Monday, October 31, 2011


Meaning: The aspect of measure in the world of the deceased.
Pronunciation: Die-mention.
Usage: The dead have many invisible diemensions that our scientists can never figure.
Root: Die + Dimension.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Meaning: A prank call using a fake voice.
Pronunciation: Call-set-toe.
Usage: Thrown in the device of a callsetto if you want to add some more gags to your script.
Root: Call + Falsetto (False voice).


Meaning: One who stages a comeback post-retirement.
Pronunciation: Rit-try-ree.
Usage: Shahid Afridi is a never say die retryree.
Root: Retry + Retiree.


Meaning: A struggling artist.
Pronunciation: Thin-toe-ret-toe.
Usage: I am just your regular Thintoretto living off the scraps of what little I make by drawing storyboards for clueless clients and ad agencies.
Root: Thin (dimnished) + Tintoretto (a renowned renaissance painter who reportedly never achieved financial sufficiency).

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Meaning: Street parlance.
Pronunciation: Na-gar-aah-dhi.
Usage: Gujli, gujaals, gilma and gabbu are some g-words that have crept into the Chennai nagaraadi.
Root: Nagar (tamil for area) + Agaraadi (tamil for lexicon).

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Meaning: He who transforms himself into a muscle man using steroids.
Prounciation: Hulk-kay-mist.
Usage: The 6,7 and 8-packers we see on screen may just be hulkemists, for all we know.
Root: Hulk + Alchemist.


Meaning: The hopeless supporters of Rick Perry.
Pronunciation: Perry-path-thetix.
Usage: The Texan governor is now relying on his hard core base of perrypathetics to bounceback in the primaries.
Root: Rick Perry + Peripatetics (itinerant evangelisers of a school of thought).

Sunday, October 09, 2011


Meaning: The inability to remember where you left your specs.
Pronunciation: Leth-tho-high-ya-low-sis.
Usage: The witness couldn't have seen the crime as she's acutely prone to lethohyalosis.
Root: Letho (greek for forgetfulness) + Hyalos (greek for glass).


Meaning: To lighten up a heated discussion by injecting some humour.
Pronunciation: Wit-ree-fai.
Usage: We need more Piloo Modis in parliament who can witrify any situation.
Root: Wit + Vitrify (to change into glass through heat infusion).

Saturday, October 08, 2011


Meaning: The habitable points for mankind on the cosmic map.
Pronunciation: An-throw-pole.
Usage: The shortage of natural resources will force our world to seek out new Anthropoles using Star Trek like missions.
Root: Anthro (Greek for man) + Pole (an axis).

Natalie Portmanteau

Meaning: A versatile woman with accomplishments in multiple fields.
Pronunciation: Nat-ta-lee-port-maan-too.
Usage: Annie was a classic Natalie Portmanteau. She was a good orator, an educationist and a leading light of Theosophy.
Root: Natalie Portman (the versatile actress with a degree in psychology from harvard who is said to be fluent in German, Hebrew, French, Japanese and English) + Portmanteau (a blend of two or more morphemes).


Meaning: The random dot pattern of static when no transmission signal is picked up by your television.
Pronunciation: Tell-lee-flake.
Usage: In those zen like moments, watching the tellyflake is as soothing as meditating on an aquarium.
Root: Telly (slang for television) + Flake (the static dots look like snow flakes).

Friday, October 07, 2011


Meaning: Messages served by your BlackBerry.
Pronunciation: Berry-ya-nee.
Usage: My morning routine is simple: wake up, smell the coffee, sample the berryani and then off to fight fires at office.
Root: Berry (as in Blackberry) + Biriyani (a meat dish).

Thursday, October 06, 2011


Meaning: The book of all books that contains everything.
Pronunciation: Grunth-tha-reeksh.
Usage: The current species inhabiting this planet is a mere paragraph in the timeless pages of the grantariksh.
Root: Grantha (Sanskrit for Book) + Antariksh (Sanskrit for Universe).


Meaning: Trigger the end.
Pronunciation: Fin-nish-she-yate.
Usage: Whenever nature wishes to start afresh, she finitiates the erasure with a mighty cataclysm.
Root: Finish + Initiate.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011


Meaning: Befitting of a cowardly ruler.
Prounciation: Wimp-pee-real.
Usage: The princeling's silence on all issues of national importance is responsible for his wimperial aura.
Root: Wimp + Imperial.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011


Meaning: One who subsists on soups and salads.
Pronunciation: Nor-wedge-jian.
Usage: My optimal formula for staying in shape: Live on junk food during daytime and turn a knorrvegian at night.
Root: Knorr (a brand synonymous with soups)+Vegian (short for vegetarian).

Monday, October 03, 2011


Meaning: A new branch of philosophy that operates under the assumption that man can never be moral.
Pronunciation: Eth-ins.
Usage: The sole purpose of the study of Business Ethins is to estimate the optimal level of immorality a company needs to practice to make pots of money and yet be perceived as 'respectable'.
Root: The opposite of Ethicks.