Saturday, March 29, 2008


Meaning: An ad that falls flat.
Pronunciation: Thud-vert-ties-ment.
Usage: Funny, no one blames research for approving thudvertisements.
Root: Thud (sound of a falling object) + Advertisement.


Meaning: The act of planting a country's flag in an alien territory.
Pronunciation: Flag-resh-shun.
Usage: China has got away with its policy of flagression for many, many years.
Root: Flag + Aggression.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Meaning: The name of the 13th month in a new calendar that apportions the human year into 12 months of 30 days each. The reminding 5 or 6 days will fall under the month of Leftember. The idea behind this initiative is to give 12 months of the same duration.
Pronunciation: Left-tem-bur.
Usage: The whole planet deserves a break in Leftember.
Origin: Calendar proposed by Anantha. The word leftember is derived from 'month with left over days'. That's Left + -ember (the most used suffix to cue month).

Friday, March 21, 2008


Meaning: A small idli.
Pronunciation: Kid-lee.
Usage: I ordered the 14-kidli course for lunch.
Root: Kid + Idli.


Meaning: Old food worth re-heating and re-eating.
Pronunciation: Cull-ka-kaa-na.
Usage: When you're single and working, you make do with kalkakana.
Root: Kal ka khaana (Hindi for yesterday's food).


Meaning: A person who's spent a lifetime creating/peddling inferior stuff.
Pronunciation: Shh-lock-to-gen-nay-ri-yan.
Usage: The award jury had some seasoned schlocktogenarians.
Root: Schlock (inferior) + Octogenarian (synonymous with a veteran).

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Meaning: The lust to consume, more and more sweets.
Pronunciation: Jong-greed.
Usage: Bongs are known for their sweet tooth and legendary jangreed.
Root: Jangree (a sweet in South India) + Greed.


Meaning: A networked area.
Pronunciation: Mo-dem-bach-cum.
Usage: Our organisation is a modembakkam. We have a WAN connecting all our branches with VSATs.
Root: Modem + bakkam (suffix for any area in tamil).


Meaning: A cool slang. Or a slang in vogue.
Pronunciation: Slang-fwa.
Usage: I just read about 'bitch piss'. Methinks it's very slangfroid.
Root: Slang + Froid (French for cold/cool).