Saturday, January 12, 2008


Meaning: Advertisers who use the overused tagline, 'Since blah blah'.
Pronunciation: Since-na-tea.
Usage: Every city has its own elite club of sincenati.
Root: Since ____ (a commonplace tagline for anyone who wishes to flaunt heritage) + nati (latin for born)


Meaning: Member of the advertising tribe.
Pronunciation: Addy-waa-see
Usage: David Ogilvy turned an addyvasi after junking his cooker salesman job.
Root: Addy (slang for 'that which sounds or looks very advertising') + Adivasi (Hindi for a tribal).


Meaning: Muscle flexing by the emerging superpower, India.
Pronunciation: Ind-doe-me-nation
Usage: Steve Bucknor was done in by indomination.
Root: Indo + Domination.

Monday, January 07, 2008


Meaning: An extraordinarily strict, by-the-books photographer.
Pronunciation: Foto-gram-uh.
Usage: Chandrachoodan's photos would please even the most anal photogrammer.
Root: Photographer + Grammar.

Saturday, January 05, 2008


Meaning: A believer in astrology.
Pronunciation: Trust-traw-la-jer.
Usage: Trustrologers will never sign business deals during raahu kaalam.
Root: Trust + Astrologer.


Meaning: A banal joke that elicits a fake smile or chuckle.
Pronunciation: Grin-sip-pid.
Usage: To the seasoned humorist, pun is grinsipid stuff.
Root: Grin + Insipid.


Meaning: A willingness or tendency to surrender oneself to the darker forces.
Pronunciation: Tha-mass-so-kist
Usage: Anakin Skywalker was a Tamasochist.
Root: Tamas (Sanskrit for darkness)+ Masochist.


Meaning: The reflex action of a batsmen that well and truly gives away the fact that he had nicked the ball to the keeper.
Pronunciation: Nick-ti-tay-shun.
Usage: The umpire didn't hesitate to lift his finger after seeing Hussey's nicktitation.
Root: Nick (to edge) + Nictitation (reflexive blinking or winking of the eye).


Meaning: On paper secular, but clearly pro-muslim.
Pronunciation: Shake-yule-lur.
Usage: Mulayam Singh Yadav might turn India into sheikular democracy if he heads a coalition government at the center.
Root: Sheik (an islamic head)+ Secular.