Monday, October 31, 2005


Meaning: People known for copious cribbing.
Usage: If there were a contest for the biggest losers in the world, criberals will win it hands down.
Pronunciation: Crib-ber-rals.


Meaning: The place equivalent of tom, dick & harry.
Usage: Every blankashire has internet acccess, today.
Pronunication: Blank-ka-shire.

Nonovita Man

Meaning: A great survivor.
Usage: Fidel Castro is a true blue nonovita man. He's survived even after the collapse of communism.
Pronunciation: No-no-we-ta-man
Etymology: Nono in greek is Nine. Vita is the latin word for life. Nonovita means anyone with nine lives.

Sunday, October 30, 2005


Meaning: A painless way of effecting a coup by citing fitness or health reasons.
Usage: Rahul became the captain when the board gangulied Saurav.
Pronunciation: Gung-goo-lead.


Meaning: Dark particles.
Etymology: Nyctos in greek means night.
Usage: It is my hypothesis that black holes are made of nyctons.
Pronunciation: Nick-torns

Monday, October 24, 2005


Meaning: The bonanza that you get after winning a law suit.
Usage: If IIPM seriously pursues the case, Gaurav Sabnis could win a lawtery of Rs. 175 crores.
Pronunication: Law-tery.


Meaning: The state of being half asleep.
Usage: After lunch, I always feel like drifting to mesomnia.
Pronunciation: Me-so-mmm-nya.


Meaning: Deciding something by the toss of a coin.
Usage: We decided our film festival entries using numislogic.
Pronunciation: New-miss-logic.


Meaning: A state of extreme fear when one pisses in one's pants.
Usage: The movie 'Ring' had its share of pisspanic moments.
Pronunciation: Piss + panic.


Meaning: The itch to quit a company.
Usage: When my boss put in his papers, I developed quitteritis.
Pronunciation: Kwitter-itis.


Meaning: A noisy and bellicose Member of Parliament (MP).
Usage: Sparliamentarians are a huge waste of public money.
Pronunciation: Spar-lee-ment-arian.


Meaning: One who generously parts with his saliva by spitting it out on the streets.
Usage: You'll find a lot of thooksters in India.
Etymology: Derived from 'thookna', the hindi word for spitting.


Meaning: One who makes a living out of being a sycophant.
Usage: Many people think Condoleeza Rice may be a yeskimo.


Meaning: A braille enthusiast who is not necessarily blind.
Usage: You don't have to be a sixdotter to connect with the blind.
Pronunciation: Six-daughter.


Meaning: Removal of the fun element.
Usage: The first commercial i wrote, was really hilarious. But then the client played jesticide and successfully sterilised it.
Pronunciation: Jest-is-side.

Friday, October 21, 2005


Meaning: A humungous disaster that can happen any moment.
Usage: An earth quake is verysoonami in nature.
Pronunciation: Very-soon-na-me

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Meaning: A super stimulant for the mind.
Usage: Everytime I listen to a Feynman lecture, I feel as if I have sipped the phibetacuppa.
Pronunciation: Fy-bee-ta-cup-pa


Meaning: Fear of commitment.
Usage: People stay single because of idophobia.
Pronunciation: I-do-fo-be-ya

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Kama Pithecus

Meaning: A man with a beast like drive for sex.
Usage: He's not a homo sapien. He's more like kama pithecus.


Meaning: The licence to pilot an aircraft or space craft.
Usage: In the distant future, nearly one will be carring a flycence.