Sunday, April 30, 2006


Meaning: A campaign that's propped on glamour
Pronunciation: Glam-pain
Usage: Glampaigns are naturally relying on actors to pull in mass votes.
Root: Glamour + Campaign

Saturday, April 29, 2006


Meaning: Food imports / exports that don't adhere to regulations.
Pronunciation: Spoil-port
Usage: India is usually a victim of spoilports from developed countries.
Root: Spoil + import / export


Meaning: The disease spread by the call center bug.
Pronunciation: Cholera
Usage: Callera is going to land the country in deep trouble some years from now.
Root: Cholera


Meaning:A shot in the arm for candidates in an election
Pronunciation: Elek-shot
usage: Maran's supposed involvement in the DTH issue is an elecshot for JJ
Root: Election + shot that gives a high


Meaning: A grim bimbo
Pronunciation: Grim-bow
Usage: He prefers a happy nebbish to a grimbo.
Roots: Grim + bimbo


Meaning: A book that's got a stupid blunder
Pronunciation: Blue + ker
Usage: Kaavya's blooker is a perfect showcase for her plagiarising skills.
Root: Book+ Bloomer

Friday, April 28, 2006

Bald Letter

Meaning: An undated letter from an anonymous person.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: Bald letters are often used by ethical terrorists to warn people about an impending attack.
Root: Literal translation of the tamil expression 'Mottai Kadidasu'. Logic being a letter with no 'from address and date' looks bald.
Related coinage: Anonymissive (anonymous + missive).


Meaning: A clumsy printer.
Pronunciation: Sh-lep-sun.
Usage: I wrote a nice short story. My schlepson made it look like software code.
Root: Schlep (slang for clumsy person) + Epson (a brand name synonymous with printers)


Meaning: Hiring crowds for cheering.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: Every leader in Tamil Nadu is attracting huge crowds. One wonders if it's shoutsourcing at work.
Root: Obvious.


Meaning: Repeated errors
Pronunciation: Error-ber-a-shun
Usage:His errorberation costed him his job
Root: Error + Reverberation

Thursday, April 27, 2006


Meaning: A mix-breed dog from Central Asia
Pronunciation: Mon-gro-leah
Usage: I just gifted her a pet. A mongrolia
Root: Mongrel + Mongolia

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Meaning: Shatteringly frustrating.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: Kaif has been remarkably vexplosive in the last 12 months.
Root: Vex + Explosive.
Related expression: KLPD.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Meaning: An election that is not well attended by the voters
Pronunciation: Same as election
Usage: The poor voter turnout is the first sign of an elecshun.
Root: Election + shun

Lingua franka

Meaning: A particularly frank way of speaking.
Pronunciation: as is what is.
Usage: Her brand of lingua franka always sets me thinking.
Root: lingua = language + franka, for frankness


Meaning: One who lets hair grow.
Pronunciation: Try-co-culture-wrist.
Usage: On a lazy Sunday, every male is a trichoculturist.
Root: Trikh (Greek for hair) + Culturist (One who farms).

Monday, April 24, 2006


Meaning: Plagiarised printed work(s).
Pronunciation: Lift-ra-cha
Usage: I am not sure if one can classify Da Vinci Code as lifterature.
Root: Lift (as in steal) + Literature.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


Meaning: A patronising term for the internet generation renowned for little or no patience for reading, listening and thinking.
Pronunciation: Hurry-gen.
Usage: The hurrygen prefer blogs over books.
Root: HURRY + GENeration.
Inspiration: Harijan, the patronising Indian label for the underprivileged.

Saturday, April 22, 2006


Meaning: An experimental musician who believes in scoring music the good old way - spontaneously.
Pronunciation: Me-under-taal.
Usage: Meandertaals try not to stick to a set rhythm, lyric or melody.
Root: Neanderthal (synonymous with primal) + Meander (one who wanders aimlessly) + Taal (Hindi for beat).


Meaning: A long distance husband. As in, a hubby who rarely gets to be with his wife at home.
Pronunciation: Same as telepathy.
Usage: Having a telepati may not be such a bad idea. The wifey gets money to splurge and a lot of space for herself.
Root: Tele (Greek for long distance) + Pati (Hindi for husband).
Related Coinage: Telepati may also be used to connote a couch potato. Logic - one who's married to the television.

Metal Magnet

Meaning: Prolific award winner.
Pronunciation: Duh.
Usage: The metal magnet David Droga will chair the jury at the Cannes Lions festival.
Root: One who attracts golds, silvers and bronzes by the dozens.


Meaning: A fear of billowing drapes
Usage: Every horror movie heroine has experienced drapidation
Pronunciation : drap+id+ay+shun
Root: Drape+ trepidation
Related coinage : indrapid

Layman brooder

Meaning: A layman who spends time brooding.
Pronunciation: obvious.
Usage: LehmanBrothers is no place for layman brooders.
Root: obvious.


Meaning: An organ stanley who deals in eyes.
Pronunciation: I-ban-kar
Usage: Everyone wants to be an eye-banker these days.
Root: Investment banking

Friday, April 21, 2006


Meaning: Unshakeable faith in communism.
Pronunciation: Commune-nishta
Usage: EMS Namboodripad was renowned for his communishta.
Root: Communism + Nishta (Sanskrit for absolute faith).
Related coinage: Saffronishta - Unshakeable faith in Hindutva.
Note: The difference between Saffronista and Saffronishta is the former describes an idealogue while the latter is about the extent of faith in the ideology.


Meaning: A comically goofy character.
Pronunciation: Fluff-foon.
Usage: Jim Carey's made millions playing fluffoon.
Root: Fluff (To botch up) + Buffoon


Meaning: One who learns from mistakes.
Pronunciation: Same as erudite.
Usage: There is hope for Sehwag if he's the errudite types.
Root: Err + Erudite.


Meaning: Tired of meaningless running around
Pronunciation: Dash-board
Usage: I was dashbored by the time I got my visa.
Root: Obvious


Meaning: A steady flow of water or any other liquid
Usage: The initial dribble in the metro water tanker slowly grew into a dibble.
Root: Dribble - an unsteady, though continuous, flow


Meaning: Mail that takes ages to go out.
Pronunciation: Cons...te...mail
Usage: Constimails are a pain in the butt as they slow down busy work hours.
Root: Constipate


Meaning: Experts in patterns of eating especially overeating
Pronunciation: Hog-no-shen-tea (Burp. That's a mouthful)
Usage: Are all hognoscenti fat?
Root:Cognoscenti / hog


Meaning: Hair that's all dressed up
Pronunciation:Hir - soot
Usage: That hirsuit becomes her.
Root: Hirsute / suit


Meaning:An employee who's an irritant and a drag.
Pronunciation: Flem-ployee
Usage: One phlegmployee is enough to make me love other employees.
Root: phlegm + employee


Meaning: Having an irrestibly stunning rear.
Pronunciation: But-rack-tive.
Usage: Roger Binny was quite popular with women because of his buttractive looks.
Root: Butt + Attractive.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Rubber Mails

Meaning: Emails that bounce back.
Pronunciation: You know it. Don't ya?
Usage: Thankfully, all my hate mails to Arjun Singh turned out to be rubber mails.
Root: Obvious.


Meaning: A dead bengali
Pronunciation: As in Ghost
Usage: Calcutta is a Ghoset town
Root: Ghose (Bengali Surname) + Ghost


Meaning: One who always wishes to be in the news.
Pronunciation: New-zee-vore.
Usage: 6 out of 5 politicians are newsyvores.
Root: Newsy + Vore (suffix that means one who feeds on).


Meaning: The hostel bully
Pronunciation: Easy, isn't it?
Usage: Akshay is the Dorminator for Bishop Heber hall
Root: Dorm + Dominator

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Meaning: Same film made in two languages. With two different casts. Piloted by the same director. And released on the same date.
Pronunciation: Twin-nay-ma.
Usage: Yuva is a twinema of Ayutha Ezhutha.
Root: Twin + Cinema.
Related Coinage: Thinema - A film of very slim duration. That is, a short film.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Meaning: Influence in advance by promising to dole out freebies.
Pronunciation: Free-dis-pose.
Usage: Jayalalitha, Karunanidhi & Vijay Kanth are trying very hard to freedispose the electorate.
Root: Predispose + Freebies.
Related Coinage: Free-empt.

Monday, April 17, 2006


Meaning: A fancily designed, manually operated cycle rickshaw.
Pronunciation: Thin-thinny.
Usage: India can rake in the tourist moolah if we offer thinthinee rides in temple towns, at a fat premium.
Root: Thinthinee is the antonym of the engine operated South East Asian Vehicle called Fatfatee.


Meaning: The blissful glow that lights up your face after a satisfactory crap.
Pronunciation: looo-min-us.
Usage: His loominous expression left me verbally constipated.
Root: Obvious.


Meaning: Sticking with the same formula that got you success in the first place. And repeatedly failing.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with success.
Usage: A stuckcessful person is a one trick pony.
Root: Stuck (Unable to move beyond) + Success.


Meaning: A leader who obtains power by plotting and scheming.
Pronunciation: The-maa-gog.
Usage: Jayalalitha is a bigger dimaagogue than Karunanidhi.
Root: Dimaag (Hindi word for brain. Also synonymous with cunning) + Demagogue.


Meaning: Somebody who lives partly in France
Pronunciation: Franz-ves-tight
Usage: PG Wodehouse was a Francevestite
Root: France + Transvestite


Meaning: A young girl who laughs a lot
Pronunciation: As is
Usage: My girlfriend is a LOLita
Root: LOL (Chat-ese for Laugh out Loud) + Lolita

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Meaning: Purring too much
Pronunciation: obvious.
Usage: Hypurractive women are so entertaining, don't you think?
Root: Purr (feline sexuality oozed by some women) + Hyperactive


Meaning: A Merry making American
Pronunciation: obvious
Usage: Micheal is an Amerrican in the true sense of the word.
Root: Merry + American.


Meaning: A chic, modern woman
Pronunciation: Maa-derm
Usage: She? Oh, she is Sandra maderm
Root: Madam + Modern


Meaning: A learned devotee of the god Shiva
Pronunciation: obvious
Usage: My son is a Sivant
Root: Sivan (Indian god) + Savant


Meaning: Travelling that is so good, it's like sex
Pronunciation: Rhymes with Triplicate
Usage: I tripnicated on my bikeride to Kumbakkonam
Root: Trip + Fornicate

Saturday, April 15, 2006


Meaning: Decimate life forms on Earth.
Pronunciation: Terra-de-cate.
Usage: Earthlings, you have two choices. Either you worship Anantha. Or get terradicated.
Root: Terra (Earth in latin) + Eradicate.


Meaning: Chinese tea.
Pronunciation: Homonym of China.
Usage: Says George Bush, "China is where they make chaina."
Root: Chai (Hindi word for Tea) + China.


Meaning: A news, an event, an accident or an incident that launches you into post mode on the blogosphere.
Pronunciation: Kwerty-lie-zer.
Usage: The mandal issue was a huge qwertylizer for Indian bloggers.
Root: Qwerty (Synonymous with keying in) + Fertilizer.


Meaning: A dirty trick that boomerangs.
Pronunciation: Trick-co-chay.
Usage: An Iranian invasion by America will be a costly trickochet.
Root: Trick + Ricochet.


Meaning: A person who joins a terrible place ignoring dire warnings from the inmates.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with refugee.
Usage: I know people who turn deafugees when they get a good pay packet.
Root: Obvious.


Meaning: A revolutionary automobile that can fly.
Pronunciation: Cranty-car.
Usage: We need to create skyways and air traffic signals before we allow mass production of kranticars.
Root: Krantikari (Hindi for revolutionary) + Car.


Meaning: Messages posted on the loo wall using graffiti or any other means.
Pronunciation: Toy-letters.
Usage: Toiletters can be a wacky advertising medium.
Root: Toilet + Letters.

Friday, April 14, 2006


Meaning: Curing depression using peptalk over the phone.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with Allopathy.
Usage: Suicide helplines demonstrate the power of hellopathy.
Root: Obvious.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Meaning: Aversion to a hue.
Pronunciation: Cull-ur-gee.
Usage: I am colourgic to mithai pink.
Root: Colour + Allergy.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Meaning: A speedy writer.
Pronunciation: Cell-lee-row-grafer.
Usage: Words just gush out of the pen of celerographers.
Root: Celero (fast in greek) + Grapher (writer in greek).


Meaning: Baby killing.
Pronunciation: Cub-or-shun.
Usage: The word infanticide works only for humans, cubortion can be used for all species.
Root: Cub + Abortion.

Stag Gag

Meaning: A downright vulgar joke that leaves men in splits.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: What's a bachelor party without stag gags?
Root: Gags exchanged in Stag parties.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Meaning: A person who loves to question everything.
Pronunciation: Sa-wall-nut.
Usage: Sawalnut is the baap of the jigyasu baalak.
Root: Sawal (Hindi for Question) + Nut (One who's crazy about something).


Meaning: Long suffering voters to whom elections have made no difference.
Pronunciation: Homonym of voters.
Usage: The woeters of Tamil Nadu have zero expectations from all the kazhagams.
Root: Woe + Voters.


Meaning: A dislike for elections.
Pronunciation: Chu-now-version.
Usage: Armchair politicians have a chunaversion.
Root: Chunav (Hindi for election) + Aversion.

Monday, April 10, 2006


Meaning: Pretending to oppose to make an impression.
Pronunciation: Oppo-zeo.
Usage: I'd rather be a follower than be an opposeur.
Root: Oppose + Poseur.


Meaning: The Sunny season
Pronounciation: same as season
Usage: The seasun in India is pretty much the same all year through
Root: season + sun


Meaning: Pretty and buxom
Pronounciation: sandwich a tit between beauty and ful
Usage: Pamela is a beautitful person
Root: obvious


Meaning: State of confusion in which thoughts splinter away.
Pronunciation: con+ fission
Usage: Meeting her always causes confission in my mind.
Root: con + antonym of fusion.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


Meaning: A habitual opposer with no beliefs or ideology.
Pronunciation: Anti-pro.
Usage: An antipro takes a predictably opposite stance because he wants to stand out from the crowd.
Root: One who turns anti because the world is pro something.


Meaning: A beer drinking blogger.
Pronunciation: blah-ger
Usage: Quick-gun Murugan is a blager.
Root: Blog + Lager


Meaning: A philosophical knowledge of urine.
Pronunciation: a-pee-stemo-legy
Usage: Clinical labs have a well formed epeestemology.
Root: Pee + epistemology

Saturday, April 08, 2006


Meaning: Sterilizing a virile organisation, institution or society by forcing caste based reservation down its throat.
Pronunciation: Caste-ration.
Usage: Mandal will only result in the casteration of the IITs.
Root: Obvious.

Friday, April 07, 2006


Meaning: Partiality shown to pretty young things.
Pronunciation: Miss-crim-me-nate.
Usage: There is a strong feeling that women get better grades, better jobs, better raises due to misscrimination.
Root: Obvious.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Meaning: Caste calculations.
Pronunciation: Mun-dull-gee-bra.
Usage: Arjun Singh thinks he can help the Congress win the next elections with his mandalgebra.
Root: The Mandal Commission is synonymous with caste-based reservation quotas. Mandalgebra is a derivation from Mandal + algebra.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Meaning: Being paranoid about smoking.
Pronunciation: Puff-raid.
Usage: Don't be puffraid. At the max, you'll get lung cancer, turn impotent, lose some appetite and will end up hurting a thousand people around you.
Root: Afraid of taking a puff.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Meaning: A drug with adverse side effects. Or one that aggravates the illness.
Pronunciation: Same as paracetamol.
Usage: The blooming paracetamaul induced a rash of skin rashes. So I couldn't show my face to the world for nearly a week.
Root: Paracetamol + maul.


Meaning: Last job.
Pronunciation: Then-kree.
Usage: I was the master of mediocrity in my thenkri.
Root: Naukri means job in Hindi. Phonetically that's Now-kree. Replace now with then, you get thenkri.


Meaning: The act of making up something just for kicks.
Pronunciation: Fun-cock-shun.
Usage: Wordmint is a nice outlet for funcoctions.
Root: Fun + Concoction.

Monday, April 03, 2006


Meaning: A high pressure situation.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with titanic.
Usage: Raina seems capable of handling tightenic moments.
Root: Obvious.


Meaning: A honeymoon gone awry.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with honeymoon.
Usage: Ganguly's shanimoon with the press should hopefully end soon.
Root: Shani (a tamil curse, also a hindu god known for his malefic influence) + Honeymoon.


Meaning: A video produced under the influence of drugs.
Pronunciation: Wee-deo.
Usage: Dr. Prakash was a purveyor of pornographic weedios.
Root: Weed + Video.

Saturday, April 01, 2006


Meaning: A tobacco substitute that feels very much like tobacco but is not at all harmful.
Pronunciation: Toe-front-toe.
Usage: Tobacco kills. Tofronto doesn't.
Root: Phonetically tobacco is toe-back-co. Since tofronto is harmless tobacco, I've replaced back with front to capture this opposite effect.


Meaning: Shorthand for terrible quality.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: I can conjure up ughmark music in no time.
Root: Agmark is a symbol for high quality in India.


Meaning: Distorted reality as perceived by a paranoid person(s).
Pronunciation: Shuck-key-kuth.
Usage: The reality is Greg Chappell has nothing against Saurav Ganguly. The shakeekat is Greg is out to get Saurav.
Root: Shak (Hindi for suspicion)+ Haqeekat (Urdu for reality).


Meaning: Addiction to mobile phones
Pronounciation: Mo-dick-shun
Usage: I suffer from sever moddiction
Root: Mobile + Addiction

Secondary meaning: Addiction to modifications. Typically used in conjunction with computer games which support add on modifications or MODs.
Pronounciation: Mod-dick-shun
Root: MOD + Addiction

(Contributed by Nirenjan)


Meaning: A plan or report that a dietician makes for an overweight client before the service agreement is signed
Pronunciation: pawn-ch-nama
Usage: His paunchnama said that he will lose 20 kgs in 3 months.
Root: Paunch + Panchnama (A report required to be made by the investigating officer)


Meaning: Someone who rubbishes / doesn't believe in feng shui (and the like) beliefs
Pronunciation: feng + shu
Usage: He has an orthodox upbringing yet he is a staunch fengshoo
Root: Feng Shui + Shoo

Kafi Latte

Meaning: A place that serves coffee late into the night.
Pronunciation: kafi-laat-a
Usage: In Delhi, besides 5-star coffee shops, there arn't many kafi latte hangouts.
Root: Cafe Latte + Kafi (quite / enough in Hindi) + Late


Meaning: Undercover intelligence on what the underworld is up up to / would do next
Pronunciation: da-wood
Usage: The police team was on stand by. All the chief needed to order a raid at the mill was an official dawould report.
Root: Dawood (underworld king) + Would


Meaning: A copywriter who writes only short (floppy-sized) ads
Pronunciation: flaw-p-writer
Usage: I would to love to write long copy ads, but clients in India have forced me to become a floppywriter.
Root: Floppy Disc + Copywriter