Friday, December 30, 2005


Meaning: Fear of failure.
Usage: Everytime I gave the Machine Drawing test, I used to have seizures of flunkophobia.
Pronunciation: Flunk-ko-phobia.
Root: To flunk is to fail.
Note: Kakorrhaphiophobia is the current word for fear of failure. I find it a mouthful. Hence my coinage.

Thursday, December 29, 2005


Meaning : a collective noun for a group of fillains who are felled by a single blow from the hero
Usage : A punch of fillains usually wait and watch without attacking while the hero handles other punches.
Pronunciation : same as punch
Root : punch + bunch


Meaning : a love story that is so badly written that its a laugh riot
Usage : Most SRK pyarodies make me roll with laughter.
Pronunciation : Pyar+o+dee
Root : Pyar + parody

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Baulks Office

Meaning: A measure of the loss making ability of a film.
Usage: Kevin Costner's 'Waterworld' should make it to the Baulks Office hall of fame.
Pronunciation: Homonym of Box Office. So can only be used in a written form.
Root: To baulk is to thwart.


Meaning: An award that that sucks.
Usage: The Filmfare Award is India's ultimate suckolade. Because it unfailingly celebrates the most mediocre flicks of the year.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with accolade.
Root: Obvious.


Meaning: Sleazy song sequences.
Usage: The winning formula in Bollywood is a little story liberally interspersed with some titrahaar.
Pronunciation: Tit-ra-haar.
Root: Titilating Chitrahaar (a popular song and dance show in India's National television).
Related coinage: Shitrahaar = Banal song sequences shot primarily to act as a 45 minute filler.


Meaning : the systematic study of old(er) film stars
Usage : Starchaeology students tend to be fine actors. Many fail and become mere imitations.
Pronunciation : star+key+ology
Root : star + archaeology


Meaning: the act of walking/running around a tree
Usage : Circumambulatree chases were probably invented to make it easy for those actors who sucked at dancing.
Pronunciation: circumambulate + tree
Root : same as pronunciation

Character Assasination

Meaning: Editing out an entire character from a movie after the movie has been shot.
Usage: It is rumoured that directors dangle the threat of character assassination if minor actors don't sleep with them.
Prounciation: Obvious.
Note: Existing phrase. Context is new.


Meaning: A person who is so madly obsessed with a movie, that he watches it over and over again.
Usage: MF Hussain is a celebrity stalkie. He watched 'Hum Aapke Hain Kaun' for over 15 times.
Pronunciation: Stocky.
Root: Stalk a talkie.
Inspiration: Avinash's coinage: Stalkies - movies that refuse to go away.


Meaning: A film about three characters in a love triangle.
Usage: Bollywood is a factory that churns out triopics by the dozens.
Pronunciation: Try-o-pick.
Root: Trio (three people united by a common bond) + Pic.

Dhobi Film

Meaning: A C-grade movie made for the sake of money laundering.
Usage: They say India makes close to 800 movies a year. My guess is at least hundred of these are dhobi films.
Pronunciation: Though-bee-film.
Root: Dhobi is the Hindi word for a launderer.


Meaning: A pompous title bestowed on a star by sycophants who call themselves fans. A very common practice in Kollywood. Strangely, the star has no qualms using this silly title as a prefix for his or her name.
Usage: Rajnikanth's egonym is Super Star. Sarath Kumar's is Supreme Star. While Ajith's is Ultimate Star.
Pronunciation: Eego-nym.
Root: Nym in latin means name. Egonym is an ego boosting name.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Meaning: A scene where the hero comes shirtless to show off his abs.
Usage: Salman Khan is famous for abscenes.
Pronunciation: Ab-seen
Root: Obscene
Derivative: Abscenity

Drip tease

Meaning: Titillating scenes in Indian movies where a female actor wearing thin clothing, usually a white chiffon sari, gets wet wet wet in the rain.
Usage: Mandakini surfaced to fame with the drip tease in Ram Teri Ganga Maili.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Root: Strip tease

Aruval Westerns

Meaning: A sub-genre of Tamil action films usually featuring an angry young man who has a penchant for slicing and dicing opponents with a humble aruval.
Usage: The Vikram movie Sami spawned a spate of Aruval Westerns.
Pronunciation: Aroo-vaal-westerns.
Root: An aruval is a long curved knife popular in rural & suburban Tamil Nadu.


Meaning : A measure of how wet an actress can be without affecting her dance steps, measured in buckets
Usage : Tuxom actresses should account for the water retention of the padding when calculating their damplitude
Pronunciation : d + amplitude
Root : damp + amplitude


Meaning: The voice of the main character
Usage : Throatagonists are essential for the success of feature-length animations.
Pronunciation : rhymes with protagonist
Root : Throat + protagonist - prot

Monday, December 26, 2005


Meaning: Heros who would do anything, (and I mean anything!), for their mothers.
Usage: I just love the way Dharmender, the maatyr bleats 'Maa!'
Pronunciation: Ma-a-tyr
Root: Obvious


Meaning : an overly lengthy movie
Usage : Peter Jackson is making one clockbuster after another. Good for him they are also blockbusters.
Pronunciation : just like blockbuster
Root : Clock + blockbuster


Meaning: gelatin induced melodramas
Usage : Some actresses who excel in gelodrama have found work in the megaserial world
Pronunciation : jelo + drama
Root : Gelatin + melodrama


Meaning: written work devoted to star divorces
Usage : The Brad-Jen spliterature ate up quite a few rain forests.
Pronunciation: sounds like literature
Root : Split + literature


Meaning: impression created by skimpily attired starlets
Usage : In bollywood,as in real life, the first skimpression is often the best.
Pronunciation : sk+impression
Root : skimp + impression
Note : i did find another skimpression in pseudodictionary. but it doesn't mean the same thing. so if anyone's against it, i'll take it out.

Foreground Score

Meaning: Outrageously dramatic music punched into a scene to inject some life into it.
Usage: Bollywood movies of the yesteryears used to have screeching foreground scores during the climax.
Pronunciation: Four-ground-score.
Root: Opposite of background score.


Meaning: An eyecandy star who does an item song.
Usage: Aishwarya Rai was the main eyetem in Bunty Aur Babli.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with Item.
Root: Obvious.


Meaning: A character who vanishes from the movie after one scene. No one knows what happened to him or her.
Usage: An average Hindi movie will have at least ten cheeriotypes.
Pronunciation: Chee-rio-type.
Root: Cheerio (bidding goodbye) + Stereotype.


Meaning: The sidekicks of the villain who appear on the screen for a fleeting interval only to get bashed up by the hero.
Usage: Rajnikant singlehandedly pulverised 70 fillains in one movie.
Pronunciation: Fill-lens.
Root: Filler + Villains.


Meaning: Unbelievably oversized breasts sported by actresses in South India to win mass approval. Usually achieved by tucking in some padding.
Usage: A tuxom Ramba can give Pamela Anderson a run for her money.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with buxom.
Root: From tuck some.


Meaning: a scandal with a khan in it
Usage : A skhandal was the root cause of hair implants getting national coverage.
Pronunciation: s + khan + dal
Root : obvious?


Meaning: One who steals content from Hollywood.
Usage: Vikram Bhatt is a serial Hollyhood.
Pronunciation: Haw-lee-hood.
Root: Holly (as in hollywood) + Hood (as in thug)
Note: Hollyhood is not a newly invented word. It shows up when you google. So I don't claim it's a fresh coinage. What is fresh is the definition.
Related coinages: Bollyhood, Kollyhood & Tollyhood.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Casting Ouch

Meaning: A sting operation to expose people exploiting wannabe stars
Usage: Shakti Kapoor was a victim of the Casting Ouch
Pron: obv
Root: casting couch + ouch

Snooteus Maximus

Meaning: An extremely snobbish person.
Usage: I know of at least one snooteus maximus who wears Gucci bathroom slippers.
Pronunciation: Snooty-yes-maxim-mus.
Root: From Gluteus Maximus.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Kang Bang

Meaning: A whipping from Australia.
Usage: The Proteas are all set for their Kang Bang, this year.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Root: Kang (Kangaroos) + Gang Bang.


Meaning: A ball that keeps exceedingly low.
Usage: Kumble extracted many downcers in that minefield of a pitch.
Pronunciation: Down-sir.
Root: A bouncer is one that pitches and moves over the head. A downcer is one that pitches and moves below the feet.


Meaning: The unit of measure of chucking.
Usage: 15 degrees bentigrade is an acceptable level of chucking in world cricket, today.
Pronunciation: Bent-tea-grade.
Root: From centigrade.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Maidan Ambedkars

Meaning: Fielders who prefer to point fingers in the direction of the ball rather than help their hapless colleagues in stopping the flying red cherry.
Usage: Before the advent of the Yuvrajs and Kaifs, the Indian team was full of Maidan Ambedkars.
Pronunciation: My-daan Am-bade-kar.
Root: Maidan is ground in Hindi. The Ambedkar reference is to the ubiquitous finger pointing statue that one finds in every chawl in India.


Meaning: A seemingly threatening pacer who can't move the ball for nuts.
Usage: Avishkar Salvi was touted as a Mcgrath. I think he's more of a seemster.
Pronunciation: Same as seamster.
Root: Seem + Seamster.


Meaning: A batsman who plays rash shots a little too often.
Usage: You can't keep a shot-tempered batsman quiet, for too long.
Pronunciation: Homonym of short-tempered.
Root: Doesn't need an explanation.

Devil's Over

Meaning: An over in which a bowler concedes six sixers of six consecutive deliveries.
Usage: Tilak Raj is still remembered only because of his devil's over.
Prounciation: Obvious.
Root: 666 is the number of the devil.


Meaning: The wierdos in the audience who paint their faces, wear hideous wigs, pierce their tongues and sport funny masks just to attract the attention of the television cameras during a cricket match.
Usage: Streakers make a telegenic oddience.
Pronunciation: Homonym of audience.
Root: Odd + audience.
Admission: This word is applicable to any sport. Not necessarily cricket.


Meaning: Rescuing an ailing team by launching an all out attack.
Usage: Pakistan was in shambles till Afridi resorted to some much needed kheematherapy.
Pronunciation: Keyma-therapy.
Root: Kheema (mincemeat) + therapy. A play on chemotherapy.


Meaning: A pathetic attempt at scoring a maximum.
Usage: Ganguly danced down the track and managed to scoop a sickser.
Pronunciation: Homonym of sixer.
Root: Sick + sixer.

Blind Ally

Meaning: A batsman who gets his partner out due to his blunder.
Usage: He was run out because of his blind ally.
Root: Blind alley


Meaning: guessing game over who really got Saurav out of the team (Chappel? Pawar? More? Dravid?)
Usage: who bowled the ugly googly that got rid of the guy from Hoogly? It's all a big game of whogly!
Pron: hoo-gly
Root: see usage!

Turd Umpire

Meaning: Third umpire who makes a shitty decision :-)
Usage: How could he give Sachin out even after seeing a replay? He's a real turd umpire!
Pron: Obv.
Root: Turd/ third umpire


Meaning: ennui that envelos spectators when the scoreboard doesn't move
Usage: Test cricket was dying of scoreboredom before Australia brought some zing back into it.
Pron: obv.
Root: scoreboard + bored

Gaali cricket

Meaning: a sledge- filled match
Usage: Aus & SA are playing gaali cricket, and it's just not cricket!
Pron: obv.
Root: Gaali (Hindi for abuse), gully cricket (street version of the game, where emotions are usually given free rein)

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Starmy Army

Meaning: Fans with fickle patriotism who support their team only when their star is playing.
Usage: India can do without the support of Ganguly's starmy army.
Prounciation: Star-me-ar-me.
Root: Derived from Barmy Army (the now legendary english cricket supporters).


Meaning: The strokes played, deliveries bowled and catches taken with an imaginary bat and ball.
Usage: I can match Tendulkar in aerocricket.
Pronunciation: Ayro-cricket.
Root: Aero (greek for air) + cricket.


Meaning: A cricket center with a spoilt reputation.
Usage: Eden Gardens might become a Sourjah soon, for all the wrong reasons.
Pronunciation: Saar-ja
Root: From Sharjah, a thriving cricket center that lost its sheen when the world discovered unbriddled bookie activity.


Meaning: The practice of axing old school players when they don't fit into the new scheme of things.
Usage: Zaheer Khan took a bucketload of wickets in domestic cricket, yet he was choppelled for possessing the 'wrong attitude'.
Pronunciation: Chop-peld
Root: Chop + Chappell (the Indian coach who gave this policy a respectable name).

Fest Cricket

Meaning: The benefit matches circuit that is not given official status.
Usage: Fest cricket is a nice way to extend the product life cycle of test discards.
Prounciation: Obvious.
Root: Festival Cricket.


Meaning: An unplayable delivery from a spinner.
Usage: The Feroz Shah Kotla pitch is such that even Mahendra Singh Dhoni can bowl noosras if he rolls his hand over.
Pronunciation: Noose-ra
Root: Noose + Doosra.


Meaning: A Siddhuism that falls flat.
Usage: 'He looks like a brooding hen over a China egg' is a good example of a Skiddhuism.
Pronunciation: Skid-do-ism.
Root: Skid (to slip and fall) + Siddhuism.


Meaning: The jibber jabber of the wicket keeper to boost the bowler's morale.
Usage: Every keeper has a unique moangia. Moin Khan's was Shabhash Saki!
Pronunciation: Moan-gear
Root: From Nayan Mongia, who used to go Aiga everytime any bowler bowled, any rubbish.

Jewel Box

Meaning: A dignified euphemism for the groin guard.
Usage: Sachin Tendulkar has this disconcerting habit of adjusting his jewel box in full public view.
Pronunciation: Joule-Box
Root: The box that holds the family jewels.


Meaning: A batsman who scores runs at a very fast pace.
Usage: Virendra Sehwag has been a quicketer ever since he learned to hold his bat.
Pronunciation: Kwik-ket-err.
Root: Quick + Cricketer.


Meaning: An insipid cricket commentator with a matter-of-fact approach.
Usage: Watching cricket in DD Sports is so fucking boring. One has to listen to inanities from all kinds of Stoicotts.
Pronunciation: Stoy-cots.
Root: Stoic + Boycott.


Meaning: Using defence as a form of attack in a cricket match.
Usage: A gritty offslaught from Mubarak can save the day for Sri Lanka.
Pronunciation: Off-slot.
Root: From onslaught.
Note: A google search reveals that this word already exists. But my take is this word has never been defined in a cricketing context.


Meaning: An overhyped prodigy cricketer who never made it.
Usage: Laxmi Ratan Shukla & Parthiv Patel are some examples of Ninedulkars.
Pronunciation: 9-dhul-kar.
Root: Need I say it?

Elbee Dubya

Meaning: An umpire who makes dumb errors while taking lbw decisions.
Usage: After the Tendulkar verdict, I think Nadeem Ghauri deserves the Elbee Dubya tag.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Root: Even more obvious.

Open theme: Cricket

Taking my earlier idea forward: all wordminters are welcome to add words on the theme of cricket (safest common-interest options I could think of) below. Open till Saturday. Anantha may, if he wishes, announce the winner on Sunday.

My two bits (literally):

Meaning: Cricketer past his prime who still creaks along in the team
Usage: I wonder why some creaketers remain in the team past their prime- like Kapil once did or (dare I say it?) Tendlya now does
Pronunciation: obvious
Root: Creak + cricketer

Meaning: Player who makes it to the field as a sub mainly for his fielding skills
Usage: Jonty would make it as 12th man on most world teams due to his value as a swoopersub
Pro: ob.
Root: Swoop + Supersub

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Meaning: A person who is totally sold on the idea of drinking urine.
Usage: Morarji Desai was the posterboy for peetotallers.
Pronunciation: Pee+total+err
Root: Pee + Totaller.


Meaning: A forum hijacked to air one's impolitically correct views.
Usage: Leather fashion shows are popular pseudopodiums for PETA activists.
Pronunciation: Sudo-po-dee-yum.
Root: Pseudopodium is an already existing biological appelation. I've re-interpreted the same as pseudo (false) + podium (platform).


Meaning: Wild guesser.
Usage: A forecaster is one who says the Sensex might touch 9000 tomorrow. A guessperado is one who says the Sensex will kiss 9075 tomorrow.
Pronunciation: Guess-pa-raado.
Root: Desperado.

Friday, December 16, 2005


Meaning: Caught in a quagmire of unsolveable problems.
Usage: When you're biharried, nothing ever works for you.
Pronunciation: Be-harried.
Root: Bihar (A great Indian metaphor for an irredeemable problem) + Harried.


Meaning: A monetary inducement made with the intention of capturing the corrupt side of a public figure, on camera.
Usage: Anirudha Bahal has made a career out of doling out tellybribes.
Pronunciation: Telly-bribe.
Root: The Tehelka & Cobra Post Sting operations.


Meaning: A person who wears skimpy outfits to grab eyeballs.
Usage: JLo is no longer the skimpressionist, she used to be.
Pronunciation: Skim-pray-shunist.
Root: Skimpy + Impressionist.


Meaning: An aircraft used as an aerial explosive.
Usage: The 9/11 episode was a demonstration of the devastating impact of skynamites.
Pronunciation: Sky-mum-might.
Root: Sky + Dynamite.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Pottering around...

Meaning: Journalist who makes aliving by endlessly rehashing Harry potter stories
Root: Re + Potter, reporter

Meaning: sub species of above who spreads rumours that the Potter series will end with his (Potter's, not the reporter's) death.
Root: RIP (rest in peace) + Potter

Meaning: Adding sensory appeal (masala in local lingo) to make something more, well, appealing
Root: Hermione/ mayonnaise
Reference: Casting of a very visually appealing actress for the role of Hermione in the Potter movies (who came across as the studious type in the books)

The money series

Meaning: wealth which causes discord (between friends/ relatives)
(there are those who may consider all money as acrimoney!)

Root: Acrimony + Money

Meaning: Sub-category of acrimoney that results in physical harm to one of the parties
Root: Harm + Money, corrupts harmony
Not to be confused with: Supari, which causes harm to a complete stranger

Meaning: Event/ function whole primary function is a display of wealth
Root: ceremony + money
Note: when you hear of it, sounds like ceremony; only on seeing it is the money part obvious


Meaning: Show your middle finger to a gang of people shouting slogans against you
Usage: The currupt politician gangunglyed at press after the sting expose
Pronunciation: gangungly
Root: ungly- hindi word for finger

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Hicter Scale

Meaning: An informal scale to measure the state of drunkenness.
Usage: Even after repeated boozathons, I don't think I would have clocked more than 4 on the Hicter Scale.
Pronunciation: Hick-ter-scale.
Root: The Richter scale.


Meaning: A person with an outdated political ideology.
Usage: Bal Thackeray increasingly seems like an Oleshevik to me.
Pronunciation: Ole-chev-vick.
Root: Ole + Bolshevik (the russian socialist party that was very much in vogue till the Stalinist era).


Meaning: A walking, talking encyclopedia with a low credbility factor.
Usage: The expert commentator in that cricket show is a first rate tweakipedia.
Pronunciation: Tweek-key-peed-ya.
Root: From Wikipedia, a victim of attack editing.

Friday, December 09, 2005


Meaning: The ingenious tactic of bidding goodbye to potential suitors by unleashing rakhees (a symbol of brotherhood) on the raksha bandhan day. A neat elimination strategy often adopted by pretty young things in India to ward off the riff raff.
Usage: Puneet thought he was in the race, till Anjali said bhaiyonara.
Pronunciation: Bhai-yo-naara.
Root: Bhai (means brother in Hindi) + Sayonara (goodbye in japanese).

Thursday, December 08, 2005


Meaning: All the rubbish that's added to make a mediocre product look presentable.
Usage: I don't think the commercial will look any good even if you add a liberal sprinkling of garnishit.
Pronunciation: Garni-shit.
Root: Garnish + shit.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Think Slip

Meaning: The fear of being sacked.
Usage: Under performers never think slip. Non performers do.
Pronunciation: Think-slip.
Root: Derived from pink slip.


Meaning: Getting screwed many times over.
Usage: You have to give it to Saurav. Even though he's got polyrogered, he just doesn't retire.
Pronunciation: Polly-raw-jerd.
Root: Poly (many) + rogered (slang for getting screwed).


Meaning: A short film made exclusively for viewing in a mobile phone.
Usage: Motoshorts are gonna be the in thing in 2006.
Pronunciation: Mo-toe-short
Root: Moto (short form for Motorola, the first mobile phone company to take the lead in creating motoshorts) + short (short form for a short film).

Saturday, December 03, 2005


Meaning: One who loves sex but hates to talk about it.
Usage: Every year, sex surveys try to read the mind of aviapiarists.
Pronunciation: A-V-ape-peer-wrist.
Root: Avi (bird in latin) + Apiarist (anyone with interest in bees) = anyone with interest in the birds & the bees.


Meaning: State of instant disappointment usually caused by the huge gap between expectation and reality.
Usage: When I met my chat buddy from the Internet, I was struck by a thunderbolt of uhohsia.
Pronunciation: Uh-oh-shea.
Root: Uh-oh (the sound of disappointment) + sia.

Ivy Borg

Meaning: A truly global citizen who couldn't care less about nationaliities, race, colour or religion.
Usage: The world will be a better place if there were a few billion Ivy Borgs.
Pronunciation: I-we-bawg.
Root: Ivy Borg is an anagram of VIBGYOR, the colours that constitute the Rainbow.

Friday, December 02, 2005


Meaning: Ill will against bosses.
Usage: The first sign of bosstility is when people start forwarding boss jokes.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with hostility.

Post Heist

Meaning: When people rush to hijack a blog post thru the comments column by pointing out some obvious error
Usage: My comments column sure filled up fast when I misspelled Ganguly's name on my last post. Pity noone commented on the basic point I was making on why he deserved another chance.
Pronunciation: same as component words
Root: double pun on (blog) posts, post-haste, and heist

Thursday, December 01, 2005


Meaning: Rambler par excellence who indulges in nothing but verbal diarrohea.
Usage: Our Client Services Director is a veritable verbolax. He can bullshit at will.
Pronunciation: Verb-o-lax.
Root: Verbal + Lax (short form for laxative).


Meaning: Very, very yummy and very, very spicy.
Usage: Gults trip on mirchillicious food and women.
Pronunciation: Mir-chee-lee-shus.
Root: Mirchi (Spice in hindi) + Chilli (more spice) + Delicious.


Meaning: Total absistence from oily or fatty food.
Usage: No vadas and samosas for me, anymore. I've turned a gheetotaller.
Pronunciation: Ghee-tote-tull-ler.
Root: Ghee (Indian butter) + Teetotaller.


Meaning: Arrival of both (or how many ever; we're not judging here) partners, during a sexual encounter, at a simulataneously ecstatic high point
Usage: On the dot again, honey. That was an amazing ourgasm. Shall I light up now?
Pronunciation: Our-gasm
Root: Our + orgasm


Meaning: A formerly-respected team member who was let go, and then brought back in an utterly unexpected manner
Usage: After all that acrimony with his boss, who would've thought he'd be asked to return to handle another set of accounts! The man's surely a Gangoogly.
Pronunciation: Gung-oo-glee.
Root: Ganguly + googly.


Meaning: A young, female gymnast who trains really hard.
Usage: Look at her go at the parallel bars. She's really a Sweatlana.
Pronunciation: Svet-lana.
Root: Before the Chinese invaded the scene, nobody did gymnastics like Russian teens -- many of them named, no doubt, Svetlana.


Meaning: The kind of telemarketer who only makes calls to fill in his/ her quota of calls for the day, without listening to the customer
Usage: I asked the ickyickybank tallymarketer to call me in the evening, but she hasn't got back even though it's been 2 days!
Pronunciation: again, obvious
Root: Tally (as in tick mark) + tele-marketer
Note: I think this is a different take on the usual image of telemarketers of only pestering you with calls. Stems from someone I know who actually wanted a credit card, but never got called back!!!


Meaning: A non-profit set up for propagating one's own name
Usage: Heard of the latest noun-profit set up by that socialite?
Pronunciation: obvious!
Root: (proper) Noun + non-profit
Synonym: Naam-profit
Variant: None-profit
Not to be confused with: Nun-prophet (which has limitless possibilities on its own!)

Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Meaning: some who likes to give pseudo-architectural inputs just for the heck of it
Usage: Since we've started designing our new office, all the employees have become larkitects!
Pronunciation: Lark-e-tect
Root: Lark + Architect


Meaning: A cricket term that refers to an attempted yorker that ends up as a juicy fulltoss.
Usage: Agarkar bowled a lot of medioyorkers in the death.
Pronunciation: Me-dee-yorker
Root: Mediocre + Yorker (an almost unplayable delivery that pitches right at the feet or bat of the batsman).


Meaning: One who zigs when the world zags.
Usage: Counterclockers either see success or failure, nothing in between.
Pronunciation: Counter-clock-err
Other meaning: A counter clocker can also refer to someone obsessed with popularity ratings. Usage: Bloggers are counter clockers.

Kincome Tax

Meaning: The share of income that goes towards maintenance of dependent relatives.
Usage: Avi is single and doesn't have a family. Lucky him. He doesn't have to pay the kincome tax.
Pronunciation: Kin-come-tax.
Root: Kin + Income Tax.

Lyrca Logic

Meaning: Elastic logic, often used as the foundation for a fallacious argument.
Usage: The Weapons of Mass Destruction story was America's lycra logic for going to war with Iraq.
Pronunciation: Lie-cra-law-jick.
Root: Lycra is known for its stretch properties.


Meaning: All the rubbish that is spouted under the influence of alcohol.
Usage: Don't read too much into his rants. It's pure tulloney.
Pronunciation: Tull-low-nee.
Root: Tully (means drunk in hindi slang) + Baloney.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Meaning: Derisive concern shown by apparently physically fit people towards someone in bad shape
Usage: Though the jocks expressed their gympathy at the middle-aged woman, no one offered her a hand to carry her groceries
Pronunciation : Gym + pathy
Root: Gym + Sympathy
Related word : Slimpathy
Meaning: Real concern about someone who has apparently lost weight
Usage: Turning a blind eye to the beer bellies, moms often express slimpathy when seeing their sons after a long time


Meaning: the state or quality of being in one color
Usage: Lets hope that when skincarnation hits the market, there will be world huenity
Pronunication: Hyoo-ni-tee
Root: Hue + Unity


Meaning: Outsourcing of routine work to call centers in third world countries with the sole intention of improving the financial health of a corporation.
Usage: American companies that are blindly opting for dialeasis, will suffer sooner than later.
Pronunciation: Dial-lease-sis.
Root: Dialysis.


Meaning: Artificial skin that you can buy off the shelf in the future.
Usage: Words like apartheid will cease to exist, when skincarnation hits the market.
Pronunciation: Skin-car-nation.
Root: Skin + Incarnation.


Meaning: The toilet technique of washing one's rear using a mug of water. As opposed to using a toilet paper.
Usage: Indians prefer to stay in hotels with the hugwash facility.
Pronunciation: Hug-wash.
Root: Hugna(to crap in Hindi)+ wash.

Monday, November 28, 2005


Meaning: A concept word that may fulfil a future need to have one parliament to govern the world.
Usage: When the spirit of nationalism ebbs, a Universenate will rise.
Pronunciation: Yooni-va-senate.
Root: Universe + Senate.


Meaning: Marriage between clones. Or the act of marrying a clone.
Usage: Will governments allow clonogamy?
Pronunciation: Rhymes with monogamy.
Root: Clone + gamy (greek for marriage).


Meaning: Title affixed to a man who is a known bisexual.
Pronunciation: Miss-ta
Usage: Mr/s. Anthony Perkins is a talented actor in Hollywood.
Related Coinages: Ls. to indicate Lesbian orientation. Hm. to indicate Homosexual orientation. Ms/r. for a female bisexual (pronounced mizz-ta).

Sunday, November 27, 2005


Meaning: High on fame quotient, low on intelligence quotient. Simply put, a bigshot who's very duh.
Usage: George Dubya Bush is not the tallest bignoramus on this planet. He has severe competition.
Pronunciation: Big-nor-ra-muss.
Plural: Bignoramuses.

Saturday, November 26, 2005


Meaning: The unfair advantage enjoyed by women by virtue of belonging to the unfair sex.
Usage: My colleague gets raises all the time, thanks to her shequity.
Pronunciation: Shee-kwity.


Meaning: Priceyness proportional to the perceived wallet size of the customer.
Usage: The autodriver in Chennai keeps his charges flexpensive. If you're white skinned, he charges more.
Root: Expensive.


Meaning: Uncontrollably foul mouthed.
Usage: I switch to my scumpulsive self when I meet my college buddies.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with compulsive.


Meaning: A rum based cocktail.
Usage: Pina Colada is the most preferred rumalgam.
Pronunciation: Rum-al-gum.
Root: Amalgam.


Meaning: allowance to fertilise
Usage: Ironically, he was denied spermission into her gene pool by a lifesaving rubber tube
Root: Sperm + permission
(i'm not sure if this word already exists. a brief google search revealed thousands of misspellings with author'spermission and so on)


Meaning: feeling guilty about an expensive purchase
Usage: He turned spentimental when he realised his gadget collection could support a third world nation.
Root: spend + sentimental


Meaning: the art and science of finding new ways to mooch of people.
Usage: college kids are wonderfully well-versed in the science of freeologism.
Pronounciation: Free-all-ojee
Root: Neologism

Friday, November 25, 2005

Dine O'Clock

Meaning: Dinner time.
Usage: My boss always bugs me at Dine O'Clock.
Pronunciation: Die-no-clock.
Root: Derived from Nine O'Clock.


Meaning: A fake treatment just to con people into thinking you have an ailment.
Usage: I resort to showmeopathy when I want to bunk office.
Pronunciation: Show-meo-pathy.
Root: Homeopathy.


Meaning: An inconceivably, mind bogglingly long period of time. To be exact, 4.32 billion years. Or 4.32 million millennias.
Usage: One day in the creator's life is one kalpannium, according to Hindu mythology.
Pronunciation: Cull-pay-nee-yum.
Root: Kalpa (a measure of time in hindu mythology) + annus (year).
Plural: Kalpannia.


Meaning: A debilititating medical condition brought about by excessive internet usage.
Usage: The doctor looked very seriously into my eyes and said "I think I know why you find yourself perennially short of time. Our medical records show you suffer from a modern condition called the 'clicker-happy syndrome'. To help you recover, we strongly recommend a week of complete net rest. The rest is in your hands."
Pronounciation: Click-err-happi
Root: Trigger-happy


Meaning: Term for an unusually talented cricket player.
Usage: Shahid Afridi is a freaketer. It's best not to try and tame him.
Pronounciation: Free-ket-err
Root: Freak+cricket


Meaning: Unscientific term for a particularly persistent kind of mosquito that has evolved from the years of resistance to pesticides and other forms of human intervention.
Usage: Scientists have coined a new name for an incredibly resilient breed of mosquito found it India. They've called it a 'pesquito.'
Pronounciation: Pess-key-toe
Root: Pest+mosquito

Thursday, November 24, 2005


Meaning: A young person who is always in a rush.
Usage: "Just ask that zippie to spare a moment to listen to me will you," commanded father to mother about son.
Pronunciation: Zip-ee
Root: zip & hippie
1.I think this word has already been coined for some products etc. Just thought this would be a more relevant usage.
2. Unable to italicise the meaning now. My system's acting up. Will do it later


Meaning: A news article on music and musicians.
Usage: The newsic covered Ayaan and Armaan's performance at Pammi Godrej's do.
Pronunciation: New-sick
Root:News & Music

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Meaning: A socialite with a ravenous appetite for being seen with stars or celebrities.
Usage: There's no better starniwhore than Parmeshwari Godrej.
Pronunciation: Star-nee-ho.
Root: Carnivore.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Meaning: Adjective used to describe surroundings in an urban area gone to seed so disgustingly that it makes people want to puke.
Usage: When I left the bucolic confines of my homestead for Mumbai, little did I realise that I had exchanged it for the pucolic surroundings of sin city.
Pronounciation: Pyuke-olick
Root: Puke, garbage and bucolic.


Meaning: Term for diplomatic noise and negotiations that the foreign policy hawks indulge in.
Usage: Negotiations between India and Pakistan rarely proceed beyond much more than wartalaap.
Pronounciation: War-ta-laap
Root: The Hindi word 'vaartalaap' which means 'talk' and 'political science.'

Sunday, November 20, 2005


Meaning: The state of having butterflies in your stomach.
Usage: Gastrolepidopia is the reason why many great communicators make goofy speeches.
Pronunciation: Gas-tro-lay-pee-dopey-ah.
Root: Gastro (stomach in greek) + Lepido (as in butterfly in greek).


Meaning: Any place that's football crazy.
Usage: Come 2006, Brazil will burst into a gazillion goalkattas.
Pronunciation: Goal-cut-ta.
Root: Kolkatta, the football capital of India.


Meaning: something that is ridiculously simple to sell
Usage: The sellementary nature of iPods has led to a slew of accessories which are by extension sellementary themselves
Root: sell + elementary


Meaning: A barrage of shoes
Usage: A pestestosterone increase near a ladies college is bound to be accompanied by a shoessillade
Root: shoes + fusillade

Saturday, November 19, 2005


Meaning: Cheap goods made in China.
Usage: Sinonymous brands will soon cause a global meltdown.
Pronunciation: See-no-nee-mus.
Root: Sino + Synonymous.


Meaning:The hormone that makes roadside romeos act the way they do.
Usage: Their pestestorone levels hit a new high when they passed by an all women's college.
Pronunciation: As in testestorone
Root: Pest & Testostorone


Meaning: The disease that disables kids addicted to cartoons.
Usage: Cartoonoma has killed the enthusiasm in that kid.
Pronunciation: car-too-noma
Root: Cartoons & Carcinoma


Meaning: Doodles that are created while on the phone
Usage: She spends so much time on the phone she can hold an exhibition of her phoodles.
Pronunciation: food-el
Root: Phone & Doodle

Friday, November 18, 2005


Meaning: An actor or actress from Bollywood who enters Indian politics.
Usage: Shatrughan Sinha was one of the earliest Bollyticians.
Pronunciation: Ball-lee-tea-shian.
Note: Likewise, Hollytician is an actor or actress from Hollywood who enters politics. And Kollytician is an actor or actress from Kollywood who enters politics.

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Meaning: One of those funny people who love collecting diaries and organisers come year end/beginning.
Usage: My client is a diarophile who starts pestering me for a 'complimentary' diary even before the new year begins.
Pronunciation: Diar-o-phile


Meaning: A person who thrives on statistics to the exclusion of reality.
Usage: This statister knows the length of Sachin's bat to the last mm. But call him onto the pitch and you'll find he's not too ecstatic!
Pronunciation: stat-is-ter
Root: Statistics


Meaning: Person who gives a new thrust to sports.
Usage: Kerry Packer was a sportazoa who formed his own team of top cricket players.
Root: Spermatozoa


Meaning: A connoisseur of fine tea.
Usage: Piyush Pandey was a chaikovsky before he entered advertising.
Pronunciation: Chai-cow-skee.
Root: Chai (the hindi word for tea) + Tchaikovsky (one of the finest exponents of western classical music).


Meaning: A brand that has different aliases in different countries.
Usage: Lynx is an akabrand. It's called Axe in India.
Pronunciation: Acka-brand.
Root: aka is also known as.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Nakeup: The feeling of nakedness experienced by some women when they are not using make up.
Usage:She felt embarrassed when he barged in especially since she was nakeup.
Pronunciation: Nake (as in snake)- up
Origin: Naked & make-up.


Meaning: Losing a customer by shocking him/her with severe product under-performance that doesn't match up to the hype that made him/her buy the product in the first place.
Usage: One of the reasons why many movies bomb at the box office is sellectrocution.
Pronunciation: Sell-lectro-q-shun.
Root: Sell + Electrocution.


Meaning: Dozing off in a classroom/presentation while assuming the attentive listener's posture.
Usage: During my wonder years at ITBHU, i perfected the art of sleepasana.
Pronunciation: Sleep-pa-sun-na.
Root: Sleep + asana (the yogic term for posture)


Meaning: A fast food joint serving south indian street food.
Usage: America will be assaulted by many sambaaristas in the coming decade.
Pronunciation: Saam-baar-is-tha.
Root: Sambaar + barista (the italian word for bartender).


Meaning: Anyone who doesn't get the big picture.
Usage: We earthlings often forget that we are mere atoms in the cosmic dance. I won't be surprised if our creator thinks we are punydimensional.
Pronunciation: Pyoo-knee-die-men-shun-null.
Root: Unidimensional.


Meaning: One who cultivates people.
Usage: A publiculturist is a sophisticated networker.
Root: Culturist is a cultivator. Public means people.
Pronunciation: Pubbly-cul-chur-wrist.


Meaning: Fear of arrack.
Usage: Among the many alcohol-related phobias that women in rural India suffer from, arracknophobia ranks highest on the list.
Pronounciation: arr-ack-no-fobia


Meaning: The murder of the english language.
Usage: Laloo must be arrested on charges of inglicide.
Pronunciation: Ing-gliss-side.
Etymology: Inglis (Spanish for English) + Cide (Latin for killing).


Meaning: A state of extreme fear when you piss in your pants.
Usage: The movie 'Ring' had a few pisspanic moments.
Pronunciation: Piss-panic.


Meaning: The second decade of any century. Example: 2011 to 2020.
Usage: The Khilafat movement was a product of the late tenties.
Pronunciation: Ten-tees.
Root: Since the years in question lie between TEN and tweNTY. it might make eminent sense to club the two and form a new word called TENTIES. So a century can be neatly summed up as noughties, tenties, twenties, thirties, forties, fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties and nineties.


Meaning: The act of using one's hulkish physique to bully others.
Usage: Big built people often play hulkaeida at the drop of a hat.
Pronunciation: Hulk-ky-da.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Meaning: Anthing that causes you to shed your inhibitions.
Usage: Success is the best shedative.
Pronunciation: Shed-day-tive.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Ash Money

Meaning: Money left behind by a dead soul. Also, tobacco damages paid by cigarette companies.
Usage: It is rumoured that Indira and Maneka Gandhi fought over Sanjay's Ash Money.
Pronunciation: Ash-mon-knee.


Meaning: Any folksy urban dance form that was born in a slum.
Usage: Dappang Kuthu is Chennai's very known slumbada.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with lambada.


Meaning: A murderer.
Usage: It's difficult to be non violent when you're in the company of 302s.
Pronunciation: Three-knot-two.
Root: Section 302 pertains to murder in the Indian and British penal code.


Meaning: Excessive gloss that erodes the credibility of a person.
Usage: The only thing standing between Hillary Clinton and the US presidency is Hyperglossemia.
Pronunciation: Hyper-gloss-say-mia.

Dull Jazeera

Meaning: A boring TV channel.
Usage: If you don't take a set-top box chances are you might end up with all the dull jazeeras of the world.
Pronunciation: Dull-jazz-zee-ra.


Meaning: The ability to control one's dream.
Usage: The voyage into the subconscious can be more pleasurable if you have a dreamote.
Pronunciation: Dream-oat.

Foolean Algebra

Meaning: The grossly illogical calculations made by people who make stupid assumptions.
Usage: The NDA goverment dissolved the parliament earlier than its expiry date based on some foolean algebra proferred by some bright young minds in the BJP.
Pronunciation: Fool-lee-un Al-jee-bra.


Meaning: A new concept in schooling tailor-made for middle aged people who are tired of what they are and wish to reinvent themselves. It would involve a) getting back to a campus b) finding out one's areas of interest c) De-educating oneself. d) attending classes to re-acquire specialist knowledge e) walking out with a skill and not a paper degree. The duration of this C-schooling should ideally be 3-years. The C-school might in a strange way serve as a balm for the mid-life blues that afflicts an adult.
Usage: The Cyclo-school is an idea whose time has come.
Pronunciation: Sigh-clow-school.


Meaning: A sleazy guru.
Meaning: The renowned sinyasin Premananda was convicted for a lifetime of debauchery.
Pronunciation: Sin-yeah-sin.


Meaning: One who specialises in the study of unparliamentary words.
Usage: Captain Haddock is a shining role model for potential beepologists.
Pronunciation: Beep-paw-lodge-gist.

Saturday, November 12, 2005


Meaning: Mother of all scandals.
Usage: Every tabloid is snooping around for the next whattagate.
Pronunciation: Homonym of watergate.


Meaning: The deterioration of your handwriting due to constant usage of the keyboard.
Usage: The advent of computers has resulted in a global epidemic called handrotting.
Pronunciation: Hand-rot-ting.

Friday, November 11, 2005


Meaning: When you dunno the words of a song and are forced to hum the tune. Or vice versa.
Usage: Karaoke is the best thing to have happened for people with humnesia.
Pronunciation: Hum-nee-shia.
Root: Hum + Amnesia.
Joint Credit: I was inspired to coin this word after seeing Arun Kedarinath's coinage Hummunication.

The Sparsee Syndrome

Meaning: The population diminishment of a community that is a result of an age-old tradition of marriage or copulation within the same community or gene pool.
Usage: It's time the Parsee community woke up to the reality of the Sparsee Syndrome.
Pronunciation: Sparse-see + Sin-drome.
Root: Sparse + Parsee.


Meaning: Turning to alcohol to destress yourself.
Usage: The Bangalore pubs are chock-a-block thanks to beepiyo binges.
Pronunciation: Beep-pee-yo.
Root: BPO + Piyo (piyo in hindi means drink).

Paper Condom

Meaning: A token safety measure that offers no guarantee of risk reduction.
Usage: The Indian government's tsunami management plan is nothing but a paper condom.
Pronunciation: Pay-per-con-dum.


Meaning: An accident of cataclysmic proportions.
Usage: The Chernobyl incident was a minor maxident.
Pronunciation: Max-see-dent.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Meaning: A terrorist attack with the clear intent of maiming or killing foreigners.
Usage: The Al Qaeda has been indulging in a series of mindless xenoblasts to apply pressure on the allies of America.
Pronunciation: Xee-no-blast.


Meaning: Reverse apartheid often practised by a vengeful majority when a ruling minority class or caste or race suddenly loses power.
Usage: Tam Brams were victims of the uppertheid policy followed by the DK movement.
Pronunciation: Upper-thide.


Meaning: So utterly boring that everyone starts yawning.
Usage: What I like about your presentation is it's magically yawnfectious.
Pronunciation: Yawn-feck-sh-yus.


Meaning: A fired up performance during a pressure cooker moment.
Pronunciation: Flint-on.
Usage: If we have to win, we need to get our flinton.
Root: Inspired by the inspired performance of Andy Flintoff during the Ashes 2005 Series.


Meaning: Celebrity cemeteries that have become a tourist spot.
Usage: Westminster Abbey is London's creamotorium.
Pronunciation: Cream-mo-tore-yum.

Monday, November 07, 2005


Meaning: not controlled by the Kyoto Protocol
Usage: The US remains Kyotonomous citing severe damage to its economy
Pronuniciation : Kyoto-no-mus


Meaning: Process by which a company screws itself
Usage: The first step to avoid committing Enronanism is to hire a honest auditing firm
Pronunciation : Enr-on-anism


Meaning: An actor who hunts for Oscars
Usage: Looking at her recent releases, its clear to me that Charlize Theron is an Oscarnivore
Pronunciation : as it is written

Sudo Queue

Meaning: The evergrowing bandwagon of people who claim to play the game Sudoku with an intention of adding an intellectual coat to their bland persona.
Usage: The latest way to look cool is to join the Sudo Queue.
Pronunciation: Su-do-Q.


Meaning: Cutting a long conversation short by glaring at your watch repeatedly.
Usage: When you get clockacious, people think twice about bullshitting.
Pronunciation: Clock-kay-she-us.


Meaning: A code word for tell-tale lipstick marks.
Usage: Is that pecketchup or am I imagining things?
Pronunciation: Peck + ketch + up.

Saturday, November 05, 2005


Meaning: A hush hush wedding.
Usage: Viv Richards and Neena Gupta opted for a shhhaadi to avoid media attention.
Pronunciation: Shhh...+ aadi.
Root: Shaadi is the hindi word for marriage.


Meaning: The new age sardarji who is evolved, intelligent, tech savvy, cosmopolitan and sophisticated.
Usage: The surd is low brow. The Browsingh is high brow. That's the basic difference.
Pronunciation: Brow-sing.

Friday, November 04, 2005


Meaning: The study of clones - their biology and behaviour.
Usage: 20 years from now, Universities may start offering courses in duplology.
Pronunciation: Dupe-law-logy.
Root: Duplo (latin for duplicate) + Logy (greek for study of).


Meaning: An idyllic township for clones.
Usage: 'The Island' was the first movie to visually depict a clonavla.
Pronunciation: Clone-aav-la
Root: Lonavla is a resort near mumbai.

Thursday, November 03, 2005


Meaning: Gold addict.
Usage: Women in India are auricoholics.
Pronunciation: Ow-rick-o-hol-lick.


Meaning: A cosmic train that travels nearly at the speed of light.
Usage: Is it possible to build a C-train that whizzes between planets?
Root: c is notation for speed of light.


Meaning: Acronyms that have become so commonplace that no one gives a jack about what they stand for.
Usage: Laser is one hell of a jackronym.


Meaning: Counterfeit stuff that derive sale by claiming a false place of origin.
Usage: Made in USA (Ulhasnagar Sindhinagar Association) is a classic case of sivaquasi-isation.
Pronunciation: See-va-kwa-see.
Root: Every crackers brand in Tamil Nadu claims it's from Sivakasi just to ensure sales.


Meaning: The art of revealing precious little on a subject, supposedly your forte. Usually practiced by people in the hotseat with a clear intent of hiding their ignorance.
Usage: To my mind, Sonia Gandhi is the best practioner of dollmeow. She's never addressed a press conference on any important topic concerning India.
Pronunciation: doll-me-yao.
Root: Derived from Jagmohan Dalmiya, who for some strange reason, is the head honcho of Indian Cricket despite possessing an abyssmal knowledge on the same.


Meaning: monopoly by a japanese company
Usage : Sony's kimonopoly over the walkman market was shattered by the iPod
Pronunciation : ki-monopoly


Meaning: commentary filled with colorful expressions
Usage: Navjot Singh Sidhu is infamous for his chromentary
Pronunciation: Chrome-en-ter-e


Meaning: Full of muck
Usage: Pigs love to roll in muckulent puddles
Pronunciation: Similar to succulent

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Meaning: The act of destroying all letters and documents related to you when you move out of a place.
Usage: I always get sentimental when I try and textinguish my desk.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with extinguish.


Meaning: Hiring a detective to do a pre-nup check on your would be.
Pronunciation: Snoop-she-al
Usage: More and more people are opting for snooptials today.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Meaning: A sexual favour handed out as a bribe to get a job done.
Usage: The CIA & KGB were great believers in the power of fucksheesh to steal national secrets.
Pronunication: Rhymes with Baksheesh.


Meaning: Musical vibes.
Usage: Sustained exposure to saregamma radiations can be healsome for the human body.
Pronunciation: Sa-ray-gamma

Boeing 404

Meaning: A missing plane.
Usage: Mayday! Mayday! We have a Boeing 404!
Pronunciation: Bo-ing-four-knot-four
Root: 404 is the error message flashed in the web world for 'not found' or 'missing'. And Boeing has this habit of giving 3-digit names to its aircrafts like 747 or 707.


Meaning: Identical personality type or a psychic clone.
Usage: Every one of us have a thousand merrors out there.
Pronunciation: Same as mirror.

Monday, October 31, 2005


Meaning: People known for copious cribbing.
Usage: If there were a contest for the biggest losers in the world, criberals will win it hands down.
Pronunciation: Crib-ber-rals.


Meaning: The place equivalent of tom, dick & harry.
Usage: Every blankashire has internet acccess, today.
Pronunication: Blank-ka-shire.

Nonovita Man

Meaning: A great survivor.
Usage: Fidel Castro is a true blue nonovita man. He's survived even after the collapse of communism.
Pronunciation: No-no-we-ta-man
Etymology: Nono in greek is Nine. Vita is the latin word for life. Nonovita means anyone with nine lives.

Sunday, October 30, 2005


Meaning: A painless way of effecting a coup by citing fitness or health reasons.
Usage: Rahul became the captain when the board gangulied Saurav.
Pronunciation: Gung-goo-lead.


Meaning: Dark particles.
Etymology: Nyctos in greek means night.
Usage: It is my hypothesis that black holes are made of nyctons.
Pronunciation: Nick-torns

Monday, October 24, 2005


Meaning: The bonanza that you get after winning a law suit.
Usage: If IIPM seriously pursues the case, Gaurav Sabnis could win a lawtery of Rs. 175 crores.
Pronunication: Law-tery.


Meaning: The state of being half asleep.
Usage: After lunch, I always feel like drifting to mesomnia.
Pronunciation: Me-so-mmm-nya.


Meaning: Deciding something by the toss of a coin.
Usage: We decided our film festival entries using numislogic.
Pronunciation: New-miss-logic.


Meaning: A state of extreme fear when one pisses in one's pants.
Usage: The movie 'Ring' had its share of pisspanic moments.
Pronunciation: Piss + panic.


Meaning: The itch to quit a company.
Usage: When my boss put in his papers, I developed quitteritis.
Pronunciation: Kwitter-itis.


Meaning: A noisy and bellicose Member of Parliament (MP).
Usage: Sparliamentarians are a huge waste of public money.
Pronunciation: Spar-lee-ment-arian.


Meaning: One who generously parts with his saliva by spitting it out on the streets.
Usage: You'll find a lot of thooksters in India.
Etymology: Derived from 'thookna', the hindi word for spitting.


Meaning: One who makes a living out of being a sycophant.
Usage: Many people think Condoleeza Rice may be a yeskimo.


Meaning: A braille enthusiast who is not necessarily blind.
Usage: You don't have to be a sixdotter to connect with the blind.
Pronunciation: Six-daughter.


Meaning: Removal of the fun element.
Usage: The first commercial i wrote, was really hilarious. But then the client played jesticide and successfully sterilised it.
Pronunciation: Jest-is-side.

Friday, October 21, 2005


Meaning: A humungous disaster that can happen any moment.
Usage: An earth quake is verysoonami in nature.
Pronunciation: Very-soon-na-me

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Meaning: A super stimulant for the mind.
Usage: Everytime I listen to a Feynman lecture, I feel as if I have sipped the phibetacuppa.
Pronunciation: Fy-bee-ta-cup-pa


Meaning: Fear of commitment.
Usage: People stay single because of idophobia.
Pronunciation: I-do-fo-be-ya

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Kama Pithecus

Meaning: A man with a beast like drive for sex.
Usage: He's not a homo sapien. He's more like kama pithecus.


Meaning: The licence to pilot an aircraft or space craft.
Usage: In the distant future, nearly one will be carring a flycence.