Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Microwaved Ideas

Meaning: Ideas from the cold storage, presented as new.
Pronunciation: Self-explanatory.
Usage: Sometimes ideas that were ignored for no fault of theirs, stage a massive comeback as microwaved ideas.
Root: Fairly obvious.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Meaning: Eliminating billboards from the cityscape.
Pronunciation: Kill-bored.
Usage: The Supreme Court's decision to killboard Chennai has driven many businesses, out of business.
Root: Kill + Billboard.


Meaning: Lost in thought while chewing a pencil.
Pronunciation: Pen-sil-siv.
Usage: I entered the Writer's Block even after several pencilsive moments.
Root: Substitute the pen in pensive with a pencil.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Meaning: A sidekick's role.
Pronunciation: Man-sil-urry.
Usage: Karunas always played a mancillary part till Dindukkal Sarathy happened.
Root: Man Friday + Ancillary.

Cardiac Arrest

Meaning: A sudden cessation of activity from the credit card.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: I've had about 5 cardiac arrests in the last two years. They reason they parrot is, I never pay my bills on time.
Root: Credit card + Cardiac arrest.
Note: Incarceration due to credit card frauds can also be termed a cardiac arrest.


Meaning: To chew a credit card.
Pronunciation: Plastic-8.
Usage: The ATM must have been famished. It plasticated 5 visas and 10 mastercards today.
Root: Plastic (synonymous with credit cards) + Masticate (chew).

Friday, June 19, 2009


Meaning: A credit card reading machine.
Pronunciation: Swyp-po-ri-da.
Usage: To cheat the banks, just hack the swiporida at your store.
Root: Swipe (the action of using a credit card)+ rida (phonetically reader).


Meaning: An attempt to end one's life by consuming an excessive amount of sleeping pills.
Pronunciation: Tran-kill-lies.
Usage: Susan tried to trankillize herself. She ended up in an ICU for 10 days. Her hands and feet got nearly paralyzed. Now she's up and running in a mental institution.
Root: Tranquilize + Kill.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Meaning: A coerced confession.
Pronunciation: Gun-fesh-shun.
Usage: Shiney Ahuja might now argue that all the media stories on the rape case were based on his gunfession.
Root: Gun + Confession.


Meaning: Being within the ambit of the tax net.
Pronunciation: Tax-cessable.
Usage: The black money economy will never be taxessible till the government cracks the whip.
Root: Tax + Acessible.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Prawnic Healing

Meaning: The effect of good sea food on a grouchy non-vegetarian.
Pronunciation: Prawn-nick Heal-ling.
Usage: The way to your boyfriend's heart is prawnic healing.
Root: Prawn + Pranic Healing.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Meaning: Awesome guitaring.
Pronunciation: Pleck-tack-cue-lar.
Usage: Jimmy Page was truly plectacular in Stairway to Heaven.
Root: Plec (Short form for the guitar plectrum) + Spectacular.

Planic Attack

Meaning: The fear that sets in when you are grossly underprepared.
Pronunciation: Plan-nick-at-tack.
Usage: When you work in an ad agency, you get used to planic attacks.
Root: Obvious.


Meaning: That 'did I leave behind something' anxiety that grips you when you set out on a trip.
Pronunciation: Pack-ka-no-ya.
Usage: Prasad overcame his packanoia with a flurry of calls to the hotel staff.
Root: Pack (the act of preparing for travel) + Paranoia.


Meaning: The suitcase packed in a hurry when you leave in a huff.
Pronunciation: Scram-so-night.
Usage: The detective took one look at the scramsonite and added him to his list of suspects.
Root: Scram (to scoot suddenly) + Samsonite (synonymous with suitcases).

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Meaning: Bribe money given on a regular basis.
Pronunciation: Ma-mool-la.
Usage: Come end of the month, the cops in Chennai will try and maximise their mamoolah.
Root: Mamool (regular kickback) + Moolah (money).


Meaning: Having a Playboy bunny like features.
Pronunciation: Heff-fem-min-eight.
Usage: Among the Indian item girls, Mallika Sherawat is more heffeminate than Rakhi Sawant.
Root: Hef (A reference to Playboy magazine's founder Hugh Hefner, who personally picked the Playboy bunnies) + Effeminate (womanly).


Meaning: Money splurged on space missions.
Pronunciation: Chun-dhra-yen.
Usage: There's always this debate on whether the chandrayen could have been used to feed poor mouths.
Root: Chandrayan (India's moon mission) + Yen (synonymous with moolah).

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Brand Coda

Meaning: The abstract musical sign-off appropriated by a brand to strengthen its identity.
Pronunciation: Self explanatory.
Usage: Ting-ting-ti-ting is the brand coda of Britannia.
Root: Brand + Coda (the last section of a musical score).


Meaning: Offensive to women.
Pronunciation: Lass-fee-mus.
Usage: Beware, lassphemous remarks might be construed as sexual harassment at your workplace.
Root: Blasphemous (profane stuff) + Lass (young woman)

Lorem Lipsome

Meaning: A typeface with oomph.
Pronunciation: Low-rem-lip-sum.
Usage: The layout looks so drab now. Why don't you sex it up with some Lorem Lipsome?
Root: Lorem Ipsum (standard body of text used by typographers) + Lipsome (kissable).

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Meaning: Buying votes through cash bribes.
Pronunciation: Sounds like Azhagiri's.
Usage: The simplest way to win an election is to azhagrease the constituency.
Root: Derived from M.K. Azhagiri's legendary techniques to max an election.

Monday, June 08, 2009


Meaning: Bribe money paid to speed up a process.
Pronunciation: Cash + Trawl.
Usage: If you want to cut the red tape, nothing works better than cashtrol.
Root: Cash (money ) + Castrol (lubricant).


Meaning: Water-proof packaging.
Pronunciation: Wet-ra-pack.
Usage: The power of wetrapak will be realised when underwater malls will make an appearance.
Root: Wet + Tetrapak.

Sunday, June 07, 2009


Meaning: Instigate someone to steal.
Pronunciation: Spur-loyn.
Usage: There are many political parties in India that spurloin their ministers to fill the coffers.
Root: Spur + Purloin.

Saturday, June 06, 2009


Meaning: The new designation after being kicked downstairs.
Pronunciation: Lezig-nation.
Usage: P. Chidambaram's less-than-satisfactory performance as Finance Minister earned him the lessignation of Home Minister.
Root: Lesser + Designation.


Meaning: A thoughtlessly stupid knee-jerk reaction.
Pronunciation: Rip-pose-therus.
Usage: Those who have their brains in the rear are known to be riposterous.
Root: Riposte + Preposterous.


Meaning: The hue you have in your mind.
Pronunciation: Cull-pa-krome.
Usage: If I could decode your kalpachrome, I'd be da Vinci.
Root: Kalpa (Sanskrit for Imagine) + Chrome (Greek for colour).

Friday, June 05, 2009


Meaning: Using excessively crass language.
Pronunciation: Gaand-di-low-kwent.
Usage: When in Delhi, menfolk tend to get gaandiloquent.
Root: Gaand (the rear in Hindi slang) + Grandiloquent.


Meaning: Selfish but potentially unselfish.
Pronunciation: Shall-true-is-stick.
Usage: The shalltruistic in us comes to the fore only during an earthquake or a tsunami.
Root: Shall + Altruistic.


Meaning: The very rustic underwear.
Pronunciation: Boon-jox.
Usage: The tamil komanam is a type of boonjocks.
Root: Boondocks + Jocks.