Sunday, December 27, 2009

Paneer Muttering

Meaning: Cheesy talk.
Pronunciation: Pun-neer-mutter-ring.
Usage: If you're gonna be a standup comedian, you should never be ashamed of paneer muttering.
Root: Paneer (Hindi for cottage cheese) + Mutter (yap).


Meaning: The red and white robes of Santa Claus.
Pronunication: Claws-tume.
Usage: Coca-Cola's idea of a claustume has now become the generic outfit for Santa.
Root: Claus + Costume.


Meaning: A tabloid accessible on Kindle.
Pronunciation: Kin-dloyd.
Usage: Save paper. Subscribe to kindloids.
Root: Self explanatory.


Meaning: Time traveller.
Pronunciation: Kro-no-jip-see.
Usage: What is a sci-fi movie without a chronogypsy?
Root: Kronos (Greek for time) + Gypsy (nomad).

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Meaning: A writer who churns a lot of crap.
Pronunciation: Scrawl-li-fick.
Usage: Me thinks, copywriters are scrawlific by design.
Root: Scrawl + Prolific.


Meaning: Creating something novel by tinkering around with the known.
Pronunciation: New-plick-kay-shun.
Usage: Wordmint has largely had products of newplication. The next two thousand words should ideally be truly original.
Root: New + Duplication.


Meaning: The study of nature, structure and variation of languages invented by movies.
Pronunciation: Ling-wis-flix.
Usage: After the advent of Klingon and Na'vi, universities will seriously consider offering courses in linguisflicks.
Root: Liguistics of languages invented by flicks.


Meaning: One who knows to communicate with animals.
Pronunciation: Faw-nah-glot.
Usage: Mystics, rishis and siddha purushas are known to be faunaglots.
Root: Fauna (animals) + -Glot (tongue).
Related Coinage: Floriglot = One who knows to communicate with plants.


Meaning: Enforced appointment.
Pronunciation: Gun-oint-ted.
Usage: When Mohan Bhagwat realised that the BIG 4 will not let go of their ambitions, he just muscled his way in and gunointed Nitin Gadkari as the President of BJP.
Root: Gun (a weapon of coercion) + Anointed (established).


Meaning: Antidote for stress.
Pronunciation: Stress-toe-my-sin.
Usage: Some people say that sex might have been Tiger Woods' stresstomycin.
Root: Stress + Streptomycin (a drug)


Meaning: Existing in a parallel universe, at the same time.
Pronunciation: Sigh-mull-play-nee-yes.
Usage: Without our knowledge, all of us lead a simulplaneous life, that is very different from our earthly existence.
Root: Simultaneously in another plane.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Meaning: The incentive for staying mum.
Pronunciation: Myoot-tea-way-shun.
Usage: Hush money is the best known form of mutetivation.
Root: Should I say it?


Meaning: A sorority of paramours.
Pronunciation: Clan-q-byne.
Usage: If you read the yellow journals, you'll be tempted to assume that some senior kollywood actresses run clancubines.
Root: Clan + Concubine.


Meaning: Bringing disrepute to a brand by opting for a bad font.
Pronunciation: Uff-font-terry.
Usage: Never rile up an art director. He could get back at you by resorting to plain affontery.
Root: Affrontery (intentional insult) + Font.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Meaning: An alternate take on evil. That is, evil exists to realise the goodness of good.
Pronunciation: Other-ma.
Usage: Without otherma, man will never aspire to be his purest self.
Root: Adharma (that which is not right) + Other (alternate).


Meaning: A complete lack of consensus.
Pronunciation: You-nanny-mess.
Usage: Andhra Pradesh is unanimess about the proposal to carve up smaller states.
Root: Unanimous + Mess.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Meaning: Fear of change.
Pronunciation: Worry-worth-un.
Usage: Status quoists are children of worryvartan.
Root: Worry (Anxiety) + Parivartan (Hindi for change).


Meaning: A fledgling state carved out of a larger state.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: In her anxiety to spawn 3 statelings out of UP, Mayawati will end up mothering the importance of the state.
Root: State + -ling (young one).

Puttar Pradesh

Meaning: A mini Punjab.
Pronunciation: Pooth-ther-pra-they-sh.
Usage: If an area has at least 10 dhabas, chances are it'll house a Puttar Pradesh.
Root: Puttar (the punjab word for son or little one) + Pradesh (Hindi for State).

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Meaning: Incurably addicted to texting.
Pronunciation: Ping-kaw-ri-ji-bil.
Usage: I suspect, Shane Warne switches to his pingcorrigible avatar, when no one's watching him.
Root: Ping (slang for texting) + Incorrigible (unchangeable).

Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Meaning: The thinking area or zone.
Pronunciation: Mull-lap-poo-rum.
Usage: For centuries, the shit pot has been the mullapuram for very many men.
Root: Mull (to think) + Mallapuram (a place in Kerala).

Sunday, December 06, 2009


Meaning: Downright trashy and bland.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: With 120 minites of inaction, the arthouse action flick The Limits of Control was utterly binsipid.
Root: Bin + Insipid.

Saturday, December 05, 2009


Meaning: A part of a multi-stage interview.
Pronunciation: Splinter-vyoo.
Usage: My third splinterview was a total disaster. I dunno if I'll make it to the next round.
Root: Splinter (a fragment of a whole) + Interview.


Meaning: Verbal abuse or intimidation that borders on the acceptable.
Pronunciation: Sledge-jit-tim-mate.
Usage: Games like chess can get more telegenic if FIDE allows sledgitimate banter between players.
Root: Sledging (a cricket term for offensive banter) + Legitimate.


Meaning: A crowd-magnet.
Pronunciation: Spell-lib-brit-tea.
Usage: Brother Dinakaran may never make it to Page 3 or Page 1 but no one can deny that he's a spellibrity.
Root: Celebrity who casts a Spell.
Related coinage: A spellibrity can also be a spelling-bee champion.