Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Open theme: Cricket

Taking my earlier idea forward: all wordminters are welcome to add words on the theme of cricket (safest common-interest options I could think of) below. Open till Saturday. Anantha may, if he wishes, announce the winner on Sunday.

My two bits (literally):

Meaning: Cricketer past his prime who still creaks along in the team
Usage: I wonder why some creaketers remain in the team past their prime- like Kapil once did or (dare I say it?) Tendlya now does
Pronunciation: obvious
Root: Creak + cricketer

Meaning: Player who makes it to the field as a sub mainly for his fielding skills
Usage: Jonty would make it as 12th man on most world teams due to his value as a swoopersub
Pro: ob.
Root: Swoop + Supersub