Saturday, October 25, 2008


Meaning: Someone who uses pesky tactics to create a buzz for his/her pet project/cause/brand.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with Mosquito.
Usage: Buzzquitoes are famous for gatecrashing into blogs with their comment-bot kinda comments.
Root: Obvious.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hopinion Polls

Meaning: Doctored polls that hope to create an impression of invincibility for a party or a candidate.
Pronunciation: Ho-pee-ni-yun pollz.
Usage: The electorate will not be be fooled by Hopinion Polls. They have a mind of their own.
Root: Opinion Polls based on nothing but hope.


Meaning: A street dog.
Pronunciation: Sounds like vagabond.
Usage: At the stroke of midnight, the wagabonds get a spring in their step and strut around like they own the streets. Have you noticed?
Root: Obvious.

Saturday, October 04, 2008


Meaning: Leveraging cramming skills to appear unusually smart.
Pronunciation: Cram-be-dex-trus.
Usage: Sarah Palin is crambidextrous. That's why she's able to shine through in her speeches despite muddling through her candid interviews.
Root: Cram + ambidextrous.


Meaning: Not that bad. Not that good.
Pronunciation: Pal-lin-comp-pee-tent.
Usage: Rahul Gandhi is in the same league as his dad. He's sorta palincompetent.
Root: Palin + Incompetent.

Thursday, October 02, 2008


Meaning: A place infested with timid, servile cowards.
Pronunciation: Im-po-ten-shiary.
Usage: Sycophancy can turn any organization into an impotentiary.
Root: Impotent + Derived from the latin suffix arium (means place containing).


Meaning: The spam folder in one's email account.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: I mistook your proposal to be a Nigerian scam mail and I sent it to the binbox.
Root: Bin + Inbox.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Meaning: Preaching what you don't practice.
Pronunciation: Pont-ting-fick-ate.
Usage: After sledging to their hearts content on the field, the aussies always pontingficate in the post-match conference.
Root: Ponting (Captain of Australian cricket team and an exponent of wrongeous indignation) + Pontificate.


Meaning: The anger that seizes you when you see something dear being destroyed and you can do precious little about it.
Pronunciation: Rexas-per-ray-shun.
Usage: Can you sense the wrecksasperation of the GOP every time McCain runs down their ideology under the guise of being a maverick?
Root: Wreck + Exasperation.