Friday, March 31, 2006


Meaning: Having two cysts on your body at the same time
Pronunciation: Rhymes with sister
Usage: I was dilly-dallying on getting the cyst on my thigh surgically removed but when a cyster came, I called the doctor for an appointment right away.
Root: Cyst + Sister

Havaldarr, Havaldarpok

Meaning: A scared, timid policeman
Pronunciation: haval-dur / haval-dur-pok
Usage: When it comes to nabbing the likes of Dawood, even the supercops in the country turn into havaldarrs / havaldarpoks.
Root: Havaldar (policeman) + Darr, Darpork (scare, scared)


Meaning: Trying to woo someone again and again
Pronunciation: Rhymes with Deja vu
Usage: The secret of a successful marriage is to dejawoo your partner everyday
Root: Deja vu + Woo


Meaning: Important innovations. Innovations that hold a lot of weight.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with innovate
Usage: Viagra was the innoweight of the century
Root: Innovate + Weight


Meaning: Inventions that come before their time. Inventions that can wait.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with innovate
Usage: Scientists can innowait on cars that can fly and swim.
Root: Innovate + Wait


Meaning: A stupid person speaking to an audience
Pronunciation: Rhymes with loudspeaker
Usage: Most politicians are loutspeakers
Root: Lout + Loudspeaker


Meaning: A bouncer who stands outside a pub
Pronunciation: ba-haar-tender
Usage: Mike Tyson started his career as a bahartender
Root: Bahar (Hindi for outside) + bartender


Meaning: Mobiles phones meant specially for showing off in 'kitty' parties
Pronunciation: mew-bile
Usage: Gladrags Mrs India is the brand-ambassador for Nokia's new range of meowbiles
Root: meow (cats) + mobile


Meaning: Losing one's WAP enabled mobile phone in thin air
Pronunciation: Rhymes with evaporate
Usage: My office is full of kleptomaniacs. Yesterday my new Nokia N ewaporated.
Root: WAP + evaporate


Meaning: A room where bookies hide and do business from
Pronunciation: Rhymes with bedroom
Usage: Most bookies work out of betrooms in downtown
Root: Bet + Bedroom


Meaning: A crappy photographer
Pronunciation: shoot-e-ah
Usage: The guy who shot her portfolio was a shootia
Root: Shoot + Chootia (a common Indian verbal abuse)


Meaning: To think profoundly about India
Pronunciation: indi-lek-chooel
Usage: Politicians in India just act indillectual but no one wants to do anything about it.
Root: India + Intellectual

Thursday, March 30, 2006


Meaning: Selective amnesia for a woman in one's life
Pronunciation: ammani+ shea.
Usage: How I wish I had ammanisia now!
Root: Ammani (Tamil for lady) + amnesia.


Meaning: The typical arrogance that people in love display.
Pronunciation: pyar-o-gens.
Usage: Them lovesick couples and their pyarrogance always gets on my nerves.
Root: Pyar (Hindi for love) + arrogance.


Meaning: An ice maiden who makes bachelors freeze in their tracks.
Pronunciation: as is what is.
Usage: Just met the woman of my life, but my bad luck, she is a professional bachillor.
Root: Obvious.


Meaning: A broken romance
Pronunciation: Tro-mance
Usage: I'm convalescing from a traumance just now.
Root: Trauma + Romance


Meaning: To suffer a nose cut. Or simply put, a loss of face.
Pronunciation: Tie-co-bra-hade.
Usage: BJP was tykobrahade in 1984. It just won 2 seats, then.
Root: Derived from the infamous incident concerning the great astronomer Tycho Brahe. Here's the juice on the incident as recorded by Pierre Gasendi in 1654...
"The 10th of december 1566 there was a dance at Lucas Bacmeisters house in the connection to a wedding. Lucas Bacmeister was a professor of theology at the univeristy of Rostock where Tycho studied. Among the guests were Tycho Brahe and another danish nobleman, Manderup Parsberg. They started an argument and they separated in anger. The 27th of december this argument started again, and in the evening of the 29th of december a duel was held. It was around 7 in the evening and in darkness. Parsberg gives Tycho a cut over his nose that took away almost the front part of his nose. Tycho had an artificial nose made, not from wax, but from an alloy of gold and silver[*] and put it on so skillfully, that it looked like a real nose Wilhelm Janszoon Blaeu, who spent time with Tycho for nearly two years, also said that Tycho used to carry a small box with a paste or glue, with which he often would put on the nose."


Meaning: The state of being bereft of ideas.
Pronunciation: Homonym of vacuum.
Usage: An ad agency cannot afford to exist in a whackyoom.
Root: Obvious.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Meaning: An arabian albino
Pronunciation: Ara-bhi-no
Usage: Sheik Abdullah is an Arabino
Root: Arab + Albino


Meaning: A case of morphing an original picture to perfection. Typically used with celebrity photos of an explicit nature.
Pronunciation: Mor-feck-shun
Usage: Those explicit photos of Aishwarya Rai are examples of morphectionism.
Root: Morph + Perfection

(Contributed by Nirenjan)


Meaning : Any gadget that makes a geek happy ie almost any gadget
Usage : Gladgets unlike girlfriends are a one time investment
Pronunciation : Glad + jet
Root : Glad + Gadget


Meaning: A weeping person who gets in the way of your doing/achieving something.
Pronounciation: Obvious
Usage: I've lost count of the number of movies in which Nirupa Roy was a sobstacle in the path of Amitabh Bachchan's ambitions.
Root: Sob+Obstacle

Maal Chauvinism

Meaning: The belief that wealthy/materialistic people are naturally better and more important than the not-so-wealthy ones.
Pronounciation: Obvious
Usage: Advertising does nothing else but propagate maal chauvinism in society.
Root: Maal (Hindi for 'wealth')+Male Chauvinism

Kamchair Traveller/Critic/Sportsman

Meaning: A person who knows about a particular subject from practical experience rather than from reading, hearing about it.
Pronounciation: Rhymes with 'armchair'
Usage: My boyfriend writes beautifully about sport, but I'm afraid he's no kamchair sportsman!
Root: Kam (Hindi for 'work')+Armchair


Meaning: A desi roadside bed and breakfast place.
Pronounciation: Bis-tur-o
Usage: Want to see India on a shoestring budget? Head for the bistaros!
Root: Bistar (Hindi for 'bed')+Bistro


Meaning: A measure of just how lucky one can get. 0 means jinxed. 10 means you're Midas.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with glucometer.
Usage: Harbhajan Singh's performance today should clock 7 on the flukometer.
Root: Obvious.

Monday, March 27, 2006


Meaning: Desire for continuous complaining
Pronunciation: Rhymes with appetite.
Usage: When talking about his boss, he has a huge cribbetite.
Root: Crib (v. to complain) + Appetite
Note: Not to be confused with crabbetite.

(Contributed by Nirenjan)


Meaning: Impatient and bored with your girl/woman
Pronunciation: Obvious
Usage: Desciribe my relationship? It's broadom
Root: Broad + Boredom


Meaning: The act of surrendering to the need of using capital letters.
Pronounciation: Obvious
Usage: I was using lower case until my capitalation at Wordmint, prompted by Mr. Anantha.
Root: Capitals + Capitulation


Meaning: The destruction or ruin of one's own interests by siding with the obviously wrong party in an argument.
Pronounciation: Obvious
Usage: Supporting George Bush on Iraq was suiside on the part of Tony Blair.
Root: Suicide + Side (v)

Sunday, March 26, 2006


Meaning: One who flaunts one's knowledge.
Pronunciation: Same as Nudist.
Usage: The moment I walked into the conference room I realised I had walked into a knewdist park. Everyone was showing off. No one was listening to each other.
Root: Knew + Nudist.


Meaning: The state of a cup of tea tasting markedly different from another depending on the 'master'; the reason why some people prefer to drink tea from the same vendor/tea-shop always.
Pronunciation: Dis-pa-re-tea
Usage: I have not been able to adjust to the disparitea in pondy bazar!
Root: Disparity + Tea.


Meaning: Sudden or momentous change that results in immediate profits/profitability.
Pronunciation: In-kuh-laabh
Usage: Switching to linux and free software at my company was no less than an inquilabh!
Root: Inquilab (urdu, meaning revolution) + Labh (sanskrit, meaning gain or profit)


Meaning: A person who holds unorthodox opinions that are derived from error
Pronunciation: As is
Usage: Obvious?
Root: Error + Heretic


Meaning: An entrepreneur from Andhra Pradesh
Pronunciation: as is
Usage: Mahendravada venkata ganapathigaru (an old classmate of mine, honest!) is an Andhrapreneur.
Root: Andhra (as in the state of andhra pradesh in india) + Entrepreneur


Meaning: The room where a male does his own cooking
Pronunciation: obvious
Usage: If the kitchen is the domain of the females, then kitchcock is the domain of the males.
Root: Kitchen + cock (male attribute)


Meaning: A state of abnormally high libido
Pronunciation: hi-per-libid-emia
Usage: My shrink says idleness can cause hyperlibidemia.
Root: Hyper + libido mixed with hyperlipidemia (High Fat in blood)


Meaning: A person who is crazy about finding faults with others
Pronunciation: Err-ato-mania
Usage: My boss is such an erratomaniac pain in the wrong place.
Root: errata+ erotomania


Meaning: He who steals mice and other input devices
Pronunciation: Clik-toh-maniac
Usage: Our office IT guy is a clicktomaniac
Root: Click (mouse-click) + Kleptomaniac


Meaning: A scary bill for an exorbitant amount
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: Ordinary bills I can pay, but these terribills terrify me
Root: Terrible + bill


Meaning: A game of cricket that is riddled with tricks.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: Nowadays there is not much cricket being played, most of it is only tricket!
Root: Obvious.


Meaning: A marriage that is marred by acrimony
Pronunciation: mak-re-mony
Usage: I have seen so much of macrimony, that I have decided to remain an eternal bachelor.
Root: Obvious.


Meaning: A shifty and illegal crew
Pronunciation: Obvious
Usage: I have a bad feeling about that platoon - a crewked one
Root: Crew + Crooked


Meaning: State of being suddenly seized by enthusiasm
Pronunciation: As is
Usage: Newbie reincarnut's having an enthusiazure!
Root: Enthusiasm + Seizure


Meaning: Inappropriately silly but free.
Pronunciation: Frivolous with an 'ee'
Usage: I got an absolutely freevolous gift along with my new fridge — cat chow!
Root: Free + Frivolous.

Saturday, March 25, 2006


Meaning: Sleeping your way to the top
Pronunciation: Pro-moe-see-shun
Usage: Some people promosition their career
Root: Promotion + Proposition


Meaning: A professional pretender.
Pronunciation: Obvious
Usage: Chandru is a Protender man. He can walk into the KGB, no questions asked
Root: Pro + Pretender


Meaning: A detective with too much sex on his mind
Pronunciation: Puh-ver-tive.
Usage: Sgt. Jason be wary of him. He's a pervertive
Root: Pervert+Detective

Meaning: The abundance of perverted people in society
Pronunciation: Puh-ver-tive
Usage: Urban India is a dificult to live in. A Pervertive place
Root: Pervert+Pervasive

Thought Gypsy

Meaning: Dreamer.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: I've lived so many lives as a thought gypsy.
Root: Obvious.


Meaning: Couch potato.
Pronunciation: Sofa-loo.
Usage: I unwind by playing sofaloo to HBO.
Root: Sofa + Aloo (Hindi for potato).

Textramarital Affair

Meaning: Flirtatious messages (SMS or chat) sent out by a married person. Not necessarily to the spouse.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with extramarital affair.
Usage: Yahoo chat is the parking lot for textramarital affairs.
Root: Obvious.

Friday, March 24, 2006


Meaning: Drunken singing.
Pronunciation: Pee-yo-dell-ling.
Usage: Some of the more memorable tunes are born during bouts of piyodeling.
Root: Piyo (to drink in Hindi) + Yodeling (Singing with pitch variation).


Meaning: Indicate unsureness of response by scratching one's head.
Pronunciation: Guess-stick-cue-late.
Usage: I was guessticulating non-stop during my viva voce.
Root: Obvious.


Meaning: Digustingly boastful.
Pronunciation: Glow-thsum.
Usage: Graeme Smith can be very gloathsome at times.
Root: Gloat + Loathsome.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


keenness of judgement about breast sizes
Usage : After years of experience, Naidu Hall salesmen must have acquired above average rackumen
Pronunication : rack + yoo + men
Root : Rack (slang for breasts) + acumen

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Meaning: A female who goes all out to woo her man/men.
Prounciation: just stress more on the oo.
Usage: She's a new age wooman who does not hesitate to initiate amorous activity
Root: woo+ woman.


Meaning: The excrutiatingly long period of time taken to pay what's overdue to you.
Prounciation: Det-turn-nit-tea.
Usage: I know many people who take a debternity to return even 10 bucks.
Root: Debt + Eternity.


Meaning: A hot and humid city.
Pronunciation: Sweat-row-polis.
Usage: Madras has been a sweatropolis since time immemorial.
Root: Sweat + Metrolopolis.


Meaning: The correlation between the scores of a cricketer and the endorsement fee he charges for appearing in ads. A negative scorelation means the cricketer is earning a high endorsement fee despite non-performance. A positive scorelation obviously means the high endorsement fee is a result of great performances.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with correlation.
Usage: Tendulkar has had a negative scorelation for the past four years.
Root: Obvious.


Meaning: The act of passing urine
Pronunciation: Piss-e-fication.
Usage: Indian men are adept at pissification, especially on a public wall.
Root: obvious

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Meaning: Verbal onslaught.
Pronunciation: Talk-ra-mon.
Usage: Jaipal Reddy's talkraman took the wind out of BJP's sails.
Root: Talk + Aakraman (Hindi for attack).


Meaning: A pointless study to fill one's time.
Pronunciation: Wet-tea-maul-logy.
Usage: Management Trainees indulge in vettimology to appear busy.
Root: Derived from Vetti (Tamil for jobless) and Etymology.


Meaning: The Indian tradition of the wannabe groom checking out the wannabe bride in full view of both the families.
Pronunciation: Pon-nu-path-thu-phi-ing.
Usage: Ponnupaathufying can be one hell of a stress interview for the guy in question.
Root: Ponnu (Tamil for girl) + Paathu (Tamil for checking out) + fying (Tamil slang suffix for an activity).


Meaning: Great skill at showing off.
Pronounciation: Rhymes with 'prowess'
Usage: I can't understand why men think women need to know of their sexual crowess.
Root: Crow+Prowess


Meaning: The support, especially financial support, given to a woman by her husband.
Pronounciation: Pathi-rone-age
Usage: Methinks my boyfriend is relieved that I'm not marrying for patironage!
Root: Pati (Hindi for 'husband')+Patronage


Meaning: South Indian coffee.
Pronounciation: kaapi+chino
Usage: My good days begin with an aromatic kaapiccino.
Root: Kaapi (Tamil for 'coffee')+Cappuccino

Monday, March 20, 2006


Meaning: Something that people think will make things better and solve all their water problems.
Pronounciation: Paa-ni-si-uh
Usage: Mere rainwater harvesting is not a panicea to Madras' water problems.
Root: Pani (Hindi for 'water')+Panacea


Meaning: Copycat behaviour.
Pronunciation: Homonym of cyclostyle.
Usage: Kids tend to psychlostyle their mom's mannerisms.
Root: Obvious.


Meaning: The cuss words that immediately come to mind when you think of a person.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with antonym.
Usage: Dimwit is the rantonym I'd associate with Dubya.
Root: Obvious.


Meaning: Dealing with high octane speed or excitement.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with rheumatic.
Usage: F1 lovers are very vroomatic in their tastes.
Root: Obvious.

Sunday, March 19, 2006


Meaning: Cheapish looking.
Pronunciation: Shoddy-nary.
Usage: I turned up for the interview in a very shoddynary attire. Thankfully they didn't select me.
Root: Shoddy + Ordinary.


Meaning: A tiny book.
Pronunciation: At-tome.
Usage: In Gold Ink on a Chip is a 5mm atome created by Pawan Sinha and Pamela R. Lipson. Magnify it 600 times, you will be reading the New Testament.
Root: Atom (As a metaphor for size) + Tome.


Meaning: An angry woman.
Pronunciation: Ou-raath.
Usage: Hell hath no fury like an auwrath scorned.
Root: Aurath (Hindi for woman) + Wrath.

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Meaning: A hackneyed plot that unexpectedly becomes a mega grosser.
Pronunciation: Jack-plot.
Usage: Subash Ghai hits upon a jackplot once in 3 years.
Root: Jackpot + Plot.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Bakvasthu Shastra

Meaning: The mindless alterations in interiors, made in the name of Vasthu or Feng Shui.
Pronunciation: Buck-vaas-thu shaas-tra.
Usage: Demolishing rooms and placing fish tanks are some signs of bakvasthu shastra.
Root: Bakwas (hindi for rubbish) + Vasthu Shastra.


Meaning: A sound of despair associated with growth pangs
Pronounciation: Rhymes with groaned
Usage: Bangalore's infrastructure growned
Root: Grow+Groaned

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Meaning: The act of shooting down new proposals, ideas or concepts.
Pronunciation: New-thun-asia.
Usage: Status-quoists practice newthanasia.
Root: New + thanasia (death).


Meaning: A man who makes women laugh for money.
Pronounciation: Giggle+O
Usage: Women love giggolos because they are adept at the art of 'funnilingus'.
Root: Giggle+Gigolo


Meaning: A niggardly lover.
Pronounciation: Rhymes with 'scrooge'
Usage: I could never have a 'wifestyle' if I married a screwge!
Root: Screw+Scrooge


Meaning: to encash a blank cheque.
Pronounciation: kaisha-blanka
Usage: Harry handed over the blank cheque to his son and said: cashablanka.
Root: Obvious


Meaning: to bitch about one's job.
Pronounciation: job-itch
Usage: I haven't met a soul yet who didn't jobitch.
Root: job + bitch (verb)


Meaning: an opportunity one can't let go.
Pronounciation: apaar-chew-nity
Usage: I can't miss the apaartunity of studying at Harvard.
Root: apaar (Hindi for 'unparalleled') + opportunity.

Hindie movie

Meaning: An independent Hindi movie.
Pronounciation: hin-D moo-V
Usage: Konkana Sen is one of the foremost Hindie movie actors.
Root: Hindi + indie movie

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Meaning: One who takes pains to appear abominable.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with meticulous.
Usage: Avi is very yeticulous in his online avatar.
Root: Yeti + Meticulous.


Meaning: One who stays at office all the time.
Pronunciation: Cubic-low-dyte.
Usage: Once you join a BPO, you must get ready to morph into a cubiclodyte.
Root: Cubicle + Dyte (greek for dweller).


Meaning: Financial ideas or proposals that raise a stink.
Pronunciation: Reek-co-norm-mix.
Usage: Chidamabaram's reekomomics might cost Sonia Gandhi dearly.
Root: Reek + Economics.


Meaning: A guy who loves a fight.
Pronunciation: Clash-sha-no-va.
Usage: There are very few clashanovas in the Indian cricket team.
Root: Clash + Casanova.


Meaning: The drive to work for food.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with motivation.
Usage: Man is a slave of the ordinary, thanks to his rotivation.
Root: Roti (Hindi for staple diet) + Motivation.


Meaning: A fool who flatters.
Pronounciation: Obvious
Usage: Wonder why men who fall in love make buffawns of themselves!
Root: Buffoon+Fawn

Monday, March 13, 2006


Meaning: An aspiring Adonis who makes too much noise about his conquests.
Pronunciation: Ado- Noise.
Usage: As it is Adonises are irritating, more so when they are Adonoises!
Root: Adonis, the Greek God of Male Charm, lover of Aphrodite, the Goddess of love.


Meaning: A person who is obsessed with screwing.
Pronunciation: Cum-buck-th.
Usage: Women think all men are cumbhakts.
Root: Cum + Bhakt (Hindi for worshipper).

Sunday, March 12, 2006


Meaning: One who pretends to know many languages.
Pronunciation: Sew-do-poly-glot.
Usage: With a massive vocabulary of 8000 English words, 3 French words, 2 German words and 1 Esperanto word, I passed myself off as a polyglot. But I guess wordminters will call me a pseudopolyglot.
Root: Pseudo (Fake) + Polyglot (One who speaks many languages).

Saturday, March 11, 2006


Meaning: euphemism for DVD containing porno material
Pronunciation: afro-disc-iac
Usage: Nothing like the aphrodisciacs to make a man feel larger than life.
Root: obvious

Friday, March 10, 2006


Meaning: The seafood menu at restaurants
Pronunciation: fish-list (obviously)
Usage: The Canton has a great fishlist
Root: Fish + List (Based on wishlist)


Meaning: The positioning of ordinary people in a photograph.
Pronounciation: Jun-taa-pose
Usage: Family photos are exercises in juntaposing
Root: Junta + pose (Based on Juxtapose)

(With a little help from Chenthil)


Meaning: An over-enthusiastic Preacher, a preacher who poaches
Pronunciation: Pro-cher.
Usage: Father D'Souza is a proacher
Root: Poach + Preacher.


Meaning: To utter rubbish or meaningless argument/ideas/opinions, repeatedly.
Pronunciation: Moron-nika
Usage: He is playing the moronica
Root: moron + harmonica
(This word was coined by Abhishek Toraskar)


Meaning: Strategic positioning as the joker in the pack.
Pronunciation: Clown-neesh.
Usage: Arshad Warsi occupies the clowniche in Bollywood.
Root: Clownish + Niche.


Meaning: A female artist
Pronounciation: Arti-stree
Usage: Divya shows great promise. She would make a great artistree
Root: Artist+Stree


Meaning: Photography that's random, aimless, pure pffaf
Pronounciation: Faff-a-graph-ee
Usage: Chandru's no Atul Kasbekar. His is pure pffafagraphy.
Root: Pffaf+Photography

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Meaning: A feeling of great depression/deflation.
Pronounciation: Blue+Fouria
Usage: I wonder why my boyfriend's thoughtless remarks make me feel a sense of bluphoria.
Root: Blue+Euphoria


Meaning: Form of oral creative art, in which tainting others brings loads of fun.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: Hanging out with gossipmongers always offers wholesome entertaintment.
Root: Obvious.


Meaning: a place where one can rest and bitch.
Pronunciation: rest-aur-rant.
Usage: We went to the restaurrant and drank coffee.
Root: rest + aur(Hindi for 'and') + rant


Meaning: Copyright issues related to music.
Pronunciation: Tra-la-loss.
Usage: Anu Mallik cares two hoots for tralalaws.
Root: Obvious.


Meaning: Rejected by the electronic ballot.
Pronunciation: Elect-raw-nixed.
Usage: Will Jayalalitha be electronixed on May 8th? Only time will tell.
Root: Electronic Voting + Nix (to reject).

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Meaning: Excellent/Dependable qualities that only women have.
Pronounciation: Obvious
Usage: On International Women's Day, let us raise a toast to everywoman's streeling qualities.
Root: Stree (Hindi for 'woman')+Sterling


Meaning: At a loss for words.
Pronounciation: Shabd+Dude
Usage: I may not mint too many words today - I'm feeling shabdued.
Root: Shabd (Hindi for 'word')+Subdued


Meaning: The fate of pornography.
Pronounciation: Kiss+Mutt
Usage: As long as the male of the species exists, pornography has a great kismut!
Root: Kismet+Smut


Meaning: Sense of humour that psyches you out.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: That woman was so witty I found her funnerving.
Root: Obvious.


Meaning: That flabby look.
Pronunciation: Homonym of tiresome.
Usage: Belly dancers are best when they are tyresome.
Root: Tyres around the stomach.


Meaning: When a guy dates his former girl friend.
Pronunciation: Sthree-cycle.
Usage: What do you do when you get no one? Streecycle.
Root: Stree (Hindi word for woman) + Recycle.


Meaning: A finicky girlfriend.
Pronounciation: Drill+Ruba
Usage: Hey guys, does a dilruba turn into a drillruba after marriage?
Root: Drill+Dilruba (Hindi for 'beloved one')


Meaning: Greatly pleasing to the heart.
Pronounciation: Obvious
Usage: Love is a dilicious feeling.
Root: Dil (Hindi for 'heart')+Delicious


Meaning: A nightmare.
Pronounciation: Darr+Ream
Usage: My worst darream is being in a stifling relationship.
Root: Darr (Hindi for 'fear')+Dream


Meaning: A person who is a carstrate is incapable of driving.
Pronounciation: Obvious
Usage: The traffic on Indian roads makes my boyfriend a carstrate.
Root: Car+Castrate


Meaning: Take in and train to become a terrorist.
Pronounciation: Osa+Mill+Ate
Usage: The Al Qaeda osamilates young boys into their organisation.
Root: Osama+Assimilate

Monday, March 06, 2006


Meaning: Publish to excite or sensationalize.
Pronounciation: Obvious
Usage: Newspapers rarely give us the news. All they want to do is to printillate.
Root: Print+Titillate


Meaning: A Superwoman.
Pronounciation: Extra + Ordinaaree
Usage: Women who manage jobs, homes, babies and husbands are extraordinaris.
Root: Extraordinary + Nari (Hindi for Woman)


Meaning: to ogle at married women.
Pronounciation: G-spotting
Usage: One study reveals that young men are more prone to jeespotting that older men.
Root: c.f. Jeespot


Meaning: Acrobatics in bed.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: How long your relationships last purely depends on how good you are at shagrobatics.
Root: Shag + Acrobatics.


Meaning: Drunk on words and grammar.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: I find the company of wordsmiths syntoxicating.
Root: Syntax + Intoxicating.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Curry Cinema

Meaning: Films with an Indian flavour.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: Curry Cinema is a mix of masala, emotions, entertainment, art, reality, romance, action and music.
Root: Curry (cues Indian and mix) + Cinema.
Note: I proprose Curry Cinema as an alternative to Bollywood Films. Because a) It's more Indian sounding. b) It has the potential to be the umbrella phrase for Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Bhojpuri, Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali, Assamese, Kashmiri, Hindi and Indian English films.

Saturday, March 04, 2006


Meaning: A state of woman-hatred
Pronunciation: Nai eve
Usage: Before I met her, I was green and naive. After she met someone else I became blue and nayeve.
Root: obvious


Meaning: Mentally drained, burnt out
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: I wanted to dazzle her with my cogniscent speech. But everytime I meet her, I end up being cognispent and speechless.


Meaning: An awful singer.
Pronunciation: Obvious.
Usage: I honestly think I am a great singer. Pity the world thinks I am a sorrygama.
Root: One who cuts a sorry figure with Sa re ga ma (the musical notes).


Meaning: Addictive food.
Pronunciation: Khaa-na-bis.
Usage: Gongura is the Andhra khaanabis.
Root: Khaana (Hindi word for food) + Canabis (an addictive substance).


Meaning: A sub-optimal plan, option or idea knowingly given to buy time.
Pronunciation: Stall-ta-native.
Usage: Making the LOC the official border, is a brilliant stallternative presented by India to Pakistan, to prolong the Kashmir impasse.
Root: Stall + Alternative.


Meaning: Death sentence.
Pronunciation: Sy-nide.
Usage: The judge broke the nib after delivering a signide to the paedophile.
Root: Sign + Cyanide (poison).


Meaning: A sold out madameselle.
Pronunciation: madme + sold
Usage: Madameselle yesterday. madamesold today. madameresale tomorrow. The market for madams is always there i suppose!
Root: French


Meaning: An empty agnostic who makes too much noise
Usage: He is an agnoistic who likes to be the centre of all attention.
Pronunciation: ag + noise + stick


Meaning: A gent with loads of magnetism
Usage: Me and my magentism - all I seem to attract are rusty females!
Pronunciation: ma + gent + ism
Root: Anagram of magnetism

Friday, March 03, 2006


Meaning: Virtual sex.
Pronunciation: Phoney-cay-shun.
Usage: 1 in 10 people who are on Yahoo chat, chat in the hope of phoneycation.
Root: Phoney + Fornication.
Note: An alternate meaning could be telephone sex.


Meaning: One who uses gossip mongering as a tool to rubbish oponents.
Pronunciation: Gause-sip-pa-he.
Usage: Sanjay Joshi of BJP was felled by gossipahis in his own party.
Root: Gossip + Sipahi (means soldier or sepoy in Hindi).

Softworn Engineer

Meaning: A worn out software engineer
Pronunciation: soft + worn + engineer
Usage: I started out as a software engineer. Pretty soon I became quite softworn...gotta do something about it
Root: Obvious

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Meaning: The farcical preventive steps taken to stop bird flu.
Pronunciation: Rhymes with ludicrous.
Usage: Slaughtering half a million chickens to avert a disease that hasn't even killed 10 Indians was simply fludicrous.
Root: Obvious.


Meaning: a job that entails a lot of physical labour.
Pronunciation: shrum-ber-ger ('ber' as in Bernice; 'ger' as in Germany)
Usage: Don't get Shrumbergered; join some IT firm.
Root: Shrum (Hindi for 'physical labour')
Note: Schlumberger is one of the world's top-most oil corporations, along with Halliburton and others.


Meaning: the inner joy.
Pronunciation: maja-hid-in
Usage: Religious teachings are aimed at bringing out majahidin.
Root: maja (Hindi for 'joy') + hid (hidden) + in (inside)


Meaning: summary expulsion from an organization.
Pronunciation: kal-D-saik
Usage: A large number of GE employees were mercilessly cull-de-sacked under Welch's rank-and-yank policy.
Root: cull + sack

Procure & Gamble

Meaning: indulgence in socially unacceptable activities.
Pronunciation: pro-cure and gam-bal
Usage: Every year, a lot of people go to Amsterdam to procure & gamble.
Root: Procure + Gamble

Indian Idle

Meaning: one who suffers from perennial fecklessness.
Pronunciation: in-D-un I-dul
Usage: Government offices are infested with Indian Idles.
Root: Obvious

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Meaning: Budget airlines that chop the frills and offer you just a seat to travel from point A to point B.
Pronunciation: Pair-lines.
Usage: The parelines business is bound to be a huge success in a country like India where over 900 million people have never travelled by air because it's unaffordable.
Root: Pare (cut the superficial and offer the substance) + Airlines.


Meaning: A complex person.
Pronunciation: Comp-il-ton.
Usage: A completon reacts differently to the same stimulus at different points of time.
Root: Complex + Simpleton.


meaning: dumbstruck by a stare
pronunctiation: stare + struck
usage: Her looks had me starestruck for hours
root: obvious


meaning: a person who always prophesises doom
pronunciation: mess-i-yo
usage: he is not a messiah, more like a messiayyo!
root: needs no telling