Monday, April 14, 2008

Kevlar Presentation

Meaning: Verbose PowerPoint presentation.
Pronunciation: Kev-laa-present-tay-shun.
Usage: Authors of kevlar presentations have a habit of reading out the minutiae in every slide.
Root: Kevlar (Bullet-proof = sans bullet points = Without pithiness) + Presentation.


Meaning: Mindbogglingly huge amounts of data.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with Kilobyte.
Usage: There are zillobytes of useless stuff on the internet.
Root: Kilobyte + Zillion.


Meaning: The willful lowering of standards at elite institutions to help accommodate the educational aspirations of the under-privileged beneficiaries of the quota system perpetuated by the Government of India.
Pronunciation: Mun-dull-lie-say-shun.
Usage: The brand equity of the IITs will be the first casualty of the policy of Mandullisation.
Root: Mandalisation (the policy of reservation) + Dull.


Meaning: The lure of going in for a stem cell transplantation.
Pronunciation: Stem-tay-shun.
Usage: As new discoveries are made, cancer patients will be prone to stemptation.
Root: Stem Cell + Temptation.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Meaning: An autorickshaw stand.
Pronunciation: Rick-ka-go.
Usage: If you want a straw poll on who's winning in the election, talk to your nearest Rickago.
Pronunciation: Rick (slang for auto-rickshaw) + Chicago.


Meaning: A letdown.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with disappointment.
Usage: Kissapointment is a very prudish way of saying KLPD.
Root: Obvious.


Meaning: Web designer.
Pronunciation: Uh-raakh-ner-da.
Usage: With the profusion of free widgets, anyone can dream of being an arachnerda.
Root: Arachnida (Greek for Spider) + Nerd.