Pronunciation: in-D-un I-dul
Usage: Government offices are infested with Indian Idles.
Root: Obvious

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Meaning: Budget airlines that chop the frills and offer you just a seat to travel from point A to point B.
Pronunciation: Pair-lines.
Usage: The parelines business is bound to be a huge success in a country like India where over 900 million people have never travelled by air because it's unaffordable.
Root: Pare (cut the superficial and offer the substance) + Airlines.


Meaning: A complex person.
Pronunciation: Comp-il-ton.
Usage: A completon reacts differently to the same stimulus at different points of time.
Root: Complex + Simpleton.


meaning: dumbstruck by a stare
pronunctiation: stare + struck
usage: Her looks had me starestruck for hours
root: obvious


meaning: a person who always prophesises doom
pronunciation: mess-i-yo
usage: he is not a messiah, more like a messiayyo!
root: needs no telling

Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Meaning: The trigger for writing copiously.
Pronunciation: Pen-nee-ma.
Usage: Arundhati Roy & Arun Shourie are always in search of a penema.
Root: Pen + Enema.

Monday, February 27, 2006


Meaning: A voice vote.
Pronunciation: Yell-lek-shun.
Usage: The yellection sealed the fate of the no-confidence motion in the Lok Sabha.
Root: Yell + election.

Sunday, February 26, 2006


Meaning: One who swears by formulas.
Pronunciation: For-mullah
Usage: When the stakes are huge, I prefer to be a formullah.
Root: Formula + mullah (a religious man).
Note: Google shows up the word. But it's not been used in this context.


Meaning: Mafia muscle.
Pronunciation: Bhai-seps.
Usage: No one takes panga with him, thanks to his bhaiceps.
Root: Bhai (the Bombay slang for mafia man) + Biceps.


Meaning: A person who believes in attracting attention by showing more skin.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with homosexual.
Usage: If you're not a showmosexual, you have no future in Bollywood.
Root: Show + more to be sexual.

Saturday, February 25, 2006


Meaning: A person of Tamil & Telugu lineage.
Pronunciation: Tam-ga-roo.
Usage: Chennai has more than a million tamgarus.
Root: Tam (Slang for tamilian) + Garu (a telugu suffix for a person)


Meaning: The vermillion dot on a married women's forehead that acts as a big turn-off for potential suitors.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: Shamim thought he'll ask his neighbour out for a date. But he backed off when he saw her jeespot.
Root: The Sindoor (vermillion dot) is the married woman's cryptic way of saying, "Look dude, I am married." In North India, when you address a woman sporting the Sindoor, you attach a respectful suffix 'jee' to her name. As in Priyajee, Shanthajee, Bhavnajee...Therefore the dot that makes you go jee is the jeespot.


Meaning: Contact lenses.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with bifocals.
Usage: Rani Mukherjee wore dark tinted shyfocals in Black.
Root: People slip into contact lenses when they're shy of wearing spectacles. So that's Shy + Bifocals.

Friday, February 24, 2006


Meaning: A musical show put together by 3 or more people with minimal equipment and almost no rehearsal. Simply put, a public jamming session.
Pronunciation: Frugal-bun-dhi
Usage: I love the spontaneity of frugalbandis.
Root: Frugal + Jugalbandi (a hindi word that means a musical show put together by two people.)


Meaning: Film editors who edit with Final Cut Pro.
Pronunciation: Cut-prose.
Usage: There's a demand for at least 100 more cutpros in Chennai.
Root: Obvious.

Thursday, February 23, 2006


Meaning: Silence over corruption.
Pronunciation: Hush-ta-char.
Usage: The good man's hushtachar is to blame for the bad man's brashtachar.
Root: Hush + Brashtachar (Hindi word for corruption)


Meaning: Contempt for wearing condoms.
Pronunciation: Scon-dum.
Usage: In rural India, men think it's almost macho to have a healthy scorndom.
Root: Scorn for condom.


Meaning: Writing for money. And nothing else.
Pronunciation: Prose-tea-tuition.
Usage: Copywriting is 99% prosetitution and 1% inspiration.
Root: Prose + Prostitution.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Meaning: One who's kicked the habit of drinking tea.
Pronunciation: tee-vor-see.
Usage: I used to guzzle 15 cups of lemon tea, everyday. Then one fine day, I turned a teavorcee and started my flirtation with chilled beer.
Root: Obvious.


Meaning: An Iyengar boy.
Pronunciation: Pai-young-gaar.
Usage: We are on the look out for a well-educated, well-placed paiyengar earning a fat salary.
Root: Paiyan (Boy in Tamil) + Iyengar (orthodox tamil brahmins)


Meaning: A newbie apprentice.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with apprentice.
Usage: If you're a female puprentice, the whole office will be thirsting to meet you. If you're a male puprentice, no has time for you.
Root: Pup + Apprentice.


Meaning : a burning embassy
Usage : Several Danish flamebassys opened up in the muslim world over the past few days
Pronunciation : flame + bass + ee
Root : flame + embassy

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Meaning: a filthy-rich friend, who can be duped into buying anything.
Pronunciation: mani-pal
Usage: I have my moneypal buy books I can't afford.
Root: money + pal


Meaning: an ungainly gait.
Pronunciation: flayt (rhymes with gait)
Usage: Her flait is a turn-off.
Root: flail + gait


Meaning: The fine art of balancing home needs with a limited income.
Pronunciation: Ghur-ryth-matic.
Usage: The Indian housewife's gharithmetic can offer you more insights than a Harvard case study.
Root: Ghar (Hindi word for home) + Arithmetic.


Meaning: Study of obnoxious phrases and words.
Pronunciation: Homonym of toxicology.
Usage: As a linguist, I often wonder why no one offers a PhD in talksickology.
Root: Study of sick sounding talk.

Monday, February 20, 2006


Meaning: The weak state of the body after a game of squash.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: If you're athletic you feel charged after a game of squash. If you're like me, you'll end up with squashiorkor.
Root: Squash + Kwashiorkor (weakness due to malnutrition).


Meaning: Mass killing of chicken resorted to on the onset of bird flu.
Pronunciation: Chix-termy-nation.
Usage: We condemn Hitler's genocide. But don't mind staying silent on the issue of chickstrmination.
Root: Chicken + Extermination.

Sunday, February 19, 2006


Meaning: The biggest flirt on campus.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with casanova.
Usage: I met our classanova, the other day. He's now a pale shadow of his former self.
Root: Obvious.

Saturday, February 18, 2006


Meaning: Chennaiites with old Madras qualities.
Pronunciation: Chen-nai-eve.
Usage: If you ask me, I'd rather be with the Chennaive than hang out with the Madracease.
Root: Chennai + naive.


Meaning: Aggressive, ambitious, crafty, fun loving, outgoing, cosmopolitan Chennaiites.
Pronunciation: Homonym of Madrasis.
Usage: The BPO revolution has spawned a new breed of Madracease who are very Mumbai in their outlook.
Root: Madrasis are often associated with traits like conservative, no-nonsense, simple, guileless, trustworthy etc. Madracease are people who have stopping being so.


Meaning: A hideout for smoking pot.
Pronunciation: Pot-sha-la
Usage: If Rajesh is not at office or home, he must be in the nearest potshala.
Root: Pot + shala (hindi word for place). Word derived from paatshala.