Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Meaning: The currency symbol.
Pronunciation: Buck-shar.
Usage: Rs is the buckshar for the rupee.
Root: Buck (money) + Akshar (Sanskrit for letter).


Meaning: A puritan linguist.
Pronunciation: Shubd-ko-sher.
Usage: You can't expect a shabdkosher to enjoy the delights of slang.
Root: Shabdkosh (Hindi for dictionary) + Kosher (fit and proper).


Meaning: One who's addicted to chewing paan.
Pronunciation: Paan-nick-chundh.
Usage: Benaras is a city of paanikchands.
Root: Paan + Manickchand (a renowned brand of gutka)


Meaning: A weaver of big yarns.
Pronunciation: Shpeel-low-sawr.
Usage: If you've gotta sell ads, you gotta be a spielosaur.
Root: Spiel + Pilosaur.


Meaning: A woman who subscribes to the right to have many husbands.
Pronunciation: Polly-gam-miss.
Usage: Every woman is a closet polygamiss.
Root: Self-explanatory.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Meaning: Shrunk word that sounds and means exactly the same as the original word/phrase. Ziponyms are alphanumeric in nature.
Pronunciation: Zippo-nim.
Usage: ELEV8 is the ziponym of elevate.
Root: Zip (computer parlance for shrinking) + -onym (name for).

Friday, October 02, 2009


Meaning: Fear of ideologies that constrict thinking.
Pronunciation: Cos-tro-fo-bic.
Usage: Many sensible people stay away from politics because they are causetrophobic.
Root: Cause + Claustrophobic (fear of closed spaces).