Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Meaning: The grandiloquent noises made by a country when it acquires a nuclear bomb.
Pronunciation: Bomb-bust-yes.
Usage: After Pokhran, even a sober nation like India turned bombustious.
Root: Bomb (nuke) + Bombast (bluster) + Rumbustious (lacking in restraint).


Meaning: Salivate over spicy content.
Pronunciation: oo-r-ga-ga.
Usage: Gongura makes the gults go oorga-ga.
Root: Oorga + ga-ga.


Meaning: Propensity to attach the alphabet zee to a brand name to make it more cool sounding.
Pronunciation: Ten-den-zee.
Usage: After the success of Zune, naming companies have overdone the tendenzee thingy.
Root: Tendency + Z (phonetically zee).


Meaning: Fans disowned or left in the lurch by a star.
Pronunciation: Sounds exactly the same as orphans.
Usage: The Elvis orfans gather every year in Graceland.
Root: Orphans + Fans.


Meaning: Utility articles that suck big time.
Pronunciation: Chup-pa-wear.
Usage: Every time my cousin returns from a kitty party, she's saddled with a pile of chupperware.
Root: Chupparadhu (to suck in tamil) + ware.


Meaning: A juicer that sucks out the last drop from a fruit. Or any device that squeezes the maximum output from the input.
Pronunciation: Cun-joos-err.
Usage: The ganne ka ras vendors in Benaras were the inventors of the legendary kunjuicer.
Root: Kanjoos (Hindi for anyone with a penchant for getting the most from his investment)+ Juicer.


Meaning: Smaller servings of the idiyappam.
Pronunciation: Kiddy-aap-pum.
Usage: Kiddyappams are the small-idli-size idiyappams dished out in premium restaurants. They were born when the hotel management decided to serve lesser without giving the impression of serving lesser.
Root: Kid (a metaphor for small) + Idiyappam (A South Indian breakfast item).


Meaning: An incompetent person who fails to carry out even simple tasks.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with Hindoo.
Usage: Sometimes it pays to hire a dindoo in your team. At least this way you can look smarter.
Root: Phonetic version of Didn't-do (failure to accomplish).


Meaning: A disorder afflicting hot blooded men. Cause: A woman's chest. Effect: Inability to focus on everything else.
Pronunciation: Bus-tig-mat-tism.
Usage: When Pamela Anderson walked out with her silicone implants, the attendants at the clinic experienced an attack of bustigmatism.
Root: Bust + Astigmatism.