Thursday, August 03, 2006


Meaning: That which adds spunk, spirit & life to anything.
Pronunciation: Zing-greed-dee-yunt.
Usage: Without a zingredient we will all be zombies.
Root: Zing + Ingredient.


Meaning: The king of breweries.
Pronunciation: Zy-mo-gul.
Usage: Vijay Mallya wishes to emerge as the undisputed zymogul of the world.
Root: Zymo (Greek word that means to brew) + Mogul.


Meaning: The last building in a street, road, town or village.
Pronunciation: Zed-if-is.
Usage: The coordinates for my house is - it's about 3 buildings before the zedifice on the Elm Street in Transylvania.
Root: Zed (the last alphabet) + Edifice.


Meaning: Being slightly evil.
Pronunciation: Za-ra-dhoosh-ta.
Usage: Even a saint has been a zaradushta sometime in his life.
Root: Zara (Urdu word for little) + Dushta (Sanskrit word for evil).


Meaning: The charged state of a person playing a video or a computer game.
Pronunciation: X-box-C-dation.
Usage: Some experts are of the view that XBoxidation generates more excitement than sex.
Root: XBox + Oxidation (a chemical reaction to injection of oxygen).
Related Coinage: XBoxidated (being in a state of XBoxidation).


Meaning: Knowledge on aliens and their behaviour.
Pronunciation: Xee-know-how.
Usage: Life would have been far more interesting if I had acquired xenohow instead of a degree in mining engineering.
Root: Xeno (alien) + Knowhow (knowledge).


Meaning: A musician who's turned popular by lifting songs from here & there.
Pronunciation: Xerox-sta.
Usage: Deva's trackrecord will earn him a well-deserved berth in the Xerockstar Hall of Fame.
Root: Xerox (the rolemodel for copycats) + Rockstar.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Meaning: Looking eye-catchingly lustrous in a luxurious saree.
Pronunciation: Pal-luminous.
Usage: Marriages are the only occasions when one gets to see palluminous women these days.
Root: Pallu (the free hanging end of the saree that's usually laden with zari) + Luminous.


Meaning: Expressing yourself freely or insistently by shouting.
Pronounciation: Obvious
Usage: In the pretext of espousing a cause, most activists seem to turn shoutspoken over a period of time.
Root: Shout+Outspoken


Meaning: Money culture.
Pronounciation: Obvious
Usage: I'd have been far more successful at business if I had had even half the dhanskriti of a Gujarati.
Root: Dhan ('Money' in Hindi)+Sanskriti ('Culture' in Hindi)


Meaning: To speak pompously, all-knowingly and disrespectfully.
Pronounciation: Scawn-ti-fi-kate
Usage: My partner's constant need to scorntificate about my flawed lifestyle drives me up the wall.
Root: Scorn+Pontificate


Meaning: The singing style of a particular group.
Pronounciation: Patu-waa
Usage: Bathroom singers have their unique patuois.
Root: Patu ('Song' in Tamil)+Patois